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Alright. Straight up I always use the bottle of wine/pass out with 4 ibprophen remedybefore going to the dentist. We are talking 1 month of lost filling, two months of exposed, infected nerve. First off, try to get rid of infection via salt water and mouthwash/warm water. Drain infection with floss, get antibiotics. Use combo of benadryl, bakingsoda, clove oil, tumeric. And green tea water combined to aleveate pain until you can get that fucker removed or root canaled.


Tooth had been bothering me for a couple of days over Thanksgiving break (no dentist available), and despite prescription mouthwash, the pain escalated. By Saturday, I was popping ibuprofen every couple of hours - not good, and the pain intensified to where the whole right side of my face was throbbing. At the time, I was hoping my dentist would be able to fit me in first thing Monday morning to yank it out. Meanwhile, I came here looking for some relief, while pounding some brandy to at least help me get to sleep. Saw the teabag method, and figured I didn't have anything to lose. By next morning, the hangover hurt more than the tooth. It was still tender, but I didn't require any pain medication for it. My wife also gave me a rinse with two drops one of her essential oils in it a couple of times during the day. By that evening, I could floss there without the tooth hurting. Sunday night, another tea bag. Got up Monday morning ready for work. By Tuesday, I was able to chew on that side. Have been keeping up the rinses with the oil, and a week later, it's like it never even happened. Unreal. Someone asked elsewhere, 'what kind of teabag?' I don't know - I'm not sure it matters. I think it's herbal, but the ones I used are a few years old and stored in a Mason jar with no labels. All I know is it worked!


A while back, a friend mentioned that Fish Flex which is used to clean fish aquariums, are the same antibiotics that are given by doctors. Being less than convinced, I did a lot of research. I then ordered a bottle, used it twice in 3 years. The pills are from the same drug company, identical to what the doctor would give you. I got mine from amazon but where they sell fish should have them. Do your own research, google Fish Flex for humans. For some of you who are terribly afraid of the dentist, like I am, it's an option.




Go to the Dentist

Seriously what's wrong with you people

scared yeh I know the feeling
on one occasion i ran from the dentists

my dad saw the dentist my mother chasing me down the road so he came hot on their heels chasing me in the car

but common how much pain is it really
ten secs with the injection
pain gone

then its just uncomfortable while they fiddle around in your mouth

but you see people going weeks and months some for years (like my sister) with toothache and in the end a 30-40 min experience and its all over

just pick up the phone call the dentist and its all over in under 1 hour

you will thank me as soon as you been to the dentist


Broke my tooth on a chicken bone I'm in pain the abscessed tooth is throbbing badly I tried orajel pain killers ect. Might have to go to the doctor or dentist to get the pus out.


Ok so my gums on right side -back tooth is swollen and throbbing...I found this website and read these suggestions with skepticism....tried the smashed malice placed directly on gum and garguled with warm salt/garlic salt water...IT FEELS least until I get to DR. tomorrow...thanks guys


First let me correct some misinformation under this topic.

- Abscess is not just caused by tooth, it can also be the result of gum disease or another kind of gum problems. If it's about tooth, not always because of cavity. The only time you will need to get your tooth pulled out/root canal treatment is if the abscess is because of a cavity.

- I can't believe there are people who suggest 'cold compress'! The only time cold compress is recommended for a dental thing is when you get a surgery in your mouth, and even then usually most doctors do not suggest cold press IN YOUR MOUTH but on your cheek. From outside. For abscess, you can hold room temperature water in your mouth for a bit and it could give a little relief. But cold compress? NO!

- The safest, fastest, and all-around best method is to go to a doctor. If you can do that, please do so. However this is not always possible. Sometimes it's too snowy you can't reach the doctor, sometimes abscess occurs in the middle of the night or when you are in the middle of a camp trip...etc Please take home remedy suggestions for these times as 'a method that could perhaps help a little.'

- If infection in the abscess gets into your blood, this can kill you by poisoning your blood. Thus, especially if you have a heart disease or are diabetic, or have any other health problem, don't risk it and go to a doctor immediately. A doctor will drain it while making sure (with medicine) the pus will not spread in your body. They will then give you antibiotics to be safer for the next days.

- If abscess has caused fever higher than 37'C, go to a doctor asap. Even if you take a medicine for fever and deal with it, fever still shows your abscess is not a mild case.

- If the abscess is caused by cavity, again you MUST go to a doctor eventually. If you stop the pain for couple hours with a painkiller, the reason will stay there and your pain will come back when the painkiller's effect ends.

Now Home Remedies:
- If the abscess is not caused by cavity, you are lucky. Based on my experience abscess tends to be smaller and less painful, and there are more things you can try. First thing you need is an antiseptic mouthwash. The best one I use has Benzydamine HCL and Chlorhexidine Gluconate in its formula. If you don't have a mouthwash at home, check your throat/cough syrup or spray, some of them also have those. Check if it's safe to use it as a mouthwash, if it is, then do it for the night and the next day get an actual mouthwash.

- Salty warm water, and baking soda + water are both helpful. How much salt or baking soda? The amount you would get nauseous with if you swallowed it.
(When I have an abscess I rinse my mouth almost every other hour or every 1,5 hours. Once with mouthwash, then water and salt, then baking soda and water...)

- Especially if the abscess is related to gum disease, hot compress can help. The 'hot' there should not be too hot that you would get burn/feel uncomfortable. So anyway, a tea bag on the abscess might relieve and make the abscess drain by itself by softening it. I for sure do not suggest anyone drain the abscess with a needle or something as it's risky, however if it bursts itself it's less risky. (Do NOT swallow the pus. Just spit it out.)

- Garlic on the troubled tooth and abscess might also help.

- Gently brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush. I strongly suggest Parodontax for the paste. Sensodyne is also nice but Parodontax is much more helpful.

- Lemon juice and vinegar can also help sterilizing the area. Don't forget though, both are high in acid, so don't use large amounts. I would say (well, I do) eat salad with lemon or vinegar dressing, or soup with lemon in it.

Hope you feel better!


i recently had a tooth abscess i tried rubbing garlic on my gum and biting down on it as this is supposed to work, but it didnt but what did help is noromol and orajel even though the gel says on the box for tooth ach and cracked teeth it does work on abscesses......
but what really helped is changing my diet i cut sugar out of my diet as much as i could
(because if you have any pain or inflamation in your body sugar exsagurates pain, even though rubbing garlic on my gum didnt work by having two cloves of garlic and a 1/4 of an onion in my diet every day reduced the pain by half after just 24 hours. the day after that the pain reduced by 80/ and by day three i was vertualy pain free as long as i kept sugar out of my diet and having the garlic and onion every day.... if you do have an abscess they can cause complications so make sure you get treatment this is just a quick fix until you see a dentist.. hope it works.


Tea bags help pull out the abcess i have had one that has worked its way up to my sinuses giving me the worst pain and headache i have ever felt in my life.first get a tea bag and place it where the pain is leave it there for about 30min or so then when u feel the pressure. Subside take it out and chances are its going to be coverd with a whole lotta nasty puss blood etc didnt think it would wrk but when salt watter didnt help anymore this did good luck getn rid of the pain god bless

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