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Garlic salt,,, I kid u not... Pour a little amount n the palm of ur hand,,, and take ur tpngue to dab garlic salt... Use ur tongue to apply to pain,,, and by time u count to 10 ur back n business again... Sleep well friends,,, sleep well


I would like to start with I am 31, started having serious dental work at the age of 4, due to Pyrea of the gums, and uncontrollable tooth decay. In the past 10 years I have had 14 abscesses, 6 of which have been LIFE THREATENING. I will give you tips, but also give you truth to where (WE) will wind up. I type this as I have the most severe double abscess in my 3rd and 5th upper teeth (forehead, eyesocket, sinus cavity, upper AND lower jaw, neck and ear infected)

**TIPS to ease an abscess**

1. NEVER apply warm compresses, as the infection LOVES heat, it thrives for it. Heat will make it spread and get worse. Use ice in a paper towel, a cold pack, or even freeze some rice in a baggie. COLD will take some of the swelling down, and numb the face region.

2. 100% Clove Oil (4mL found on ebay for 3.99 shipped) or using solid clove buds (found at walmart or a dollar store) at the gumline will not only ease alot of the pain and pressure, but it also won't hurt to directly put the oil (or crunch the clove bud) and apply it directly on the tooth or any infected oral area - it works as oral sterilizer.

3. Ibuprofen is about your only help to ease the pain, as far as OTC pills, but the effect isn't long enough to matter. PLEASE, use common sense to not take more than 8 a day, as this will only lead to them not working at all after a few days or a possible OD.

4. Today I was told from a dentist, that if the abscess is low enough (sagging at the gumline) with no signs it's going to drain and you want it to; take a cotton ball or gauze and mix together; 1 tbsp of baking soda and 1 tbsp of salt (I added 2 drops of water) then apply it to the gauze/cotton and put right at the sag or gumline, the infection will be drawn to the surface where it will soon drain or can be poked or lanced to drain (Keep in mind I have been on antibiotics for 3 days and would not do this WITHOUT having them in my bloodstream) - I did this about an hour ago, removed the cotton ball after about 10 mins and there's a worn white slit in my gumline... I expect draining to start soon without me poking at it.

5. If you don't have money or insurance (like me) to see a Dentist right away, then cherish your life and go to the ER. They cannot deny you medical treatment or antibiotics. The best and newest out on the market, that is VERY affordable is Clyndamicin. I just paid 19.00 at walmart to have a script filled of 28 pills. I paid something like 42.00 for a script of 80 of them 4 months ago. If you don't have the money for the script, ASK SOMEONE for the money, or tell the ER, there are samples that will get you through 3 days. Do not do something silly like buy the pain pills and not antibiotics - and NEVER let an abscess go untreated. You can and will die from it*. The ER, if you cannot go buy a script will also give you an IV drip of antibiotics and possibly lance the abscess if there's a white head or area where it shows signs it's ready to pop. Do not try to stab or puncture your own gums without antibiotics... you can die.

*Note - my sister passed away some years back for letting tooth abscesses take over her blood stream and cause organ failure. DO NOT let them go untreated.

6. Find a dentist who suits your needs/financial state! Though I thought I didn't have a chance in heck to find a dentist because of financial problems, lack of govt funding for people who need it, or lack of insurance - There are dentists out there that DO take payments, some require a 10% down payment to pull or surgically remove teeth. (There's also those scary basement, but licensed Dentists, who will pull a tooth for like 40.00)

I will start to get my 5 broken off teeth removed next month, 1 by 1, as I can afford and which are most severe. Then get the other 24 bad teeth pulled as well. NOW... 10 years later realizing the path I'm leading to (the morgue) letting my teeth go isn't worth it. Please take your life into consideration and go see a DENTIST or go to the ER.

**Other Tips**

- I know for some this may be hard, but brush at least your gums and tongue as much as possible with non-whitening toothpaste to get the bacteria out.

- GARGLE.. Use Listerine ...or my favorite: Peroxyl (4.00 a bottle) it really works, and the Peroxide in it gets those places you can't reach, even if you can barely open your mouth. Warm Salt water isn't something that is going to work.

- Never sleep laying down if the abscess is making your face swell! Any Dr or Dentist will tell you, this is BAD. Try to sleep in the sitting position, or if you feel you HAVE TO lay, then do so on your stomach with something propping your forehead so your face is straight. Laying on your back or with your face tilted back can make the abscess go right to your brain and kill you.

-Never think (like I used to) that the infection isn't in your bloodstream until the abscess pops/drains. It is present from the second the abscess starts and will stay there unless proper antibiotics are taken. If you don't finish off the meds, you have a very high chance that the abscess will return and more severe.

*These are the only things I have proven effective or to calm the pain. I have not used the words 'die' to scare people, but it can happen, and does happen often with untreated abscess and can also lead to cancer, tumors and staph infections.

Please seek medical attention if your face is showing signs of swelling, even if you cannot afford a dentist an ER will give you proper treatment. I'd rather have thousands and debt to a hospital then die.


Trust me tooth pain is the worst makes you feel like pulling out your own teeth:( I have found that a dentist is really the only sure way to get rid of the pain but until you can get to one this worked for me.
First take 800mg ibuprofen, while waiting for that to start working make a paste with gloves and put on sore tooth and all around the gum then rinse it out with a little whiskey. Finish it off with a cup of night time theraflu and you will be sleeping comfortable in a while:) if you have any anti biotics in the house start taking them they will help with any infection and that will help with the pain too.


firstly, my heart goes out to all you tootache sufferers. here are 3 things you should to to help keep the pain away for about 4-5 hours at a time..

1. glass of water with plenty of salt and swish around the mouth.

2. brush your teeth every couple of hours.

3. keep mouthwash with you and use regularly when you feel symptoms of pain.

4. regular doses of paracetamol and iburofen

5. drink plenty of water!

6. dip a cotton bud in clove oil and rub on affected tooth and gum (taste horrible but works and numbs)

my absyss began last night following these regularly my absyss popped and leaked on its own.. swelling still there but no real pain... good luck guys!


tooth sensitive to the touch? feel the lump on your gum? now you know the absyss is coming STOP IT BEFORE IT GROWS/SWELLS/CAUSES PAIN.... get a needle something sharp and cut/poke the lump and suck out the puss (in my case) (chicken beef) meat thats has got stuck in my gum.. get it before it gets you good luck friends


I may say a few things that some already said but when i went to a emergency clinic to get treated. Here is what information they gave me:

1. Avoid hot and cold liquids since your tooth may be sensitive to temperature changes.

2. If your tooth is chipped or cracked, or if there is a large open cavity, apply oil of cloves. You can get this over the counter drug store. Keep in mind, some pharmacies carry an over the counter 'toothache kit'. Ask around for one of those.

3. A cold pack on your jaw over the sore area could help reduce pain.

If anyone lives in Lakewood/Denver Colorado area, you may want to check out Med-express. They where super friendly (this is key since i was in pain and only had 1 hour of sleep). And they billed me instead of paying up front. Tho you may need 30 bucks for meds and antibiotics.

Also, if you don't have dental insurance (such as me), check out CDG (google this).

Google schools that will do free or low cost dental work as well. I hope this helps a little!


The icy/hot worked!! I used biofreeze and rubbed on the OUTSIDE of my cheek around my lower jaw bone, the abscess, and where I could feel a knot on my bone. Have to warn you that the icy/hot is VERY VERY uncomfortable for a whole minute until it is absorbed completely by your skin.

I'm going to be able to sleepnow!


Hi there, i'm 17 years old at the moment and i have had 3 teeth pulled so far from abscessed teeth(going on my 4th one). I pick getting pulled because its less a hassle than getting a root canal and there's a chance that it could come back( it already happened to me) I have no idea what's wrong with me..i brush and floss and rinse with mouth wash everyday and night..but i keep getting abscessed teeth..anyone know what could be the far since this one started hurting..i got on the amoxicillin and ive been rinsing with salt water..and ive taken a pain pill. Ive noticed when i start hitting the punching bag and exert some energy the pain will subside for awhile till i stop..soo go for a run and just try not to think about it..


I tried everything... I was going crazy with pain and no sleep. I had an emergency dental appointment today. I had an abcess and needed to get a root canal. She said it was the kind of thing that would have landed me in the hospital. If the pain is so severe you can not sleep and nothing works ... Go to the dentist.


I tried 1/2 a norco that I let melt on my tooth. That was okay for a while but the pain came back. Chloraseptic sore throat spray is very temporary. I went to CVS and bought Orajel, instant pain relief for severe toothache, long lasting...not. Extremely temporary.
I dapped hydrogen peroxide with a q-tip and it provided some relief.

I read on another site about grapefuit seed extract. Since I already had some capsules, I took the powder out and threw away the coating. I mixed the powder with some warm water. I tried the mixture on cotton but I have a bad gag reflex so I just put the powder / paste on my affected tooth and am holding it there by gently biting down. I have to spit every once in a while but its okay to swallow. Grapefruit seed extract is a natural antibiotic and I take it (even without a bad tooth) three times a day. My tooth is beginning to feel better as I type this and I will update later this weekend. I just need to get through until I get to my dentist. I also purchased the Red Cross kit from CVS. So if this doesn't work, I will definitely use that but I read it kills the nerve so I want to try all other options first.

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