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I have used raw coconut oil on a cotton ball, pack in between gum and cheek. Leave in until pain is gone. I will add more oil ever few hours. Coconut oil is great for a lot of remedies.


Rubbing epsom salt on bad tooth works like a charm for a little while


First things first since a very young age i have battled tooth issues. My gpa who was my first dentist explained that an anti nausea medication perscribed to many pregnant women in the 80s caused a side effect/birth defect where the permanent teeth will fail to have the enamel coating. Which most know is extremely necessary in the oral dept. Well at 26 most of my teeth have been filled and refilled and once again need dire attention due to an inadequate dentist in my teen years had he properly attended to them i might be in a better position today. Anyhow jumping to 8 months ago i was having a epidural steroid injection for an ongoing serious back issue and well like many i seriously hate needles,i was so nervous i bit down so hard i cracked one of my canines in half. About a week later i had my first abcess. While i know now it was dumb i applied heat and within 12 hours the abcess ruptured. I went to dentist and left in tears and a bill of over $8,000 with insurance! All i wanted was the damn tooth pulled. But of course all the yadada tooth near the front and shifting. Blah blah...well anyhow seeing as i was out of work for my back i was trying to scrape together the 300 for the downpayment when i lost my ins. So needless to say the dentist was at the back of my about once every month or so i get an abcess (beware the sweets) a little heat, my reg pain pills and muscle relaxers and some poking and prodding with one of those dental scrapers. Also every so often like someone else mentioned if i cld get enough suction in my mouth my toungue wld stick to tooth and miraculously wld cause enough suction to break the abcess. Well now here i am 2 weeks post back surgery and wham i wake up with the dreaded throb...36 hours later with none of the usual tricks working I depserately found this site...immediately began the salt water rinse had already been doimg the listerine and brushing...the saltwater helped a little...i had no fresh garlic around since i have not been cooking so i cldnt try that. I ravaged the cupboards and found some tea bags...left in on close to two hours...the pain was a little better and the cheek swelling was 75% better. I decided to take a shower while i waited for the hubby to get home with peroxide,cotton balls and baking the shower i felt my tooth slooooowly draining. When i got out i brushed, used peroxide and mouth wash...was really staring to feel better but i decided the do the half baking soda half salt on cottonballs. I am doing that as I write, which is probably why tbhis is so long winded! It seems like it might be working...there is no more throbbing and the facial swelling is about gone. Thankfully all the post surgery meds have allowed me to sleep off and on but i do caution all BE CAREFUL mixing any medications with alcohol...esp tylenol and narcotics. my next step is to hit up dentist and have the damn thing pulled. Good luck to all...if anything reading all the posts helps to keep your mind off the pain! Hope this site can bring relief to all who need it.


My friends, please just go the E.R. I tried the home remedies. The salt and baking soda one worked. The peroxide worked. The tea bags worked and also the honey and oil ones. It depends on the type of abscess you have in your mouth. My abscess got so bad that the home remedies were ineffective. The pain would stop for about an hour ,then flare back up again. I do not have insurance. I finally went to the E.R last night. They gave me a lot of information about low cast dentists in the are. Some are 5-10 dollars. They gave me a shot of antibiotics in the ass and some pain medication. I also have some prescriptions. Ibuprofen, hydrocodon and an antibotic, amoxycillian. I took them this morning and despite the swelling on the whole left side of my face, I feel a lot better. I do not have any more pain. After I finish my meds, I will definitely see a dentist and have the tooth extracted. I had a filling put in and it did not last 6 months. This tooth is coming out next week. It is not worth the pain.

toothache sucks

ok, i'm got a bad toothache which is 3rd tooth from the top left wisdom tooth which comes few days ago. it stopped for 1 month before it came back furiously with vengence.

i have since popped 10 paracetamol for 2 days. worked for the first day but the effect doesnt come for the second day.

i've read some remedy from fellow toothachers and they said whiskey is one of the choice to ease the pain.. some found it worked but some doesnt. well, i tried white wine just now and instead of getting better, it just throbbed like nobody's business! I believe it's because alcohol dilates your vessels, that's why it will make your pain even worse! since your vessels will touch your nerve and making you remember the pain.

i am still currently throbbing with sharp needle prick pain, and i'm tearing(Doubt i'll be able to sleep today :'( ). I do not have any Ibuprofen or tramadol or strong medication currently at home.. so i'm kinda like dead and stuck with the pain until my dental appointment in 1 month's time. fml! :(


I must say this site has helped sooo much in my hour of need. I have an abcessed Tooth which appeared on a Friday afternoon. I started with what I already knew (rinseing mouth with salt water) and taking Ibruprofen.By Friday evening pain was unbearable, how was I going to cope until Monday when I can see dentist!! After lookin at this site, I tried a peppermint teabag, only helped when it was in my mouth, pain came back when I took it out!! Tried glove of garlic , OMG!! burnt my face off!! Still in pain!! Rinsed mouth with dark rum, helped a little enough to get to sleep. Woke up Saturday Mornin an OMG!!looked like I was holding a tennis ball in one side of my mouth. So covered my difformed face with scarf and went to find CLOVE OIL...GENIUS.. It actually works!! Sitting here typing pain free 4 now. Hoping this will carry me thru until Monday Mornin. Thankyou to all of u with your different suggestions, one of them had to work! :) An thanks 2 Holland & Barratt in North London, England. Bottle of Clove oil £2.99 2 b pain free!!


Antiseptic mouthwash sitting on the infected tooth is instant relief but only lasts about ten minutes or so.


I'm currently trying a slice of garlic for long term relief from my abcess,it seems to be working. For short term relief a squirt of Ultra chloraseptic anaesthetic throat spray works great.


Use 'BC Powder' pain reliever. Since it is a powder, it enters the blood stream really fast and kills the pain quickly.
Advil was OK, Aleve did Nothing but BG powder knocked it out.


Woke up with the sinus infection symptoms...sore throat...swollen glands...ear ache...head ache. Went to dentist and its a wisdom tooth. At the age of 41...this bites. Antibotics were perscribed...along with vicidan. After two doses of antibiotics as well as pain meds. The throbbing began. Shooting pain was making me see stars. Felt really sick to my stomach. Tried ice....couldn't take the cold after 30 minutes. Tried warm water and salt rinse. Helped for a couple of minutes. After reading this site. I did not have most of the ingredients hanging around my house....but however I do have night works. I took three cotton balls and soaked them and shoved them suckers on top of the tooth and both sides of the tooth and gums. Burned alittle...for like 5 minutes. Kept it on there for atleast 20 minutes. Throbbing gone. I also took three cotton balls and drenched them in warm water...and dabbed the cotton balls in straight salt. Put them directly on tooth and left there for about 30 minutes. After taking them out I could see the yellow pus on the cotton balls. I think this helped some as well.....good luck cuz this sucks. Why does my dentist have to be on vacation???? Hope florida is nice.

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