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I was in a lot of toothache pain , it was making the side of my face hurt . Someone gave me 2 packs of BC powders . It killed the pain , works great. I wet my finger tip and rubbed on my gum . It only took about a min to work .


My husband has been in horrible tooth pain. Of course it's Saturday night and no after hours dentists will see him unless he is a returning patient. It's frustrating but looking through all of these home remedies my husband got an idea..get a small straw, like from a Capri sun, suck some clove oil into the straw and let it drip into the hole in the tooth. He hasn't been in pain AT ALL for the last 10! I suggest you do this. The bad thing is clove oil will kill the nerve but if it needs pulled anyway. ...

Lady Leo

I've had this abscess for about a week, tried everything under the sun some worked for a little while but not until a friend told me about this mouthwash by Colgate. It's Colgate Peroxyl mouth sore rinse (about $9.50 at Wal-Mart). It's designed for just that after just a few rinse began feeling some relief.
Hope this help.


Can not believe it worked pure clove oil applied about a half of the cap with a cue tip waited about ten minutes before I drank something and it was gone I bite down on it to deliver it faster but I think without doing that it still would have worked the same try it will make your day or night.


A good Remedy for an Abscess is an Alka Seltzer, just swish it around in your mouth for about 1 min

From Memphis Tn

After reading the benefits of using garlic for toothache issues I decided to try it. I do not have any whole garlic so I tried putting garlic powder on the tooth and gum area. It has slightly eased the pain but I tried something different. I used a teaspoon of garlic powder and half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of very warm water (not hot) and rinsed my mouth out 6 times (add more in cup). My pain and swelling since trying this has eased a lot within the past 20 minutes. I will do this every hour not only to kill the infection but to make it to work tomorrow -)


OK. I have a partial for 4 teeth in the center-top of my mouth. I have an abscessed tooth right next to the partial and think its not cracked, but food gets in between the partial and the tooth that Im having a problem with. I went to the dentist in June and said they would like to pull the tooth. The abscess popped and I lived with the slight pain for a few months. Now its killing me and I dont want to have that tooth pulled because I will need to get another partial. (1600 bucks). Now Im ready to try the garlic glove thing that Im reading about. I will let you know if it works, since I read that garlic works on bad bactria. The abscess covers around the whole tooth. Its hard to put the partial on, as it squeezes the puss and makes it throb. I have the partial out and getting ready to put garlic on it. I believe this will work because I think the tooth is not cracked. Just bad hygiene. I eat late at night and food must have been stuck between teeth. Im thinking about getting all my uppers removed for a denture. All my teeth are ok on the bottom. wish me luck!!

Wesley Jones

I had a swelled abscess in top of my mouth from a tooth that held my partial. I prayed asking for mercy, used a 16 ounce cup of water heated in microwave 1 minute and a teaspoon of table salt.Hold salty water in mouth for 15 to 20 seconds, spit out and repeat process until cup is empty.Slice a piece of galic and hold it on abscess with the tongue or finger and later eat the remainding clove with a few crackers if its to hot.(Use to control infection) You can mix a little cayenne pepper in the water also.(optional)


I have a subgingival maxilary abscess that is almost under the cheekbone and into the sinus.It became tight and hard and started throbbing.
I have no insurance and little faith in modern medicine. I treated the infection with very tart pure cranberry juice (antibiotic) taken internally three times a day.I applied essential oil of clove (antibiotic) to the gum near the abscess followed by essential oil of black pepper (analgesic). I also rinse with warm salt water(antibiotic ,analgesic,antiseptic) three times a day.In four days the abscess has moved toward the gumline and is ready to pop.Now I have a piece of bread soaked in coconut oil(antibiotic, draws bacteria) and essential oil of clove on it.It is getting better and I expect it to drain soon.


I found this to take the pain away instantly. All you have to do is put damp heat over the spot and enjoy the releaf.

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