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So I had a filling replaced...and that filling fell out leaving a large gapping black whole under it. Root Canal? Cant afford now I have pain like everywhere. I had some old AsperGum that I have been chewing on and then putting it in the whole...WoW what a relief !! I hope they still make it?? Im going on a hunt for it tmrw...


I have had tooth pain for 2 nights now and it KILLS me. I can't sleep once it starts. All I did was get a hot wash cloth, put it in a plastic bag and put it over my mouth where my front tooth was hurting. The pain slowly went away and I fell right asleep. You can also put the baggie on your cheek if you have tooth pain in the back.


I used the mint tea after trying other things. The tea workec well for me. Called dentist for weekend...waiting to see if he call back. In pain but not throbbing!


Fill the hole with trident SPEARMINT GUM spearmint is a natural pain reliever it works great and trident gum says it cleans and protects teeth so it should not cause more tooth decay until you can get to a dentist.


I have an abscessed tooth and I can not get to the dentist until next week. Go to CVS or a Walgreens an buy the red cross toothache with the Eugenol...omg!!! It's helps! Also I did a couple of shots of nyquil so I can get some sleep!! Do it!!


I just use hydrogen peroxide. Dip a q-tip and put it on the soar. No more pain instantly. It really works.


Made a dentist appointment & had to wait a few days. I went to er and got prescription for amoxicillin for the infection & toradal for the pain. Take it as directed & you will be pain free until the appointment


I read about swishing whiskey. In absence of whiskey, I quickly popped a bottle of red wine. As I type, I have swished and let stand red win on my mouth four times. It feels oh boy, better? 1000 mg of mefanamic didn't work. I hope this relief lasts hours to put me to sleep. Alcohol also feels good, it eases my stress due to pain. Hope this helps, and good luck!


WHOLE GARLIC CLOVES... peel crush and sit it in ur mouth on the sore tooth. it will burn but it will help the pain in the tooth for hours


Tooth pain can be the worst pain ever, especially if associated with an abcessed tooth.I have 3 right next to each other and was awake in SEVERE pain till 430 this morning. then i tried taking some garlic powder that had been exposed to moisture so it hardened. i just broke off a piece and stuffed it in the tooth and wala sleep!!!

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