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One thing i do that never fails, atleast in numbing the pain momentarily, is smoke some hash. The high makes you forget about the pain. A shot of vodka helps, too.


I slightly watered a cotton ball added salt and baking soda to the cotton ball and placed the solution in my mouth for 35 minutes. Spit out the saliva which contains poison for the infection. This solution will irritate the abscess. After I busted the abscess to drain the fluid, the pain stopped hurting for about 3 hours. Afterwards, I slightly watered a cotton ball and add Echinacea powder (purchased from CVS-Vitamin section) to the cotton ball. I held the cotton ball on the infected area for 30 minutes. This solution healed the infected area and stopped the pain completely. I felt 100% better. Finally, I got to enjoy my birthday. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!!! This pain is absolutely no joke!


the best thing i have found is ibuprofen, works very fast. be careful about the hot compresses to the jaw area as from personal experience if you actually have an abcess and not an ordinary toothache you can actually cause the infection to be drawn out to the jaw, my own experience with this resulted in a swollen throat, swollen shut eye difficulty breathing and the entire left side of my face swollen to three times its normal size!! and nit forgetting the late night emergency trip!


trying baby orjel it seems to work great for me i have had bad teeth for a little while now and that seems to work the best


Just got home from CVS with all sorts of remedies mentioned including a bottle of Crown!
So far, the first remedy is already working great. Bought a bottle of Clove Oil ($6) and poured out a little on a piece of gauze.Hubby said if this continues to work he can make it til Monday's dental appointment.
That Crown is calling my name.

Pain free

I was in agony with a toothache. I tried the tea bag, the aspirin, the peroxide, brushing and the salt water. None of them worked for me. I found swishing cool water around in my mouth worked as long as I kept changing the water and kept swishing. As soon as I stopped, the pain returned.

However the thing that finally worked for me was cutting up a clove and putting half of it on top of my aching tooth. Then I crushed the other half and put it around my tooth. After about 20 minutes the pain is gone! I hope it lets me get some sleep as I have 2 days before my dental appointment.

And I was never a fan of cloves before, but I am now. I am going to keep some in the refrig all the time now, just in case.


I have an abscessed tooth its been about 4 day now and i cant get into the dentist for another 5 days i was at my breaking point it hurt so bad i was on my knees balling and begging my husband to rip my tooth out with some pliers. i had been reading things on here the day prior when it wasn't terribly painful and was managed with tylonal...but that was no longer helping ether... so i tried a number of things suggested if i had the stuff around the house a lot of them would provide a moment or two of relief but it was not long before i was in tears because of the pain again... i finally broke down and went to my local ER not knowing if they could do anything for me... but hell i couldn't sleep anyways might as well give it a shot to my surprise they were very helpful. They did a dental block
( numbing shot ) gave me an antibiotic ( Amoxicilin) and some tylonal/codene! they told me the antibiotics would take about 2 days to work...i cried thinking about the pain i would have to endure the next two my surprise i was getting relief the next day. what i did to get through the first day was tylonal3 then 2 hours later IB profen then every time i would eat or smoke or anything involving my mouth i would brush my teeth and rinse with warm salt water. im on day 2 of antibiotics and am noticing a huge difference i haven't had to take any of the pain meds in 7hrs! moral of the story...these remedies provide momentary pain relief but you should get antibiotics ASAP if necessary go to the ER and all these posts about putting heat to the cheek... absolutely NOT i told the dr i had tried that and he told me you should NEVER put heat to an infection!


Now this post is not intended for underage drinking, but a high proof alcohol and cigarettes subdue the pain. At least for the night. This way you can get sleep. I have a hole in my gums which led to an infection. But those things definitely numbed the pain. Again, I in no way encourage unaderage drinking, or smoking, but it worked for me

xxxx!' :)

after a week dealing w this constant paiin I didn't know what to do I tryed everything even went to the er & got meds still didn't help didn't eat anything either :( I ran out of options & then came across this sight I tryedd the salt water which I been duin dnt mix to much salt ! Then rinse your mouth w Listerine n half water then apply oragel to the pain it will burn for about 5
mins then the pain is gone & u can get sleep
But you should definitely go to a local dental
clinic well I hope this helps cause the pain is nooooooooo joke!


I was in intense pain with an abscessed tooth and couldn't get to the dentist for several days. Should have went immediately but the pain wasn't that bad when I called. In any event I tried a bunch of home remedies but none really worked until I stumbled on my own concoction...... This provided almost total relief and my tooth was still pain free the next morning. Was able to sleep all night and actually eat some solid food that morning!

First I pour a couple teaspoons of SEA SALT into a 1/4 glass of warm water. Held that in my mouth for about 10 mins or so and DID NOT rinse out. Just spit out the salt water.

Next I took a tea bag (black tea) and cut one end off. Put in a teaspoon or so of BAKING SODA with the black tea. I used raspberry flavored tea because that's all I had around. Folded the bag up tightly and wet it with warm water. NOT SOAK... just good and damp.

Squished it as flat as I could and inserted it between the tooth and lip and let it alone. In about 15 mins the pain was gone? I actually thought I was going nuts because when it stopped I couldn't believe it. BTW.. there was NO broken gums or pus oozing out or anything like that.... so it didn't simply open up and drain itself.

Exactly how or why it works I have no idea nor do I care either!! lol I only care that this morning I'm able to go out to my shop and get to work. I can actually eat solid food and stop taking pain killers. It's my own damn fault for avoiding the dentist but I will not do that again. Learned my lesson the hard way...

I hope this works for anyone that tries it. It did work 100% for me and provided total relief very quickly. Good luck and get to a dentist or professional as quickly as possible...

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