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Hi there, i'm 17 years old at the moment and i have had 3 teeth pulled so far from abscessed teeth(going on my 4th one). I pick getting pulled because its less a hassle than getting a root canal and there's a chance that it could come back( it already happened to me) I have no idea what's wrong with me..i brush and floss and rinse with mouth wash everyday and night..but i keep getting abscessed teeth..anyone know what could be the far since this one started hurting..i got on the amoxicillin and ive been rinsing with salt water..and ive taken a pain pill. Ive noticed when i start hitting the punching bag and exert some energy the pain will subside for awhile till i stop..soo go for a run and just try not to think about it..


I tried everything... I was going crazy with pain and no sleep. I had an emergency dental appointment today. I had an abcess and needed to get a root canal. She said it was the kind of thing that would have landed me in the hospital. If the pain is so severe you can not sleep and nothing works ... Go to the dentist.


I tried 1/2 a norco that I let melt on my tooth. That was okay for a while but the pain came back. Chloraseptic sore throat spray is very temporary. I went to CVS and bought Orajel, instant pain relief for severe toothache, long lasting...not. Extremely temporary.
I dapped hydrogen peroxide with a q-tip and it provided some relief.

I read on another site about grapefuit seed extract. Since I already had some capsules, I took the powder out and threw away the coating. I mixed the powder with some warm water. I tried the mixture on cotton but I have a bad gag reflex so I just put the powder / paste on my affected tooth and am holding it there by gently biting down. I have to spit every once in a while but its okay to swallow. Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic and I take it (even without a bad tooth) three times a day. My tooth is beginning to feel better as I type this and I will update later this weekend. I just need to get through until I get to my dentist. I also purchased the Red Cross kit from CVS. So if this doesn't work, I will definitely use that but I read it kills the nerve so I want to try all other options first.

J. Shoemaker

Ok... After spending literally 48 hours with no sleep, searching forums for home remedies to help with the excruciating pain I was feeling due to my Abscess Tooth, I have decided to share with you a few of the remedies that I found that worked for me... Although, none of them completely alleviated the pain, quite a few did help somewhat until the pain subsided...

First and Foremost!!! - Amoxicillan!!!
Start taking it immediately. This is an anti-biotic which starts to kill the bacteria that is building up in your mouth!!! I started taking 2 250mg Tablets every 2 hours. While this is extreme, I simply could not handle the pain. Make certain you are not allergic! My mother is a nurse at a local correctional institution and has them readily available anytime I need them!
Amoxicillan is the only drug for me, that completely alleviates the infection and alleviates the pain %100. However, this is not a pain killer, so it will take between 24-48 Hours to start working. This is the worst time-frame imaginable. The waiting was the worst part for me, which is why I started searching and decided to share my experiences with the 'Home Remedies' that I used...

1)Naproxen!!! - 2 250mg Tablets every 2 Hours!!! This is your pain killer - anti-inflammatory and it WILL help deal with the pain... Although it will not kill it completely, it does make it a little better. I was able to get about 1 hour of sleep in 48 hours because of it!

2) Water!!! H20!!! Drink a ton of water! Immediately! Every time the throbbing pain starts getting too much to handle drink 2 FULL 8oz Glasses of Water! I didn't think this would work, but OMG this was the best! It made the pain dull almost immediately! It was my true savior!

3) Listerine Cool Mint Anti-Septic!!! One Cap Full Diluted w/ 1 8oz Cup of Water. Gargle and Spit it out! I did this constantly! This is a pain in the butt because of the repetition, but if you are anything like me... The thirty seconds of no pain was worth it!

4) Brush / Mouthwash!!! This should go without saying, but make certain you are Brushing and using Mouthwash as much as possible... The cleaner your mouth is, the less bacteria is building up on an already horrible existing condition.

5) Hot Shower!!! Sit down in your shower and let the water hit the back of your neck! Just relax, take deep breathes and focus on how wonderful the rest of your body feels! The reason pain in your head is so horrible is because all of the nerves are located so close to your brain, which is why several people develop headaches, earaches, sinus issues and throat problems when an issue arises in your head they are connected and usually affect one another when something is wrong... So Get Naked, Sit Down, Enjoy The Water and have your significant other wait on you hand and foot and try to relax and think about how wonderful you are, and how tough you!!! knowing that in a few hours you are going to feel better!!!

6) Reading Remedies!!! Believe it or not, spending my time reading the many different home remedy forums that are available online, took my mind off the pain I was feeling and made me feel really bad for others, who had conditions much worst than mine and mine was terrible! Occupy your time, and just keep in mind that the pain is only temporary! You will get through it! It is terrible and no-one knows what you are going through until they themselves have to deal with it!

Good Luck! Feel Better!
J. Shoemaker
Daytona Beach, Florida


I was having the most intense pain--it felt like electric shocks--in one of my crowned molars. I took every painkiller I could lay my hands on, I did the clove oil, warm rum, the warm salty water, etc. Nothing helped for more than a couple of minutes. I wanted to knock myself out, the pain was so intense.

When I got to the emergency dentist the next day, they x-rayed it and told me I had an abscess and would need a root canal. They gave me a course of amoxycillin and within hours of starting it the pain subsided. So my advice is to keep some on hand (or get some from a friend) if possible and you are sure you aren't allergic. I know this isn't a home remedy, but now that I know what this sort of pain can do to you, I wanted to let my fellow sufferers know that this was a lifesaver. Of course in the end you have to be able to pay for treatment... I feel for all you out there who don't have dental insurance. I am paying for my root canal out of pocket, but I'm in the UK so it won't cost the thousands of dollars it would in the US.


Forums often offer some good advice, but most of the time those are for temporary help... But even temporary help is welcome to someone who is suffering. But I am glad to be able to tell you, dear fellow sufferers that there is something that will knock infection out. Medical doctors simply will not believe you, after you tell them what happened so,they will say that you did not even have one in the beginning.
It is a product called 'Ultimate Immune System Support' Silver Biotic. This blue bottle has a miracle ingredient, and it stops infection dead in the tracks. When my dentist left for the Beach this Thanksgiving, not leaving me an emergency number to call him if I need him over the Holidays, I was forced to try alternative, or go to emergency room. A fellow worker, who has a quiver full of kids, and is by the way very smart man, in field of Mechanical engineering, recommended this stuff, saying, he would go bankrupt without this stuff, since his kids get sick often.... It worked, and after 8 doses (3 times daily, my infection was almost gone all the way. Today, I don't have it any longer. My dentist did not take it very well, saying I had no infection, but he did not see what I went through! Now, someone 60 years young, and being as smart cookie as I am, KNOWS when she has an infection! I recommend this stuff to anyone who is sick and tired of begging doctors for favors, and having to pay a fee just to be handed a piece paper called prescription. God bless everyone, and Blessed Christmas to all! :)


I took 3 tylenol pm caplets (too many) and all that did was make me really drowsy. After spending about 4 hours in excruciating pain, I ran to the kitchen and poured ground cinnamon on my finger and rubbed it on my sore gums. While it did provide instant relief, it only lasted for about 5 minutes and there is not much else I can do, being that I am 7 months pregnant....I'm still awake now in search of something that will work. If I don't find anything, I will be headed to the ER as soon as my daughter goes to school in the morning (5 hours from now).


I read a lot of these and this is what worked best #1 sleep with your head elevated just as you would if you had a broken arm or leg you elevate it to reduce swelling n throbbing #2 take one over the counter sudafed at bedtime the regular decongestant only kind you can buy the store brand it is found on the aisles not behind the pharmacist and two tylenol arthritis (do not take more than six in 24 hrs)#3 floss your teeth even if painful cuz food bacteria could make the pain worse#4 rinse with listerine whiteniing mouthwash this works cuz it foams up and the peroxide kills the germs#5 brush and rinse well I slept ten hours after this minimal pain during the day too but it was fine going to dentist this week sleep well all

misty green

i suffer tearful pain 4m bad teeth n then friend told me about this product called HURRICANE....... she said call ur local pharmacist n tell them u would like them 2 order a topical anaesthetic called hurricane n then it should b there n a day r 2........ 4m personal experience n plus 4m ever 1 i told about this its the best thing out there better then origel or ambisol combined its the same paste like gel that the dentists use 2 numb ur teeth plus it last 4 hrs i live on this stuff cuz if ur like me with no insurance n no job then going 2 the dentist is nearly impossible......... it has 20% benzocain n it numbs u tooth n seconds n it even comes n yummy flavors watermelon, cherry, pina colada, n mint i recommend the watermelon it taste the best well i surely hope this helps u as much as it did me n good luck ......... plz e mail me n let me know r results of this product it would b greatly appreciated ......... thnx n god bless


Get some sugarless gum with XYLITOL in the ingredients- Trident (that we got at the Dollar Tree) seems to have more xylitol than most brands, if listing it earlier in the ingredients means it contains more. The xylitol does kill dental decay bacteria.

Myself and my husband and a friend have all tried it with our longstanding abscess issues (started months ago--we do get enough improvement that we get weeks without problems, especially if we avoid sugar).

Each of us does have a cracked or broken tooth or a loose filling, so I don't know if it will work for ones that don't seem to have that situation.

Besides chewing it in the daytime (and avoiding sugar as much as possible), we chew some of the gum at bedtime and leave it in all night by the affected tooth.

So far we have only tried spearmint and peppermint flavored brands, so we don't know for sure if that is contributing to the helpful effects.

Raw garlic does work but is too irritating if chewed, so leave whole garlic clove in cheek overnight or as much as can get away with during the day, cooked garlic doesn't seem to work.

Strong chamomile tea and a moistened chamomile tea bag left in cheek overnight will work (best at night since can make a person feel sleepy).

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