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Two-Finger Tequila on a cotton ball applied to both sides of surrounding gums as well as the tooth itself..Hydrocodone 10mg/ 800mg Ibuprofen would not touch the pain from a dying tooth...tequila worked!
I used tequila because it is the only liquor in my house. I am sure anything with a decent amount of alcohol will work.


So i have a major hole in my tooth that it hurt so bad ild wake up crying and i have no insurance to go to a dentist and ive tryed every thing othet than going ot and trying to buy some oxys or something...
What i have found that works is takeing an ice cube and placeing it on the top of my hand (on the side that hurts) on the thin pice of skin between your thum and first finger it works for about an houer at a time for me


For any ladies out there (i don't know if guys can take these too?) i was having such bad pain that i took one Feminax (used for cramps usually) and it completely went away. Don't know if it was just by chance that this happened but it definitely gets rid of the pain for at least some time! x


Chai green tea bags work wonders. I have been suffering off and on for the last few months and at first swiging rubbing alcahol in my mouth worked. make sure you dont swallow but dont rinse either. howerver today it was acting up so bad the pain was traveling up the side of my face affecting my ears which made me dizzy and nausiated. found this site and saw black tea and i figured maybe green tea would work too. sure enough minniuets after putting the warm damp bag in my mouth against the offending teeth and gums and the sweelling started going down and the pain started recceding. probaly has to do with both the green tea and the cinnaimon in the chai. both are powerful antioxidents and seem to have anti-flamatory properties. and for the headach i just smoked a little bit of medicainal green.


I get an infection on my back lower molars every year. This is how I get rid of the infection:

1. Clove Oil: this is a natural antiseptic and antibiotic. It also has eugonol, which will numb your mouth. I use this for the pain and to heal the infection. It is a toxin so do not ingest. Put the oil on a qtip and rub on infected tooth and gums. Once the tooth numbs up rinse with water to remove the excise oils.

2. Garlic oil pills and Echinacea: Both of these are antibiotics. Take one garlic pill and two Echinacea pills every 3 hours. This will not immediately remove the pain, it is just to fight the infection.

Sea salt water rinse: Sea salt has natural minerals which your teeth needs. It will also clean your mouth. Use after brushing your teeth and when in pain.

Black tea: Tea is a natural antioxidant, but more important it will pull the infection to the surface of the gums and away from the tooth. Place between the infected gums/tooth and cheek for as long as possible.

Water: Keeping hydrated is important to help your body bring nutrients and the antibiotics to the infection. Also the way the tea bags and salt water works is by osmosis so, it is important to keep your body and gums constantly hydrated. If not your gums will recede exposing more of the root canal and there will not be enough moisture in the gums to pull the infection out.

Diet: Changing your diet is important in rebalancing the ph in your mouth. If your ph is to low your mouth becomes acidic. And minerals(teeth) dissolves in acid. Stay away from sugars and acidic foods and drinks.

This method removes the pain almost immediately and the infection in a week. I will be experimenting with remineralization so I don't get reoccurring infections and to strengthen the infected tooth.

Note: I am not a doctor. This advice is based on my own experiances.

Nima Tendi

After going around 10 pages of this website i finally figured out the best way. The way is to rub with SENSODYNE TOOTHPASTE on the affected part and leaving it there for 5-6 minutes.Another way is by taking a swip of WHISKEY or VODKA for 5 second and spitting it will help.Remember to take half a teaspoon.This will help for 3-5 hours


Use clay! I dip a cotton ball soaked in wheat germ oil(vitamin A) into dry clay. Then place it between tooth and cheek. Leave it on overnight. In the morning if there was a should be less swollen with a tiny open center. This little hole is now ready for a capsule of aged garlic to be placed over it.It can then be absorbed into the infection and will kill it! Do this for as long as it takes to be pain AND infection free.


Cut a few pieces of onion and chew around the are of pain/infection. Chew and suck the juices from the onion into the are of pain. Leave the chewed onion piece in the are of pain (obviously inside the mouth). Worked for me on several occasions, mainly for pain near the wisdom teeth on my bottom jaw!


i have known about clove oil for a long time (anyone remember the movie MARATHON MAN ?). Another quick fix is to moisten a tea bag, place it in your mouth over/under the socket and bite down gently. Tastes less offensive than clove oil and works just as well.


Like many others I have TERRIBILE toothe pain in my lower right molar caused by infection at the root. The pain is much bigger than the relief provided by Tylenol with codiene that I am eating like candy. The pain extends all the way to my temple, gets worse with hot or cold substances and air temperatures, and sometimes spikes into the left side of my tongue. I can't go to the dentist because I just returned from the dentist two days ago having a molar surgically removed from the left side. I gotta have at least one side to chew on cause room temperature mashed potates and applesauce have gotten really old. Until the left side heals up completely, I am forced to suffer through. So, I find myself on this website.
In complete desperation I combined several remedies cause I needed immediate relief.
From my pantry I used 2 shakes of garlic powder, 1 shake of sea salt, 4 whole cloves, about 5 drops of olive oil, and a dash of cayenne pepper. smashed the cloves to powder mixed everything together to make a paste. Applied the paste librally to the affected toothe, making sure to get it into the space where the pain was greatest, but also making sure to NOT get it into my open surgical wound. Allowed it to sit about 5 min. I wiped away the excess, but did not rinse my mouth.

Yes, there was much burning for the first 30 seconds and all I could think was 'burn baby burn'. But, the burning was nothing compared to the pain I had.

After about 2 min maybe less, my pain started to subside, and after 5 min, it was completely GONE. 8 hours later, I am still pain free, although I have the previously prepared paste on standby.

Hope this helps.

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