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My empathy to all who experience tooth pain. These tooth issues are turning horrific for many of us. And thanks to all who shared their experiences here, you all offered helpful insights.

I think all the things I have been trying are working to one degree or another. I had to go to the store for some of these, but had several already in home.

1) Warm salt water swishes
2) Diluted hydrogen peroxide swishes
3) Mouthwash swishes (alternating 1-3)
4) 'oil pulling' w/coconut oil (google it)
4) Crushed garlic placed on tooth/gum with herbal tea bag holding it in place
5) Clove oil on tooth/gumline
6) Colloidal Silver

I no longer take antibiotics, so I rely on my immune system or natural immune system boosters to resolve issues like this. We tend to forget, immense amounts of bacteria is in our body all the time and unless we know we have serious immune system issues, our body is the best defense to fight infection.

FWIW, for those who quickly run to antibiotics, you may want to consider the latest findings with regards to them. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been announcing in 2012 that the overuse of antibiotics is (in general) having very serious consequences.

Hang in there.


I've used this several times for an abcessed impacted wisdom tooth even though my dentist is a close family friend this works better than prescription antibiotics. You will need Organic virgin coconut oil unrefined. It cost around $12 at Krogers where they keep the whole foods and organics. First brush your teeth and rinse with a little water and peroxide to clean the area. Then put a small heap of table salt on the infected area with your finger and lean over the sink with your mouth open. Let the spit drain out for about a minute. Rinse with water. Put 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of coco oil in your mouth and swish around the infected area for about 10 seconds then spit, this is similar to pulling to get toxins out. I usually rinse with Apple cider vinegar and water for pain. Then apply some coco oil on the infected area and leave it. Do this two to three times a day at first sign of abcess and swelling should start going down by 50% and be gone withen 1-4 days depending on how bad it is. Any pain/ itching will stop completely by second day. I also drink 1-2 teaspoons of ACV with water daily. Pray continually, God bless.


I've tried every remedy known to man. Only a few actually worked. Clove of Oil works and Double Strength Vanilla Extract works. Soak a cotton ball and place in the area of pain. Leave there for about 5 minutes and it'll take the pain away. Taste can be unpleasant though lol. Another remedy I personally discovered is taking some icy hot and rub it on the outside of your cheek by the toothache. The menthol soothes the pain. Take a glob of toothpaste and placing it on the infected area for a few minutes will take the pain away. Don't swallow it though!


I had a very severe abscessed rear molar due to the fact that I delayed dental work to replace two crowns that remained open for over 9 months and have periodontal disease witch began with the onset of menopause. My rear molar is a gold crown with a live nerve that was next to one of the open molars. It became impacted from nervous grinding due to my financial problems this year. The resulting abscess swelled up my jaw, cheek and chin so badly that I could not open my mouth and was in excruciating pain. I also developed a low fever. I was told to go to the emergency room, but I was afraid of the resulting bills and the possibility of negligent treatment.

This is what I did to deal with the abscess and the pain.

-First I used ice and hot compresses and way to much Tylenol and Motrin to little effect while the nerve was flaring out of control

-Then I called a dentist and requested an antibiotic

I followed his advice and used warm salt water rinses every hour along with ice packs and hot water compresses along with fish oil twice a day and B-Complex vitamins, I also sucked on some frozen yogurt and tucked it in my mouth to relive the swelling pain.
The vapors were terrible so a spit them out and tried to refrain from swallowing or breathing them. I then took a antihistamine composed of benedril and tylenol in a low dose and got off of ibuprofen entirely instead, Using hot compresses to relieve the pain and promote drainage along with soft massage.
I developed a technique that I call the pterodactyl spit (lol) to expel the toxins as sucking on the tooth generally brought more pain. So I was walking around with my mouth wide open like a yawn and my chin straight up for most of the day. I kept applying pressure to that area gently off and on. The best remedies I found were:

- A rinse of a half of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper or apply cayenne pepper to the tooth or gums followed by a salt water rinse and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and yogurt to cool it down.

-Chewing slowly on fresh Parsley seems to sooth pain

-Chewing on warm hot bread, and tucking it next to the abscess for instant pain relief and drawing of the toxins.

-Drinking diluted hot cranberry juice provides instant pain relief once the abscess starts to drain

-Yellow (not spicy) mustard applied to the tooth was very affective as well

-Eating hot ramen noodle soup helps greatly

The swelling has gone down in one week from the size of a baseball to the size of a small peanut and I can now open my mouth, speak clearly and stick out my tongue and therefore have dentistry preformed to repair the teeth and affected nerve, depending on financing of course. I had a horrible time with placing asprin on the tooth, ambisol, oil of cloves just burns the soft tissue inside the mouth and thus creates more pain for me.

My favorite poultice is a piece of warm, soft hot french bread tucked into the cheek and spit out after it draws the toxins out.

Since nowadays if you cant pay for dental work or even if you have dental insurance, you have to wait for an appointment for endo or have your tooth pulled out; witch usually is the quick solution, These techniques will help you hang in there a little longer and keep the infection under control; but not a substitute for assessing your own situation or seeking medical advice.

Hope this helps someone!


My husband has a molar that is half broken off and infected. We couldn't afford the antibiotics the dentist prescribed ($84) since we have no insurance and not enough money since he is looking for work. He rinses his mouth every couple hours with warm salt water. It helped for awhile but the pain and infection persisted. Spread up toward his eye and down towards his throat. After rinsing with salt water, he put garlic oil right on the tooth and took a garlic gel orally. This morning, the swelling was partially gone. This evening his whole face has dramatically reduced and he says the pain is gone and hasn't taken pain meds since this AM. By tomorrow he thinks he will be back to normal....THIS REALLY IS WORKING! Garlic is a natural antibiotic...kills on contact. Now we can get his tooth pulled as soon as all the infection is gone! Tooth pain sucks!


I think I have come across one of the best pain relief for an abcessed tooth....jello.
Think about it. They say to put an ice pack on an abcess but how do you get an ice pack on the gum? Cut the jello in cubes and with you tongue push it around the tooth and gum and let it melt.


Try this before you go to the dentist!!

I got a horrible toothache last night out of nowhere; the pain went from non-existent to unbearable in about 3 hours. It was so bad I was in tears and couldn't sleep well last night. It hurt to swallow, chew, cough, yawn... I looked in my mouth and at the very back on my gum behind my molar was something that looked like a blood blister. (If you search for 'tooth abscess' on, the 1st picture is very close to what it looked like.) I told my boyfriend I thought I may have an abscess and he said that hot salt water would break it all up. It was such horrible pain, I would've tried anything.

I put about 1/2 a teaspoon salt in almost boiling water, let it cool down for a few minutes, then swished a mouthful of it around in my mouth several times. After about the 4th time, I started seeing blood in the saliva I was spitting into the sink and I could feel the pressure going away; more blood and less pressure with each swish. I kept doing that until the blood got light pink again. It took 5 minutes to do and the pain was GONE. It did feel a little tingly for a while after that and bleed lightly for a while after that. The pain started to return very minimally, so I did it again and it was gone!


Cough drops work really good. They are an oral antiseptic. I just pop one or two in my mouth and they will prevent a tooth pain attack or bring down the pain.


I had pain for 6 wks in my right jaw area and assumed it was TMJ. Advil helped for a few weeks but as the pain increased the advil was becoming less effective. I put off going to my dentist, not wanting to trigger a worse TMJ episode from holding my mouth open during the exam. The pain finally got so bad that I couldn't touch that side of my face without triggering more pain and after a night of unbearable pain I knew it was more tham TMJ. Thankfully my dentist worked me for an emergency apt. when I told
them about my pain. I had an horribly infected molar and the infection was spreading! The infection was under an old filling that had cracked, allowing bacteria in, allowing the tooth to decay under it. It appeared perfectly
normal from the outside. It was fixed by a root canal, srapping out the infection and will soon will be capped. I'm retired and have no dental insurance but my dentists letting me pay for it in four payments. Infection is nothing to play with, especially so close to your brain. I retired from healthcare and know of cases of patients dying from infections that were ignored... And it can happen quickly once the infection gets out of hand! Please don't play with your life! Find a dentist who will work with you if you can't afford dental care. The pain I endured for weeks could have been eliminated if I had sought out professional care 6 weeks ago! Today I am pain free and taking antibiotics to clear the infection. Sooner or later you are going to have to have that tooth/teeth fixed or put up with the pain that
can be potentially life threatening.

By the way, I tried every remedy posted here in desperation for pain relief the night before I was seen by my dentist. The most I got was a few minutes of some relief, then the pain returned with a vengeance!


Oregano oil will take care of the pain and infection. I have used it for years. The oil is very spicy. I mix 10 drops with olive oil about 20 to 10. You can mix it however you want, to what you can stand. IT WORKS.

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