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Only thing that worked for me, that I had available, was Advil liquid gell tablets. I poked a hole on the end with a needle and squeezed it on and around the area. Let it soak on there for bout 7 min then rinsed.... Pain like this is a bitch! Hope it helps :)


After thrashin about in bed for over 2hours, I finally got on ds site and tried a million things.swishin with warm salted water and holdin the garlic to the affected part did relieve a bit (like 50%), it also occured to me to chew the garlic on that creviced tooth; instant relief!!! Mind u, it will burn the result is worth it!! I won't need to take that piriton to sleep afterall.. :)


For an abscessed tooth I used Hydrogen peroxide I warmed it to lukewarm temp. using a shot glass or small cup mix with a small amount of water. Put in mouth as you would a mouth wash swish a bit then tip head in a way that the peroxide will be pooling in the area of tooth. Hold it here as long as possible spit, repeat a couple more times. Do this 3-4 times a day until symptoms leave and repeat again if it returns. I use same method for canker sores. (note: I have noticed my gums might turn white from using the peroxide but will go away)



Hi! Ive been in so much pain from time to time with my wisdom teeth. I dont have dental insurance....therefor, Ive spent hours on the internet reading forums, researching websites trying to find a solution for the pain! The best home remedy Ive found that takes away the swelling (even swelling of your cheek/face) and the radiculous pain is this......
INGREDIENTS you will need:
WATER (preferably warm)

*Put a TBL spoon of SALT and a TBL spoon of BAKING SODA into a cup.
*Get the COTTON BALLS slightyly wet (if u can get warm water it works best but not mandatory)
*Dip the damp COTTON BALLS into the cup of BAKING SODA & SALT
*********IMPORTANT PART**********
***Take the COTTON BALL with the mix and put it on the INFECTED wisdom tooth and leave it there.
***Use 3 to 5 COTTON BALLS the same way all the way along your gum line and make sure the COTTON BALLS with the MIX are completely surrounding your tooth.
(the salt will make you salivate!Be sure to SPIT! DO NOT SWALLOW!!!!! The infection is poison and Ive been told can kill a person! Make sure the cotton balls stay in place!)
*This will literally pull out the infection!!!! You will be able to see it on the cotton ball once the time has passed and you take the cotton balls out!



Tried cayenne and honey with cinnamon, these provided a tiny bit of relief. Reading these entries seemed to help the most, the one about not sleeping for 48hrs due to mom's abcess had me laughing so hard that I forgot about the pain. Then I laughed too hard and my swollen jaw reminded me that this abcess is no laughing matter. Second time in a little over a month, penicillin doing nothing this time. At the first episode, the dentist said 'root canal' or it will come back with a vengeance. He was right. So off to the endodontist on Saturday without insurance and a Mastercard in hand for a root canal . . . priceless.


swish look warm water until all debris is clear. Get a Peppermint Tea bag (plain is best) and wet and took me about an hour i think let it soak and play a facebook game or too i after about an hour i swished some milk around, and i think i will acctualy get some sleep thank you god!


I don't know the man that said use honey...but I think I love him! Lol Honey works! I've tried tea, salt water, vanilla extract, cold water, warm water, cough drops, swishing, swashing anything n everything! Needless to say some worked for a short time my next step was just to let someone punch me in the face lol...until I saw honey n thought ehh why not? It worked! I can sleep now thank you! :)


I've been up for well over 48 hours now, not because I have the abscessed tooth, but because my Mother does. She's been screaming and crying for over two days now. Nothing worked, Ore Gel, the crushed Tylenol trick, olive cloves, garlic cloves... NOTHING, I didn't even second glance the salt water idea, but I ran out of options with you guys, so I said 'What else is there?' and I got her a glass of hot, salt water. She's passed out and sleeping like a baby on the couch that I brought her the water in. She's even snoring. So I just want you all to know, TRY the salt water idea first, so that your not spending 40 bucks on the other random crap that didn't work. I'm going to bed now, because I deserve some sleep. Thanks guys and girls for the help. ^_^


I have been having the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. Much worse then child birth. I saw Zoe of your remedies and the only alchol I had was Silver tequila so I soaked a cotton pad in some and covered the whole tooth for about 10 min. It did stop only some of the pain but it did completely stop the throbbing It is not the best tasting thing and it BURNS the hell out of your tongue but way worth it.


This works really well. Take 2 tynenol PM pills and crush them up until it turns into powder. apply the powdered pill onto the affected tooth. Doing this will make the whole tooth area completely numb. but be careful not to get too much on the tongue because the tongue will get numb also. leave mouth slightly open for a couple of minutes and the pain will go right away. It works!

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