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Fill the hole with trident SPEARMINT GUM spearmint is a natural pain reliever it works great and trident gum says it cleans and protects teeth so it should not cause more tooth decay until you can get to a dentist.


I have an abscessed tooth and I can not get to the dentist until next week. Go to CVS or a Walgreens an buy the red cross toothache with the Eugenol...omg!!! It's helps! Also I did a couple of shots of nyquil so I can get some sleep!! Do it!!


I just use hydrogen peroxide. Dip a q-tip and put it on the soar. No more pain instantly. It really works.


Made a dentist appointment & had to wait a few days. I went to er and got prescription for amoxicillin for the infection & toradal for the pain. Take it as directed & you will be pain free until the appointment


I read about swishing whiskey. In absence of whiskey, I quickly popped a bottle of red wine. As I type, I have swished and let stand red win on my mouth four times. It feels oh boy, better? 1000 mg of mefanamic didn't work. I hope this relief lasts hours to put me to sleep. Alcohol also feels good, it eases my stress due to pain. Hope this helps, and good luck!


WHOLE GARLIC CLOVES... peel crush and sit it in ur mouth on the sore tooth. it will burn but it will help the pain in the tooth for hours


Tooth pain can be the worst pain ever, especially if associated with an abcessed tooth.I have 3 right next to each other and was awake in SEVERE pain till 430 this morning. then i tried taking some garlic powder that had been exposed to moisture so it hardened. i just broke off a piece and stuffed it in the tooth and wala sleep!!!

Danny TX

OKAY! I know how bad this tooth pain hurts. I feel like i have to help everyone because honestly i was raging so bad when this crazy throbbing toothpain would not stop for anything. First time i cried since i was younger. I tried every single remedy. most of these will work but only for minor pains or small infected teeth. if u had a massive hole in ur tooth exposed nerve abscessed the whole 9 yards i will be able to help.. Now first things first i cant take pain killers like hydrocodone or Vicodine because they make me sick. But just call you dentist and get him to prescribe u Amoxicillin 500mg 30 capsules. Now i kno uv heard that before. but i promise u. PROMISE U . start taking that. and it will go away. seriously go away. i take about 2 500 mg pills everytime it starts hurting no more than 25 mins that crazy hardcore intense pain will not b so bad and ur like okay i can deal with this. then about 15 more mins u will b in a great mood. trust me ppl. iv tried everything. I would go gay for whoever made Amoxicillion. I know ur pain when ur just running thru the house rushing all the remedies around doing anything and everything. putting disgusting taste in ur mouth just for a good 45 seconds to 2 mins.then pain again. my tooth is horrible. but with amoxicillion it will kill the infection.. and when u go get it pulled it just slides right out. last tooth i got pulled out i didnt take and antibiotics i just wanted it out. and with all the numbing in the world in my tooth and nerve i still felt this crazy pain getting the tooth pulled out.. take Amoxicillion. i want to help u. this will help u.


Ever since my operation to remove my wisdom teeth 3 years ago, I suffer from severe toothache because the anaestethic weakened my teeth.

I've had so many root canals done and crowns because my teeth just break in half. Normally I have to wait a month to go to the dentist because they're so fully booked.

So in that month of agony I have tried many home remedies that don't dig too deep a hole in your pocket and found a couple that have worked.

1) A shot of brandy on the aching area. Just hold there for as long as you can, it tastes horrible and you smell terrible afterwards, but it works wonders.

2) Making a paste of clove oil and asprin. Rub onto the affected tooth and surrounding gums. Tastes awful, but really really works for me.

3) Prodol teething drops. Yes I know its for babies, but a person gets despereate. Just apply a little bit of the solution on the affected tooth and voila. Pain free for a few hours.

4) Baking powder works wonders. Just apply to the tooth and surrounding gums and it numbs it for a while.

5) Ipobrufen. Myprodol or Mypaid (South Africa) works amazingly but takes a while to kick in.

Hope these few remedies helps someone else out there!


My back molar started hurting 5 days ago I took some pain killers and brushed it very good for the next 4 days while also using a liquid called Eugenol that came in a filling repair kit that you can get at any grocery or drug store the one I purchased was made by DenTek. All of that worked until this evening the 5th day I started to get some swelling early in the evening and the swelling got so bad it now looks like I have a golf ball and a half inside my cheek, you would think that I would be in excruciating pain luckily I wasn't it was very sore and irritating, and let me say I don't handle pain well, but it was mostly bearable however I did end up going to the ER which I'm very glad I did and would STRONGLY suggest you go too!! Yes you have to wait but believe me by the time I got the antibiotics and steroid shot I was in enough pain it was all worth it!! If you decide to wait though I will say the Eugenol liquid worked wonders and using a cold compress. DO NOT use the actual filling part of the kit it will only make it worse I found that out the hard way! Hope this helps!!!

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