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liquid yarow extract. you can get it at the health food store. soak a cotton ball and put it on the gums. its tastes pretty bad but works. bread worked too. also rinse your mouth with apple cider vinagar for abcessed.


So, I've been having EXCRUCIATING pain on the right side of my mouth. I mean the pain was soo bad it kept me up all night, I literally stayed up for 3 day straight crying and praying to God to help me get through this pain. I've goggled almost every remedy you could think of.I've tried the ibuprofen, didn't work. I did salt water rinses, nothing. Peroxide rinses, nothing; warm tea bags, had a little relief, but 15 mins later the pain came back. I've tried orajel maximum strength, it gave me 5mins. Of relief then it was back to the drawing board. Then I stumbled acrossed this website, I saw a remedy for vanilla made my pain 100000000000 times worse!!!. My last resort was the garlic cloves then to the emergency room. As im in the store grabbing garlic, I stumbled in the oral hygiene aisle. I noticed they had sensodyne with the luck I've been having I decided to try it. I rushed home took two aleves and called my mom to let her know what was going on while brushing my teeth with the sensodyne and OMG......I am pain free instantly!!!. It was THE BEST 7bucks spent!. I suggest everyone with toothaches to get this product!. It works wonders!.......well for me it


First, I am not a doctor or dentist. I do have some training in anatomy and physiology... and while living in rural Alaska I once got stuck in this situation and couldn't get to a dentist for several weeks. This really helped and most of the infection was actually gone by the time I did get to the dentist so he was able to just take care of the tooth. Getting to a dentist is the top priority, but if you can't or have to wait, try this until you can get there.

1) Brush well around the tooth and gum area with toothpaste. Something like synsodyne will help the most.
2) Make a strong saltwater solution with warm water and swish around the area repeatedly. Sometimes there may be a small bit of food (like a sesame seed) between the gum and tooth and this and the brushing will help remove it. It also helps to draw out the infection.
3) If you have access to an antibiotic like amoxicillin take it as long as you're not allergic to it. Clindamycin is also used in oral infections for those allergic to amoxicillin. Go to the ER to get the antibiotics if necessary. You're probably going to have to take them before the dentist deal with the tooth anyway. You'll probably have to take the antibiotic 3 times a day for 7 to 10 days depending on the strength, your size, and the amount of the infection. Even if the ER or the dentist gives you an antibiotic, if it does not seem to be getting any better (or it is getting worse) go back to the ER or call the dentists office and let them know. An abscess in the jaw can lead to serious complications such as infection of the jaw bone, skull bone (mastoiditis), or even attack and damage your heart. Before antibiotics and better dental care infected teeth were a leading cause of early death in humans.
4) Try acetametaphin (tylenol) and advil type pain relievers. Each works a little differently and you may find that it helps to alternate them. You can also rub the tooth and gum with over the counter tooth meds like anbesol. Generics are fine. They should have a substance called benzocaine in them. It works as a local anesthetic. In a pinch I have used throat sprays like chloroseptic to spray on the area.
5) A warm compress to the area seems to sooth some people.

REPEAT the brushing and rinsing with warm salty water as needed. I have even rubbed salt directly onto the gum or infected tooth once or twice a day. Some put a salt and water paste on a piece of cheese cloth or paper towel and hold it in the mouth against the infected area. Swishing the area with an alcohol like rum or vodka (NOT RUBBING ALCOHOL!) may help. A diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide can also help. Try not to use the salt, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide more than every few hours as too much can also damage healthy tissue and slow healing. It should begin to feel better in a few hours.


Take ibuprofen...
Grate nutmeg and stuff in teeth
Swish wîth vanilla
Swish with rum/vodka/gin
Use sensodyne/listerine
For the smokers,marijuana helps...
Floss often


Well we all know the best remedy is to get the tooth extracted but we cannot do it while its hurting.
The week leading up to my grandmother's funeral, i got a mild toothache which is very uncomfortable and embarrassing...this is what i did...
1) Brush teeth thoroughly using Sensodyne toothpaste
2) Gargle with some vanilla
3) Take a small peice of cotton, dab it into some white rum (jamaican brand which is strong) then stick it into the hole in ur tooth, then, using your index finger, rub some of the rum around the affected tooth!
Avoid eating for a little while and ull b great!!!

Asap, make that dentist appointment!!

Also, to help with the pain after the extraction, buy this tube of cream called BONJELA which can be found at most drug store!!!

Goodluck guys!!


This works great! Ground ginger made into a paste. Place and pack on tooth. Allow to soak in. Warning taste horrible but works great!


Last year,5 days before christmas just got off from working in a cold warehouse my left top wisdom tooth starts chipping developing a crater. I called in to work the next day knowing the coldness will make it much worst not thinking to use any medication or seek medical help, I suffer. Just trying the usuals (orajel, anbesol, listerine, and peroxide) nothing worked for this trauma even tylenol and Bayer had a short term effect. Another day went by 'No Better'I was grumpy and in severe pain saying 'This Christmas Suck' then it got sooo bad it escalated into an ear infection and that over-the-counter ear-ache medicine does nothing but make it worst. My husband supplied me with a Heat-pad it work miracles and puts you to sleep and relaxes your nerves til it cools and the pain returns. Time passes til christmas eve came I was in Terrible shape. My parents were concerned with my health so they decided to get hold of a dentist they knew (which I had no Insurance)But he was away on holiday 'No hope'. So they found a clinic in the middle of nowhere it was about to close for christmas and Just so happen one of their church members was a doctor there and she gave me two antibotic shots,I say those didn't hurt as bad as my face did. After the medicine kicked in she provided 3 presciptions (Tylenol 3,Ibuprofin,and penicillin)I gave her a huge Hug she saved my christmas, which she told me remedies only work so long but abcess can lead to worst unstable conditions like heart failure or Death. So if it doesn't clear up within 5 days Please seek medical attention. Also a Dentist can't extract it til the swelling is reduced and abcess is cleared out. Send my prayers out to all that suffers this horrible faith.
'God Bless'

Debbie Evans

I have a hole in my lower left tooth where half of the filling came out and the part of the back side of the tooth has broken off, I've tried every single remedy I could find online, and some stuff work but only for awhile. The pain had gotten to unbearable, so my husband took me to the ER. the doctor said that i had developed an abcesse. So he prescribed me some penicillin which is an antibiotic, some lortab for pain and told me to get some dental wax and cover the hole. Now I've been in unbearable pain for 3 whole days but I went home with my prescription and the dental wax. I took the first dose of the antibiotic, took another lortab after the from the er, and put the dental wax in place to cover the hole, and I promise to my god up above the pain went away instantly!!!!!! Now I can wait for my dental apt pain free. Thank god!!!!!

Emily H

I had started to get tooth pain early am (3ish) yesterday i took 3 ibuprofen woke up the pain was worse but not horrible. Then tried to eat (huge mistake) just irritated it more. But still wasn't as bad as previous abscesses (just got over a horrible one top right) i go into work at 5 i notice it getting more irritating. By 9 o'clock came i wanted to bust my head through a wall! Went straight home and tried the garlic remedy I've heard good things. Well it didn't help one bit made me sick to my stomach from the taste as well.Next took 4 ibuprofen (which has never failed) didn't help for even 5 minutes! I toss and turn in my bed for hours then jump on here. 1st brushed teeth well. Gargled with listerine. Nothing. Gargled again about hr or 2 later nothing. Gargle with salt water a bit if relief for about 15 mins. Smoked a cig helped me get my mind off but still hurt like a sob! I lay in bed exhausted and in horrible pain tossing and turning. It is now 5:00am then i remember the last abscess i had (which was a week ago) i had tried the teabag remedy and felt it had helped a bit so i went to the cupboard got the last one it was french vanilla black. Put it in between my tooth and gum. Fell in and out of sleep until 6:30 my alarm goes off i go to the bathroom and take it out. The whole side of my mouth is swollen however, there was a head on the abscess huge and ready to pop. I already felt relief just from it coming to a head but i sterilized the needle. Brushed and gargled. And it popped so easy didn't hurt a bit! Drained and stuck gauze. Going to keep pushing on it from time to time make sure all that gook is out . Thank you teabags :)


First off, I would like to thank all of you guys! You really helped me out!
I have a cracked tooth, half of it is gone and the other half is still in. Randomly I get painful toothaches. I read the comments on here and I tried chewing/sucking on limes, putting peanut butter on the area that hurts, vanilla extract, and a wet tea bag. I finally came across rinsing the affected area with LISTERINE mouth wash. That worked! It became a dull throbbing but it was way better than the pain I was experiencing before. Before that, I washed my mouth with warm salt water. Helped for a few minutes. Then, after the mouth wash, I heated up a washcloth for 30 seconds and put it on my cheek. It felt soo soothing and took my mind off the pain. While that was happening, I massaged the little webby part between my index finger and my thumb, it took the pain away in about a minute, came back randomly though. But all in all, the pain I have now is way way less than the pain I had before. I can actually function. Before, I was about to pull out my hair. And now, I can actually lay and watch tv and write this. Don't get me wrong though, pain is still there. And I HATE the dentist with a passion. Thank you again to everyone for the ideas! I hope all of you never have to go through a toothache again.

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