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After breaking a tooth ( upper and lower molar) from almond in chocolate candy bar, I had suffered with occasional flair up of abcessed area of gum that was the size of a pea, this time after 3 days of taking 1500 mg extra strength excederine for the pain every 2 hours and eating 2 tubes of orajel, I found this website and read about 4 pages of home remedies. Decided to try crushing clove of garlic, holding it in place for about 5 minutes, then swishing affected area with combination of Garlic powder and salt, with warm water, I still have some twinges left in my jawline that pressure points may take care of but as of right this minute I am pain free and going to take a nap!


I suffered my first migraine at the age of six, I'm now 63 and counting. The majority of the attacks occur in the spring. I have the flashing lights, blind spots, nausea, terrible headache pain, inability to talk, facial numbness, etc, and was diagnosed at age 22 with 'classic' migraines.
My current 'treatment' does not stop the migraine, but has reduced the severity and length of the episode.
I use the nasal cleanse saline solution with very warm water to irrigate my sinus, typically two or more 8 oz. containers per side. I do this as soon as I notice any visual effects. This seems to help the nausea so I can take a couple of advil and keep them down. The attack will be over in a few hours instead of a couple of days!
This is the first treatment that has had any positive results for my symptoms - ever. I won't bore you with what I have tried, or how I arrived at this, but it is the only thing that has had a positive effect.
Hope this helps someone.


hi myself sana and i live in pak i am 19 year old and i also feel bad pain in my teeth specialy in the broken and insected areas i do and take every thing but nothing hapend beter then i see the home remedy page and do some remedis but best and best is the beaking soda MY MAMA TEL ME TAKE A PAIN AND FRY SOME SODA IN IT THEN APLY THIS HOT SODA ON YUR BRUSH AND DO BRUSH WITH THIS U ALSO APLY THIS WITH FINGER ON TEETH guys..! this is a better home remedy for u please try this and gave me coments GOOD LUKE.??!


OMG the clove taste terrible but so far working.... hope for a good night sleep tonight. It has been so bad I am sick on my stomach.


Placing a tea bag on the tooth and area around it works wonders. I had been in so much pain until I tried this.


As I understand from my research, in most cases dentists prescribe antibiotics (usually amoxicillin) to fight the bacterial infection and acetaminophen (vicodin or tylenol or ibuprofen) to relief the pain. When the infection disappeared they start to treat the cause of infection.
As a home remedy my experience is:
1> I try to keep my mouth cool as bacterias need a warm and wet place to grow. I can do it by eating cold watery fruits, ice-cream, etc.
2> Washing my mouth with chlorhexidine mouth washer 2 times a day when I do not intend to eat for next 2 hours.
Hope you never have pain again.
Best wishes from Iran.


I decided to try the vanilla extract since I had it in the house, and it worked!! I did that, and then went to CVS to buy the red cross toothache medicine, because that is highly recommended. I haven't had to open it yet:-)


2 tylenol mixed with 2 advil at the same time sometimes relieves the oain so u can get some sleep. Pain will return but may allow u to get several hours of sleep b4 pain wakes u up


Garlic supplements wow! I was having problems with a tooth that has a very old filling in it and it started throbbing I couldn't chew on that side of my mouth and was just in pain most of the time. I needed the pain to go away as soon as possible and came across a few things different ideas that i started using. First thing I did was to start taking 500 mg of garlic every 2 hours. This should kill the infections like taking antibiotics only its way cheaper and natural. To help with the immediate pain I did two things. I put a teabag (preferably an echinacea or green tea) into my mouth right where I was halving the issue and letting it set for 15 to 20 min. After that I would mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water and swish it around mostly in the area that was in pain. you can do it every hour if you need I only needed to do that for the first day and a half and then things just started getting better thanks to the garlic. Just make sure the garlic doesn't have a lot of extra things in it the one I use has: soy bean oil,gelatin, glycerin, and silica. Make sure you read the labels of your supplements.


Our bodies go through a mineralization process throughout the day, but mostly when we are inactive (sleep). In order to assist the mouth with protecting our teeth, we have to give it no obstacles. Regular tooth paste is made with glycerin that coats our teeth and prevents the mineralization process. The only reason that all people who use toothpaste are not looking all their teeth fall out from rot is because toothpaste is loaded with a host of different chemicals that force the process of mineralization, like fluoride. If one wishes to avoid fluoride, the best solution is to use a glycerin-free toothpaste or to make a toothpaste. Make sure your body can adsorb calcium, which means keeping the digestive tract clean and healthy.
Abscesses are infections. The best way to deal with an infection to antibiotics. If you are like me and a little untrusting of commercial antibiotics, you can look to nature as there are many plant sources that have antibiotic, antibacterial, and antifungal qualities. Namely: garlic, oregano, yarrow. Eat them raw! Cooking changes the chemical composition of all things.
Most important is to stop eating processed and convenient foods during the repairing process. These foods damage not only teeth, but the digestive tract. As the immune system stems from the digestive tract, damaging it means being sicker and less capable of absorption of necessary vitamins and minerals.
I hope this helps. I have frequent abscesses and infections due to a compromised immune system and have been very successful at keeping my teeth in working order.

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