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garlic is the best; just try it now it amazing how it worked my toothache is gone thank you, and thanks god for garlic.


tea bags I swear they work I had the most umber-able pain. I tried mouthwash @ aspirin with salt to make a paste I then decided to try the tea bag i put it in a cup with hot water dipped it in just to get it wet then wrapped it around my tooth and 3 days later no more pain thank god i am also taking antibiotics now.


I have an old filling that fell out of my back right upper teeth a few months ago. My family has long struggled with tooth problems, and I've been waiting for the first of the year (for my FSA cash to kick back in) to go to the dentist.

Tonight, while sitting in my mancave downstairs, a raging toothache hit me out of nowhere. In a manner of 10 minutes, I was doubled over on my couch. I did some searching and found this site.

Thirty minutes ago, I went upstairs and mixed garlic power with a little bit of salt and pepper in warm water (not hot). I swished it around my mouth for as long as I could stand, spit it out, then swished around some more. I probably had a 12 oz. cup of the mixture, and I poured out the final three or four ounces.

It still hurt for about 15 minutes after, but I could feel the pain subsiding. Now I'm pain free. I'll definitely be calling my dentist in the morning (FSA money be damned), but for now I can function and feel OK ... even if my breath smells like pizza :-).

Thank you!!


well my home remedies is everything i basically know done all the same time
first i will get a hot tea bag and place it on my tooth , then after 2 mins i will swish my mouth with liquior hard liq like vodka so it can help the tooth then after i will get a piece of garlic and A glass with warm water and salt bring it into the bathroom because that's where you will take a shower and when you're in the shower you will brusouh your teeth then rinse it with mouth wash then wash it out with the salt water then on the side of the hurting tooth u will chomp down on the raw garlic it might burn , then after leave it so it can work then get a ice pack or a cloth with ice and place it on the side with the huritng tooth then lay down and relax , hope it works for u because it works for me .


Hi you poor souls my husband has a very high pain tolarance but this time round the pain won. After not knowing what to do to help him I started to read what you all had written. I mixed powdered garlic with salt and cyane pepper with half a cup of tap water to gurgle believe me when l tell you his pain is completely gone. It's almost 3.30 in the morning After 5.30 hrs of pain, we can both go to sleep Please listen mix salt garlic powder and cyane pepper with half cup water and gurgle no more pain and now l too can go to bed thanx all

Mr Ash

I have used garlic capsules many times instead of drug based anti biotics when I have infections. Garlic has anacilin in it which is a natural form of anti biotic, you wouldn't want to eat raw garlic as it would stink. You can buy the capsules from Asda, Tesco, Walmart or anywhere and I normally take 2-3 capsules two to three times a day for 3 days then down to 3 a day for 7 and its completely better. Good luck with it :)


#1 remedy GO TO THE DENTIST! I know it's expensive, I don't have insurance but you could die from the infection. If it is bad and you really can't afford it go to the emergency room, they can't turn you away. At least they can give you a prescription for antibiotics to kill the bacteria


make a cup of hot Tea (the stronger the better 2 bags of lipton or black tea worked for me)

in the tea make it as hot as possible and add 5-6 full cloves and a teaspoon of vanilla extract

drink it slow and move it around in the bad tooth area. you should start feeling less pain in under 5 minutes.

Problem is this takes the pain away but your awake from the tea. If you need relief to sleep don't use this. If you just want pain relief this worked for me.


Hey guys and girls thanks for the garlic remedy help a bit first I used hand full of salt left in my mouth in till gant barre the pain spit out and wrinst my mouth with warm salt water works bad burns you tong to much the salt so you can try that and warm milk allso and naidel oil


I like many people have no dental insurance and no money for a dentist visit. My tooth hurts so bad that I just want to get drunk as hell, hit it with a hammer or rip it out with some pliers. I have not slept in a week and it is destroying my life. I tried everything listed on this page. EVERYTHING! Garlic,Tea,pain killers, clove oil etc. etc.

The only thing that works for a few seconds of peace is Puting ice on the tooth until it is numb and then drinking hot coffee with a straw. The combination of hot and cold does something for the pain just long enough for me to fall asleep for an hour or two before I wake up in agony. I also take 800mg of advil with 800mg of tylenol every 2 hours. If I am late on the dosing the hot/cold treatment does not work and I am back to being in a pain coma.

If you are reading this I feel for you and I am sorry you are going through this. It is the worst pain I have ever had and it disrupts your whole life.

I suggest trying everything until something works for you.
You can also order amoxicillin online as FISH-MOX. It is made for a fish tank anti bacterial but it is made pharmacy grade and It will work for humans. It takes a few days for it to kick in but it will kill the infection so you can go back to your normal life.

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