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Best home remedy is your telephone....dial your dentist for emergency treatment and/or antibiotics and analgesics. Infections in the face can have life threatening consequences if not treated promptly and correctly. Best OTC preparation for pain is an NSAID like ibuprofen (advil) or naproxen (naprosyn). After the completion of the emergency care, begin a routine of daily home care, prevention and frequent exams, cleanings and x-rays. Waiting until a tooth aches almost always results in a costly investment to remedy it...either costly to restore or costly to your health
in the long term if removed and not replaced.


Pour some Hydrogen Peroxide (3% strength) into a cup of hot water and mix it 50/50, then swish that in your mouth vigorously for about ten-seconds, ...spit it out, then finish up by doing the same with salt-water.

Do your best to NOT swallow these, but if you do swallow a little, don't worry, it won't hurt you.

Repeat as often as neccessary.

This process actually helps KILL the infection and really helps numb the pain to a very mangagable level.


OH MY GOSH.. Whoever posted the remedy to use baking soda and salt for an abscess great idea. just don't pile it on it hurts lol. its half a tsp of baking SODA not powder and half a tsp of salt and enough water to make a paste. Place the paste in the middle of a small piece of paper towel and leave it in your mouth for 10 mins. Don't swallow to prevent future infection. I hope this helps good luck.


Ok so I've had major toothache for a good few days. I've had no sleep in 4 days and finally at my wits end. My toothache is cause by 2 access's one the bottom n one on the top. I'd was popping nurofen like they were sweets. But enough was enough was enough when I woke up today and my face was swollen. So i went to the doctor who put me on a course of antibiotics and some lovely strong painkillers. Although i did try a few home remedies first:

Listerine- killed the pain for about 5 minutes.

Salt water- same as above.

Bicarbonate of soda&salt- worked wonders :) it drained my bottom abcess and i could actually feel it working.

Orajel- swear by this stuff love the numbing effect

Also the nhs direct help line told me to alternate nurofen and paracetemol every 3 hours. It worked last time but not this time.

Go to the chemist- paramol are available over the counter and they work wonders


When I have a painful throbbing toothache, I usually know it is infected. It is so painful you want to cry, but cant because you need all the energy to breath.

What I usually do is, rinse my mount out with warm water, salt and peroxide. Then I sterilize a pin or a syringe needle and I stick the gum when the swelling occurs and release the pus or blood from my gums.
If you are squeemish about sticking yourself, use a numbing agent like Orajel to numb the area first. The pain of sticking yourself is much less than an infected tooth or gum.

Or, you can suck real hard on the affected tooth to release the pus in your mouth, sounds gross, but it is your mouth and it works, in both cases, it is the pus or infection that causes the pain in most cases. Then rinse your mouth out again with the peroxide salt solution.


I have been dealing with a tooth for about 6 months. Only one thing works well. All the other stuff messes up your mouth and gums. Heck 2 days of salt water alone will dry your lips to cracking. The deal with tooth pain is the fluid build up. 1) Keep your mouth clean brush after every meal and massage the gums with the tooth brush as well. 2) a rinse of some sort from Listerine to salt water.3) this is the most important part. A nasal decongestant. take one decongestant and Advil or whatever every 4 hours.


For an abscessed tooth, take a cotton-tipped swab with a few drops of tea tree oil, and gently massage the oil into the tooth and taste bad but the relief is right now.just keep spiting do not swallow.


As i am reading all these remedies i have peanut butter in my hand well its off my finger right now, lol ,but i put a big chunk on my tooth and right now i am able to write and think , its still throbbing but not as bad, maybe later it will go away but if you want to sleep or at least calm down a little use peanut butter , it also tastes good :-)


Whoever in this remedy thread said to put Icy Hot on your cheek where the ache was, THANK YOU SO MUCH.
I have been in so much pain for the past three days and have tried nearly every suggestion that this thread had to offer to no avail. I tried the Icy Hot as a last-ditch effort before sticking to my ineffective Listerine and Anbesol cocktail, and it works. It actually freaking works. As long as the Icy Hot is there and fairly fresh, my tooth hardly bothers me. Thank you!


I have had a tooth ache for 3 days now and finally broke down and went to the dentist.....he gave me some antibiotics but of course cant get me in to pull it till 2 months from now......stupid me i took the pills and was just going to try and wait it out.....i lasted mayeb 6 hrs after taking the pill and decided i needed to try something....warm cloth (doesnt work). ice pack (doesnt work). salt water (doesnt work). ice cream (doesnt work). cold cloth (doesnt work). ambesol (doesnt work). tylenol (doesnt work) crying (doesnt work) .........anyways nothing worked for me and thats when i started crying hahaha until my mom who was there for most of the pain finally pipes up and says why dont you try aspirin. IT WORKS all you have to do is take an aspirin (i used bayer) and put it between the ouchy tooth and gum and let it disolve.......dont talk cause it just spreads it around ( i almost puked ) after it had disolved completely i rinsed my mouth out with warm water and it was still hurting a bit so i did it again and now im writing this and not feeling a thing

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