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Most of my remedies have been mentioned here already, so I'll just summarize those at bottom with gratitude to the original posters. But one very effective remedy I haven't seen mentioned: go on a 48 hr fast.

All bacterial infections thrive on one thing: sugars. Definitely stop eating sweets & starches, and try to get your blood sugar as low as possible for a few days. It won't kill you (it takes 50-80 days for a human being to starve to death) but it WILL kill the infection that's eating away at your teeth.

Ways to lower your blood sugar (you can find more from diabetes websites because they're faced with the same problem)...

1) Go on a good ole fashioned Gandhi fast (drink only water or diluted lemon juice NO sugar added). I find 48 hrs does the trick for me.

2) Light exercise. This ensures that your blood's nutrients go to your muscles, not that nasty freeloading infection

3) If you must eat, eat high-protein only (tofu, lentil bean soup, hard boiled egg and again NO sugar). Protein slows the production of blood sugar/fat while feeding your muscles. Win/win situation.

If you follow these guides, after 2 days your toothache will be gone and you'll have abs of steel, a nice bonus ;)

Other quick remedies:
1) chew cloves
2) chew raw garlic
3) salt water swishes
4) mouthwash
5) aspirin/ibuprofen/acetominophen
6) lemon juice
7) don't lie down, sleep in an armchair

Last but not least, if you have access to antibiotics, I can vouch for amoxicillin or augmentin (amoxicillin + clavulanate). I take clavamox which is the same thing made for dogs & cats but it's the same thing at a lower dosage.

Good luck everyone. If you're losing your mind from the pain, just remember you're not alone. 'For there was never yet philosopher that could endure the toothache patiently.' William Shakespeare


I have had my back tooth removed about a week ago and I don't have any clove oil so for the time being I have soaked cotton wool in salt water and I have packed this inside the hole. This hasn't stoped the pain but it has taken it down quit a lot I can now cope with it the only problem is that it seems to heal around it over night and changing the dressing is quit painful but after about 2_5 minuets the pain eases off quit a lot ONLY USE THIS AS A TEMPORY MESSURE till u get to a dentist or get some clove oil

Kyle in Indiana

I actually had a pair of pliers sitting beside the sink and was going to yank my bottom right molar out. It already had a root canal performed on it and is now infecected badly. All bs aside, what worked for me better than tylenol or asperin was 4-5 cloves between cheek and gums near tooth and to bite down on a black tea bag. Helped so much, Thanks!


Check this out I'm doing what yalls did and googled all night my tooth aches are gone the ones in Ur jaw that feel like its going to explode I've tried it all lol literally do this do that it all comes back within minutes well check this out go get nachos with jalepenos watch what happends don't chew on bad side because its amazing what it does you will be good for quit a while sounds crazy but watch what happends I've tried dip Copenhagen,mouthwash,redcross,oraljel,anbosol,onions,garlic,saltwater,teeshirt,ice,all that is for small pain But if u have horrible pain try nachos and jalapenos watch eat some then comment don't comment b4 you eat them you will thank me I sware to God it sounds freeking crazy I know but it is the best pain killer ever I don't know how it works


Two 800 miligram ibprofen magic


So I have a really crappy deposit who said when I made an appointment that if my tooth starts hurting to call and he will order me some antibiotics. I called and he refused so for 4 days I've been in agony trying the most logical things I could done my appointment is a week and a half away. Water cold compress everything to no avail. I started looking up why garlic works. I was very skeptical of it till I started reading. One clover garlic is the equivalent to 15 cc of penicillin. So that did it for me I went out and got some garlic. It burns but I can almost feel the infection coming out. It lasted a few hrs for pain relief. Just cut it into bite size pieces you can wedge by the tooth or teeth. Wait for it to stop burning and spot it out and place another piece in. Chew softly on it and continue as many times as you feel u need. I bought a dentex kit and am going to do this when I feel it's comfortable enough to do so good kick everyone! ;-)


ive been up aince midnight due too while i was sleeping my tooth started to ache terribly top right molar has a whole in it and im pretty sure the nerve is exposed but its been like that for years! so its rare that i have pain to it last time it happened which is the only other time it happened i put clove oil to it which helped alot along with pain killers and pills for imflamation worked miracles this time it happened all i had was the clove oil and man it didnt help for jack.. so i tried walking didnt help made it throb smoked a ciggarrete yeah i know bad ,worse if its infected but it helped lower blood flow i i think cus the pressure wasnt as bad as before then i came across this site and i seen that it was the oxygen entering the whole that mad it so bad so as of about 10 mins ago i made a paste of clove oil and asprin and put it on my gums around the area de hurts and put a peice of asparin soked in clove oil in the whole pain is still there put its mild compared to how horrible it was hours ago... as i am in mexico dentist care is very expencive so these home remedys help alot im going to try the garlic clove as soon as the market opens and well i hope it helps someone you know not all of us have tea bags or sage or a a drug store when we need one or the funds for a dentist glad to see people are still human and try to to help others .long story short from all the pages ive seen fill the while up alot of people said bread helps i decided an asprin soked in clove oil. and a hot rag against my face and not sleeping on my face or laying down cus from what i read it increases flood flow which makes it hust so ima suck it up and sleep sitting up on the couch with the rag to my face and try and find something fro imflamation and if not smoke me a ciggarrette. and hope i come across funds to go to a dentist and just have it took out. good luck guys.


I've had an abcessed tooth a couple times now and every time this takes the pain right away...

Take a clove of garlic and cut it in half the long way or just chew it up a little, then place it on the abscess about 30-60 seconds. It burns like crazy but trust me, the pain leaves almost instantly after!

Victoria w.

I had total debilitating pain from a back moler that had started to chip away over time. It had a cavity and had broke all the way down to a nub! Then when the pain went into my ear my mom told me to brush my teeth and put a few drops of tea tree oil on the tooth and swish it around on that side of my mouth. Do not wash it out amazing!!! The pain dissapered!! Twice a day n its gone..


my mom used 2 always say it clove but i was so stylish that i used 2 eat it but it used 2 be under my tooth 2 show my frendz that i have got braces(which we wear 4 teeth) i uesd 2 put it in my uniform also atlest 20 den i realized we should eat or mix it in water after crushing hope it helpeg you please vote n comment muchaa love u

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