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I have been in pain for day last night i finally slept for the first time in 3 days tonite is a different story. So i decided to look online and found this page and very pleased with some of the remedies. The one I tried and found that worked is salt and luke warm water but only for a lil while. Got to get to dentist ASAP!


swishing mouthwash around your aching tooth can help TEMPORARILY in relieving the pain, just while you are waiting to see the dentist BUT BE VERY CAREFUL! i had a horrible toothache sunday night and used an entire family size bottle of Crest mouthwash. It helped numb my tooth pain but eventually numbed my entire mouth, i thought tis was good until the numbing began to wear off and i felt a burning sensation inside my entire mouth. I went to bed and around 3 am woke up from a horrible burning pain. My lips, cheeks, and tongue were so swollen that i couldnt close or move them. the pain was unbearable and after going to the doctor, i found out i had given myself a chemical burn with the mouthwash in an attempt to get rid of my toothache. The burn did not allow me to eat and drink anything and because of the swelling i had developed an infection. As a result i was given an IV and two injections on my butt for infection. Also some antibiotics to make the swelling go down. I was so dehydrated that they tried putting the IV 3 times until they finally got it. So even though mouthwash is one of the best toothache relievers, PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL! It has now been 5 days since my toothache, and i still cannot eat any real food, my tongue is peeling and barely begginning to heal, i use a straw for everything i drink and constantly drool even in my sleep, swallowing is very painful, and my diet consists of water, smoothies that can only be made with vanilla, sugar,bananas, and baby food.


I'm one of the typical Americans who has no dental insurance and horrible teeth. This is what works for me.... half warm water half peroxide mix and swish around tooth. It will help boil out the infection then follow with Dr ticshners mouthwash diluted with warm water (strength is up to u) and add a couple drops of tea tree oil into mouthwash mix. Swish around tooth and it will treat infection and numb pain. Do not swallow tho or it will make u sick. Take garlic fresh or capsules to treat from inside out as well. Keep it up everutime u brush and the infection will clear up soon. Soooo sorry for ur pain. Been on my knees from tooth pain to. I hope there's tips work for u to.


I had a very painful abscess on my gum, and tried the garlic salt solution. It is working wonderfully! I am so happy the swelling and pain are down a huge amount in just a few hours.


I use sinus tablets
to relieve pressure


My boyfriend just used one of the remedies from the site and it worked amazingly. He took garlic salt and swooshed it in his mouth for one min three times in a row and it took the pain away. He's had problems with his teeth his whole life and he said nothing worked as good as the garlic water. So thank you to whomever wrote about that.

Mark DDS

For severe toothache: You have an infection or a nerve exposed. If you can see the tooth, if a hole/crack/missing filling, bees wax, or temp filling (avail at drug stores) to plug hole. If you have abcess (infection) do NOT PLUG THE HOLE. You must get this to drain. Milk it (pressure) by pressing on swollen area. Do this until it either comes out violently (like a big zit) or it eventually finds a path and starts draining. Then put heat on it (after its draining) and keep milking it until the pain/swelling is gone. Get to dentist asap.

DRY SOCKET: This is exposed bone when the blood plug/clot is lost. If possible go back to dentist, the dentist who extracted tooth has responsibility to treat this at no charge. (followup care). If not possible, get iodoform gauze from pharmacy (not an rx item). Cut a small 1/4' strip, dip very end (tiny amount) in some red cross toothache remedy (eugenol). Ring/remove excess. Only about 1/16' should be covered, and no excess. Flush socket with warm water using large syringe, water pick, in shower (let forceful stream into socket to get food etc out). Insert the guaze strip eugenol end first with tweezers. Remove/repeat (not the flushing part) every 8 hours until you can see a dentist. If not repeat 8 hours day 1, 12 hours day 2, everyday 3, should be healed by day 4-5.

Take 800mg ibuprofin (4 tabs) up to 4 x day (for adults). Many studies have found ibuprofen superior or equal to narcotics for dental pain. Dont believe me? Check yourself.

John W.

I had an abcess causing huge and painfull swelling. Looking through the net for help I found a reference to echinacea. I have some echinacea capsules so I emptied out the powder from one capsule and made a paste with a couple of drops of water (so it sticks together but not runny). I pressed this into the gum directly where the abcess was and in-between the tooth and gum and overnight the swelling had reduced by at least half and the pain had gone. I repeated this twice during the today because eating and drinking washed it away (so eat first, apply after). By this evening my face is almost back to normal and I have no more pain. I will keep this treatment going for a few days to make sure; it is the first time I have tried it and it has worked like a dream; much faster than antibiotics plus a lot cheaper than a visit to the dentist!

I thought i was INVINCIBLE?

Have had 3 tooth abcsess' over the years,defo get to the dentist asap it will only get worse. Have tried pretty much every home remedy and none really worked, the only thing that works for me is continually rinsing my mouth with cold or ice water (warm water made the pain only worse) it only gives maybe a minute or 2 relief but when you have an abcsess it will do!! Hope it helps


Soak your tooth in beer for about three minuets then finish the rest. No More toothache. This really works, I'm not a beer drinker.

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