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This will only work for a 'shallow' abscess that you can see clearly on your gum (a whitish area on the bump), and it comes with a BIG warning. It hurts horribly! But not as much as the abscess... Do ALL the steps if you want to see results.

Press salt into the gum with your finger, holding the salt on the affected area, and even massaging it in, if you can bear it. Do this every half hour for two or three hours. It WILL throb incredibly. And it will actually wreck the skin there, causing it to thin and then peel off within a day. IF the abscess is fairly close to the surface, this allows it to begin draining, relieving the pressure and taking away the pain. The salt also kills bacteria.

AT THE SAME TIME - you need to take an OTC anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen or cataflam. Do not exceed the recommended dose, but don't miss a dose either. Once an hour, rinse the affected area with an iodine mouthwash.

I have used this method and been pain-free within a day. Your gum will look awful for a day, white and yucky - but the 'salted' skin disappears quickly, leaving healthy gum tissue in its place.

Again - this will only work if the abscess is close enough to the surface to allow drainage.


Ok guys after looking at this sire I was overwhelmed and tried a couple in which it didn't work. I just poured peroxide in my mouth and let it set up to 5 minutes and repeating the process for the next 30 minutes taking a 5 minute break in between. I am feeling so much relief. The peroxide that sits in you mouth while its bubbling will pull the infection out. Feeling better but im not done yet.hope you feel better. Just pour the peroxide and let it set repeating the process until your comfortable


OK, I have been reading of all the things that have been posted. I broke my tooth and can't get in till Thursday. I tried 3 aleve, nothing!I tried ibuprofen 800mg and have been popping them like candy and I know that not very good but I really in pain! So this is what I did. I got dental wax at the store. clean the tooth the best I could with out crying from the pain. Made up sea salt and warm water and rinsed the tooth. Then covered the tooth with the dental wax. just that alone started to help some of the throbbing go away. I had so antibiotics from surgery that I just had. I know everyone doesn't have access to it but one of your friend will probably have some.then I took 2 more ibuprofen so far so good .....


Lauder's Scotch. I have a tooth that I cracked about 4 years ago while eating popcorn. I HATE the dentist and the tooth is in the back and not visible so I didn't worry about it for over 3 years. Then, for no reason at all, it starts hurting about 6 months ago. I would wake up in the night with the whole side of my head pounding. The pain would last sometimes 30 min sometimes 4 hours, and then go away for awhile. I couldn't sleep, I was tired all day, and this went on for weeks (I know, go to the dentist, right?) so I noticed that when I used mouthwash while it was hurting, the pain would subside a little. Then I noticed that if I held a cheekful of mouthwash for about 5 minutes on the hurt tooth side, it would greatly aleve the tooth pain. Well, I figured that since the mouthwash is like 27% alcohol why not the real deal, so I bought a 15 dollar bottle of Lauders and man does it work like magic! I don't swallow it but I use it like the mouthwash and spit it out. 9 out of 10 times the pain goes away immediately!!!


I'm just now trying the tea bags. I did the first one for 15 minutes and nothing happened, then kids interrupted so I am going to do another and another till I see some change. What I wanted to share was something I read here a few times that is very true. I have been suffering with this tooth badly now for about 4 weeks. I have an abscess on the inside of my gum.
So I have noticed that what makes it worse and immediately makes my pain come back horribly and begin to pound is sweets. Two days ago I was fine until I had a sweet type bread in the morning, that ruined my whole day as then I had to struggle with the pain. Today I was doing so-so and then I had a slice of pie with whipped cream, chewed with the other side as usual but still it got into the tooth and here I now sit with a pounding-I-Want-To-Kill-Myself pain. So my advice is, while going through this DON'T HAVE SWEETS! I will let you all know how I fare with the teabags.


Best Pain Relief i found is Chew on some garlic and place around the tooth which hurts keep there for 5-10 mins its an anti-inflammatory even if u got a whole chew on and place into the hole works great instant pain relief n keep in hole till u can get to dentist asap... While doing that you also want to take some pain relief tablets helps abit more hope this helps :)


Make sure you are medicating on a regular schedule to keep the pain at bay. I've found that 800 mg of OTC ibuprofen taken every 6 hours is the most effective for tooth pain. Clove oil is also very effective. Skip the Ora gel, clove oil is much more powerful! A warm bath should help relax you and a warm or cool compress on the outside of your face over the problem tooth. Also, GET TO A DENTIST ASAP!!!!! Borrow the money if you have to, an infected tooth or a tooth that needs a root canal WILL NOT GET BETTER WITHOUT A DENTIST TREATMENT! Good luck!


Ok I have been in pain off and on for four months now.... pregnancy caused bad teeth for me somehow... but anyway. The past week had been unbearable for me so I found this page. I just did the 1/2 tsp of baking soda and the 1/2 salt with just enough water to make it a paste and my goodness I feel so much better and might get a bit of sleep tonight. I just put some on my gums where it hurt the most and I feel amazing. It has a very very slight sting to it but its hardly noticeable at all especially compared to the piano I was in. I might just make it till my dentist appointment in one month.


Cutting right to the chase on how to get rid of the pain s you cano sleep through the night.
Place 2 aspirin (uncoated, no name brand is fine) 1 tsp of salt and 1 tbsp of peroxide in a bowl and set aside. Takes 2 ibuprofen with glass of water. Drink 2 shots of vodka or whiskey or liquor of choice. Brush, floss and rinse with Listerine on antiseptic mouthwash. With clean toothbrush take aspirin mix should be dissolved and scrub infected area, spit and repeat til mix is finished. Rinse with warm water. If don't feel instant relief using icy hot on your cheek gives minor pain relief and causes enough pain in surrounding area to distract you long enough for remedy to kick in. Repeat aspirin mix 2-3 times a day with brushing and Listerine til you make it to dentist. (Leave the vodka out when rinsing in the morning.)


After having thyroid cancer I have had really poor dental health. I have had several abscessed teeth over the years and not always able to afford to go to the dentist.

Inflammation from the infection is what causes the pain. To relieve the inflammation I use Ibuprofen it also helps with pain. I have tried all the remedies here at one time or another. Here is what I have found that works best for me and why ....

Never use heat it causes the infection to spread, it does not reduce the inflammation, it increases the blood flow and makes the tooth throb. Use Ice packs for brief periods of time ( this slows the blood flow and decreases the inflammation )

Do not use anything with alcohol in it like Listerine,cloves, menthol, etc ... this to increases the blood flow, inflammation and irritates the gums. It actually causes you more pain. Use a warm water and salt rinse or what works best is a hydrogen peroxide diluted with cold water. That draws the infection out.

Plain corn starch packed around the tooth and gums will naturally draw out the infection, reduce the inflammation, reduce the swelling and it soothes the sore gums. I have gone to sleep with it in my mouth and woke up with my abscessed tooth 75% to 100% better. Plus it wont make you sick if you were to swallow some of it.

If you are not allergic to aspirin try mixing an envelope of BC Powder with the cornstarch and pack the general area with that.It's great for reducing the inflammation, reducing the pain and will usually take the edge off long enough for you to get some rest. Oh ... try sleeping propped up on a pillow so the the blood doesn't run to your head. This will help with the throbbing as well.

I hope this helps ... it works great for me !

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