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Danny TX

OKAY! I know how bad this tooth pain hurts. I feel like i have to help everyone because honestly i was raging so bad when this crazy throbbing toothpain would not stop for anything. First time i cried since i was younger. I tried every single remedy. most of these will work but only for minor pains or small infected teeth. if u had a massive hole in ur tooth exposed nerve abscessed the whole 9 yards i will be able to help.. Now first things first i cant take pain killers like hydrocodone or Vicodine because they make me sick. But just call you dentist and get him to prescribe u Amoxicillin 500mg 30 capsules. Now i kno uv heard that before. but i promise u. PROMISE U . start taking that. and it will go away. seriously go away. i take about 2 500 mg pills everytime it starts hurting no more than 25 mins that crazy hardcore intense pain will not b so bad and ur like okay i can deal with this. then about 15 more mins u will b in a great mood. trust me ppl. iv tried everything. I would go gay for whoever made Amoxicillion. I know ur pain when ur just running thru the house rushing all the remedies around doing anything and everything. putting disgusting taste in ur mouth just for a good 45 seconds to 2 mins.then pain again. my tooth is horrible. but with amoxicillion it will kill the infection.. and when u go get it pulled it just slides right out. last tooth i got pulled out i didnt take and antibiotics i just wanted it out. and with all the numbing in the world in my tooth and nerve i still felt this crazy pain getting the tooth pulled out.. take Amoxicillion. i want to help u. this will help u.


Ever since my operation to remove my wisdom teeth 3 years ago, I suffer from severe toothache because the anaestethic weakened my teeth.

I've had so many root canals done and crowns because my teeth just break in half. Normally I have to wait a month to go to the dentist because they're so fully booked.

So in that month of agony I have tried many home remedies that don't dig too deep a hole in your pocket and found a couple that have worked.

1) A shot of brandy on the aching area. Just hold there for as long as you can, it tastes horrible and you smell terrible afterwards, but it works wonders.

2) Making a paste of clove oil and asprin. Rub onto the affected tooth and surrounding gums. Tastes awful, but really really works for me.

3) Prodol teething drops. Yes I know its for babies, but a person gets despereate. Just apply a little bit of the solution on the affected tooth and voila. Pain free for a few hours.

4) Baking powder works wonders. Just apply to the tooth and surrounding gums and it numbs it for a while.

5) Ipobrufen. Myprodol or Mypaid (South Africa) works amazingly but takes a while to kick in.

Hope these few remedies helps someone else out there!


My back molar started hurting 5 days ago I took some pain killers and brushed it very good for the next 4 days while also using a liquid called Eugenol that came in a filling repair kit that you can get at any grocery or drug store the one I purchased was made by DenTek. All of that worked until this evening the 5th day I started to get some swelling early in the evening and the swelling got so bad it now looks like I have a golf ball and a half inside my cheek, you would think that I would be in excruciating pain luckily I wasn't it was very sore and irritating, and let me say I don't handle pain well, but it was mostly bearable however I did end up going to the ER which I'm very glad I did and would STRONGLY suggest you go too!! Yes you have to wait but believe me by the time I got the antibiotics and steroid shot I was in enough pain it was all worth it!! If you decide to wait though I will say the Eugenol liquid worked wonders and using a cold compress. DO NOT use the actual filling part of the kit it will only make it worse I found that out the hard way! Hope this helps!!!


abcess tooth remedy for me was brushing that tooth really really good when it starts hurting and gargle with mouth wash alot and sometime's use salt water but do it 4-5 times a day the mouthwash it kills that infection. do it before it gets really really bad.


I have had toothache for 3 days, I found this site and its great. I woke up in a lot of pain at 4am and thought I would try the teabag as a lot of people have said it works. It worked!!! My pain is almost all gone, I left it on for 15 minutes, a lot of blood was drawn out. I then rinsed with salt water and took Ibuprofen, managed to get some decent sleep for the first time in 3 nights. When I woke this morning my toothache has gone, thanks you guys for posting the remedies :)

R Wamble

It was 2 o'clock in the morning on a weeknight and I had a throbbing toothache. I thought laying down would help and it did but everytime I moved the pain returned. I saw the black tea remedy but because black tea is naturally caffeined I can only drink that during the day. So I decided to drink hot Chamomile tea, its caffeine free. I had 2 cups. It took away the pain instantly and helped me sleep.


I have really bad tooth aches all the time. I used to have it on one side of my mouth and i used antibotics i got from my doctor about something and i never used them so i took them and the pain went away but now the pain is back and on my other side of my mouth. I used pain killer and warm washcloth and orajel but nothing seemed to work. I tried vanilla extract and garlic and then brush my teeth and it helps alot !!! TRY IT, also the garlic may burn and make your nose burn and eyes water cause that what happened to me, but now im fine .


I have a REAL fix for toothache that uses nothing but a finger, strange but true, place your thumb tip off your right hand firmly into the piece of skin that is between your left thumb ad first finger and press untill you feel discomfort hold the position for several minutes, this works because what you are pressing is a pressure point that relives all sorts of pain, dont ask me for the technical reason as to why this works, I havnt got a clue but it DOES work.....what have you got to lose.....


Im haveing a horriable toothache right now my back molar is very broken ow! so the dentist is closed today i took 2 vicodin and it still hurt so i bought Red Cross Toothache its some oil that comes with cotton pellets and tweezers soak cotton in oil and stuff it up in the afftected tooth becareful i shoved it up there and hit the nerve major ow!! it helps pretty quick dont get it on ur lips or it will burn like heck. Hopefully my dentist will be open tommorow. but this works for now GOOD LUCK!!!


Everyone is right, I also about the Red Cross kit, it removed the throbbing pain into my jaw and ear, I still have the general soreness from the extraction itself but taking 800mg of an NSAID for that. I had an infected/abscess tooth removed, the general dentist could not do it therefore I got sent to an oral surgeon so I had a lot of abuse done to the area as well. I still have a salivary gland stone issue but I will take any relief I can get!!

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