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First off, I would like to thank all of you guys! You really helped me out!
I have a cracked tooth, half of it is gone and the other half is still in. Randomly I get painful toothaches. I read the comments on here and I tried chewing/sucking on limes, putting peanut butter on the area that hurts, vanilla extract, and a wet tea bag. I finally came across rinsing the affected area with LISTERINE mouth wash. That worked! It became a dull throbbing but it was way better than the pain I was experiencing before. Before that, I washed my mouth with warm salt water. Helped for a few minutes. Then, after the mouth wash, I heated up a washcloth for 30 seconds and put it on my cheek. It felt soo soothing and took my mind off the pain. While that was happening, I massaged the little webby part between my index finger and my thumb, it took the pain away in about a minute, came back randomly though. But all in all, the pain I have now is way way less than the pain I had before. I can actually function. Before, I was about to pull out my hair. And now, I can actually lay and watch tv and write this. Don't get me wrong though, pain is still there. And I HATE the dentist with a passion. Thank you again to everyone for the ideas! I hope all of you never have to go through a toothache again.


My long story made short...I'm 28..chipped my tooth at age 8...age 19 find out I have have insurance and its my front tooth and don't want it removed so I do every home remedy that didn't sound outrageous and salt water I foward to age 28 I get chipped tooth filled a month ago...last nite I leave work at 3am and have been woke every since in agonizing pain(sorry if spelled wrong) tried salt water,tylenol..nothing worked so I have been on this site reading for 2hrs and it brung me a bit of relief because you all have kept me occupied until the denist opens in30 mins...mind you I have government issued insurance so all I really can offord are the meds but anything until I can offord to have something permentely done...goodluck ppl... ifeel your pain..


Silica is known as 'nature's surgeon' and I have used it to completely get rid of an abcess and avoid a root canal. You buy it in a small tube and take 3-5 pellets of it by dissolving in your mouth near or on the tooth every couple of hours for the first day. Mouth will actually get more painful, but because abcess is being pulled up and out. Keep doing it until you get what feels like a bump on your gum and then pop it with your finger. Then follow up treatment with vitamin c and keep taking silica until you feel you are healed. Initially abcess should come up in 1-2 days, but as with any healing, your immune system needs time, anywhere from a couple of weeks to months to heal the open area. I keep a bottle of gum cleaner on hand in case I feel that area is subjected to too many sweets, colas, etc. It has been 6 years since the dentist said I needed emergency root canal. Just keep your teeth clean and build immune system and body tries to heal itself.


I had severe pain in my molar am scared to death of dentist so been putting it off was so bad in tears ear hurt pain running done my leg my face was numb I found a miracle cure called DenTek Eugeno it's a little bottle of cloves put in on and around tooth and it stopped hurting used it one more time and pain was gone slept all night woke up and still no pain try it it really works


You can also use Red cross tooth ache kit. The eugenol in that will numb even the worst mouth. another way to get a good sourse of Eugenol is using clove oil. Clove oil works wonders for mouth pains but is hard to come by.


Small acute toothache tonight; Ibuprofen not helping, and didn't feel like making late night trip for expensive Oragel. Happened to have some dried Sage, which I placed in the pocket of my cheek by the tooth. Mostly seemed like gum inflamation. Inany case, seems to have worked with no burning, and the taste is actually quite good. Garlic will be next, then Cayenne. Don't give the drug companies your hard-earned money if you don't have to! Good luck!


ive got a hole in my top back tooth and the pain was unberable i usualy use cloves of garlic but it didnt work this time so instead i used orajel and peppermint extract just dabbing it on around the tooth and now the pain is almost gone .


I been in severe pain with a tooth ache for the past 4days. Went to the ER bout 2 days ago n was given an antibiotic n 2 different types of pain killer. After reading a couple of remedies I decided to try the tea bag. Omg dis was the absolute best remedy ever. Tried it a couple hours ago with a 800mg ibprofin and haven't had any pain yet. Here it is almost 2am n still no pain. ;);););)


Well let me just say I have had my fair share of toothaches but this one has definitely been the worst. Lower left back tooth is completely gone and the whole left side of my face was in agonizing pain with an extreme earache. I tried dr. tichenors mouthwash and after 2-3 rinses I saw great improvement because it's an antiseptic. Took about 3 advil pm's and alas I was able to sleep for a few hours. Antibiotics are definitely what you need but until then.. This helped me out tons!!!

Charlie Giltner

I have had an infected tooth in the gums for several months off and on. A couple of spells where it was so bad I was ready to pull the tooth myself. After a visit to the dentist and refusing to pay his extortion, but getting a script for antibiotics and pain meds I found this was only a temp fix. Since then it has flared up mildly and a method I use to good effect is to apply TIGER BALM ointment to my jaw and cheek at the point of the infection/tooth and to rub it in well and also at the lymph nodes on the neck, in front and back of the ear on that side or both to help your immunity. And this is also with the restriction of sugar from the diet as that aggravates the immune system and causes inflammation in the entire body adding to discomfort overall. I make sure that the teeth are clean and well flossed and do not use commercial toothpaste as it has toxins and sealants that prevent healing. I brush with washing soda which you can look up online. You can make it from baking soda/sodium bicarbonate by baking it in the heat oven or use the baking soda with salt to brush as this is almost the same. Use very little at a time as it changes the pH in your mouth which should be slightly acid to alkaline and will cause a burn if overused. I wet my brush and just lightly coat the tips of the bristles and shake off the rest. You can almost feel the effect immediately. Don't swallow or it may make you sick to stomach. The TIGER BALM has camphor, clove menthol and other stuff that is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and works like magic. It takes time for that to work, but you will have an effect if you put it on before bed by morning. Keep using after pain subsides to keep killing the infection. Cannot emphasize taking minerals like magnesium, potassium and vitamins to support your immunity since toothaches cause people not to want to eat due to pain. Eat leafy greens like broccoli and especially spinach fresh with tomato, onion, and garlic to get them naturally. Eating nuts like almonds and walnuts help too.

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