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If you can see the abscess on your gums, you can apply salt (not salt water) directly to it... but be prepared. First, apply a lot of salt to the site covering it. You will begin to salivate, just spit it out and try to avoid disolving the salt and spitting that out. You will feel the salt working almost right away, it may even ease the pain a bit. Salt is a natural astringent and will draw the infection to the top. When it bursts be sure to spit that gack out! (You will know when it has because you will taste and smell the foulness)The salt works pretty quickly and once the infection is out and the pressure subsided the pain goes away. The swelling may take some time to go down completely. You may have to apply it a couple of times to draw the infection out depending how deep the infection is. I have had quite a few abscesses and this has worked like a charm saving me trips to the doctor or dentist. Just make sure that when all is said and done you rinse your mouth out and spit the remnants from the abscess out. I have applied a little bit of peroxide with a q-tip but that can burn a bit.


my tooth pain has brought me to tears. Tonight ive tryed it all. But my allergy medicine seems to be doing the trick. Relieving sinse pressure taking away pain.


Well hey in just go to say it might not be what u expect while time I was having real bad tooth pain I thought it was bcuz my filling fell out but it was due to a huge cavatie in my wisdom tooth well good news I got it pulled today so I'm pain free my other teeth are no longer hurting anymore....MAKE A TRIP TO THE DENTIST IT'S WAY BETTER THEN TEMP RELIEF!!!


OMG I was in soooo much pain that I would start to cry randomly through out the day ... 12:57AM on a Saturday I woke up from the pain in my mouth went to the ER was told it was an abscessed tooth. Was given antibiotics and told to make a dentist appointment. Well all day sat. it got worse I used an ice pack constantly for minimal relief. By Sunday all I could do was lay in bed and rock back and forth bawling my eyes out. I'm pregnant so no pain meds. for me. I have a horrible cavity and broken tooth that got an exposed nerve that's dying.


Swished with peroxide for about a min and spit. (to make sure the area was clean)

Made a swish of apple cider vinegar and ground clove (can find at your local walmart) ((The taste almost made me vomit)) kept the mixture on the side of the infected tooth for about 30sec. Then spit.

Took some super polygrip and covered hole in my tooth.

So far I have been PAIN FREE for 33mins and counting!!!! I'm sure its just a temporary fix and I will have to do it again but any kind of relief was welcome no matter the amount of times I needed to do it! However the next time I think I'm am going to try to make a paste with the vinegar and clove rather than the swish to cut down on the nasty taste!

Hope this helps someone I know what you are going through!


Crushed acetaminophen tablets or for people that live in southern states, Goody Powders, took the pain away for anywhere from 3-8 hours for me. There was slight discomfort from the gum being swollen and had a dull pain but thats so much better than being on the verge of either wanting to cry or smash my jaw with a hammer. Contemplating going to the ER later to get an antibiotic to take care of the swelling since the pain management I have found something that works. I know the most obvious answer is go to the dentist but for many people like me without insurance or people worse off than me that do not have a job, I fully understand the not going to the dentist but if it is an option...GO ASAP! I live in North Carolina and there isn't even a dentist around here that won't even except payments, just money up front after your visit. I've tried the peroxide and listerine rinses, didn't help with my pain but it did take the odd taste out of my mouth with I'm assuming is from the infection of the abscess. Hope this helps someone, but it worked the best for me. Warnig for those that arent aware...Don't take too much acetaminophen, it's horrible on your stomach.


I lost my insurance,sure enough 2 weeks later a tooth breaks and absesses and of course the pain makes me want to pull the tooth out. my jaw is swollen and I hurt alot.i am allergic to amoxicillian and pen.i did manage to get some keflex,but that didnt really help when they were gone. today I tried a bag of frozen peas,it didnt quite help. I am sensitive to ib and acetimemian? so I can only take small doses. so then I found this site and read.

I dont know for how long,but for now my pain went from an 8/10 down to a dull roar. I swished my mouth with kids pain releiver,focusing on the bad tooth. This STINGS, and almost feels like I through my mouth into shock! Then I brushed my teeth with generic sensitive tooth paste focusing again on tooth with warm water. then I mixed probally too much peroxide with a little bit of water and my mouth foamed like a rabid dog, and yes the tooth stung. after spitting I grabed my cheap mouth wash thinking no way am I trying listerine! So I used the cup and started swishing. Now mind you ive had 2 c-sections, I can handle pain, but the mouth wash HURT. I braved it out though,rinsed for about 1 mim 3x and now I feel no pain! Hope it last. I was also told swishing with Nyquil deadens the nerve as well,but I cant stomach the taste. Oh and the chewing soft bread is a good idea,it gently loosens you jaw. I am currently laying with a green tea bag inside my mouth and a hot pack on the outside.


Tip first cause I'm sure your in pain:

Take 2 Advil liquid gels and get a bag of ice and place it on the outside of your mouth where your tooth hurts.

I was in tears, even after taking 2 Advils, then i iced my jaw and I instantly felt better.

The shock of it being cold I think it was enough to take my mind off the pain..and the ice helps with any inflammation you may have. your mouth doesn't have to be swollen like a ballon for it to be inflamed.


this was a 15 second pain releiver here, I dabbed my finger in a bottle of crab n shrimp boil rubbed on th bad tooth n gums, 15 seconds the pain was 95% gone, will burn a little but not bad.


I tried absolutely everything extra strong painkillers, tea bags, water, salt, garlic nothing worked. Then I bought some clove oil. It is miracle stuff I dabbed a tiny bit around the tooth and had instant pain relief it numbed the whole area! It only lasts around half an hour to an hour so just put a little dab on whenever you start to feel pain again and it just disappears! This really works the pain in my tooth was unbearable I'd broken half of my tooth and had no money for the dentist. Clove oil is the answer!

Jimmy Jimmy coco pop!

hey guys...just found a good quick fix for toothache mate was suffering badly so i found a bottle of ultra cholorseptic throat spray in the cupboard. a few sprays onto the afeected tooth numbed the pain instantly. bingo! ps smokin doobies makes it worse!

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