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i know the pain of abscessed teeth
always from faulty dental work
it is a horrifying experience

this has always, always. always worked for the pain and infection

- peel a garlic clove and cut a small piece to fit either right in the abscessed tooth or beside it between the tooth and gum (this will be a little bit hot on the gum and cheek, but better that than the extreme tooth pain)
- let the initial piece of garlic sit out for 10-15 mins. this produces the allicin in the clove
- place garlic directly on tooth if possible or as described above
- let it sit for 20-30 mins.
- spit it into the garbage and cut yourself a new piece (you don't have to let it sit for 10-15 mins.) and place on tooth
- continue to repeat process for 2-3 days, you should feel some relief by the third piece, and it only gets better from there
- if you find the garlic too hot on your gum or cheek, do the process for as long as you can, then simply get a bigger fresh piece and chew it to release the oils then spit it out, and don't rinse your mouth, alternate between these two for 2-3 days

May the Lord bless you all


1- Pain Killer 2 Pills
2- Gel on teeth
3- Anti - Inflammation like Surgam
4- Antibiotic
5- Dentist :)


I love you guys, i havnt eaten for almost 2 days now I can't stop eating bread. Thank you very much.


I was in the most pain ever in my life. I literally tried every remedy on here as well as other websites. Heres what to avoid::: DONT CHEW ON THE SIDE OF YOUR BAD TOOTH, DONT EAT ANYTHING TOUGH, STICK TO NOODLES, MASHED POATATOES..ECT..., DON'T STAY IN COLD WEATHER FOR MORE THAN 10 MINUTES, DON'T LAY ON THE SIDE OF YOUR BAD TOOTHE. YOU GET THE IDEA
Here's what saved my life::: NO INSURANCE AS EVERYBODY ELSE...I KEPT TRYING TO FIND WAYS TO MASSAGE MY JAW AND TEMPLE OR EVEN GET ME TO RELAX. I WAS AT A POINT OF NEARLY HURTING MYSELF BADLY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I SCREAMED AND CRIED, AND PRAYED LIKE NEVER BEFORE. FINALLY I FOUND WHAT SAVED MY LIFE...RUB :BIO FREEZE/icy hot/bengay..ect (found in drugstores)on your jaw to your temple where you feel your nerves pinched***keep away from eyes**, this will open up your sinuses and close your eyes..breath slowly(too much intake cant mess with your breathing if you have asthma like me). rub oragel type medicine in your inner mouth on the affected areas (ALOT). TAKE 2 ALEVES, A MUSCLE RELAXER AND 2 PAIN KILLERS., AND PRAY.....HAVE A GREAT SLEEP!! DO IT EVERY NIGHT AND YOU'LL HOPEFULLY BE FINE!!!



If you have an abscesses tooth the best pain relief I could reccomend is plain old cold water. Take a swig keep it on the tooth for a few seconds then Spit it out and keep taking the water after you spit it out. It keeps the swelling down but I don't know why it helps with the pain. But always get to the dentist as soon as!

been there and free at last!


3x a day=you can buy at

These pills will stop infections,cut down on your sweets,take vitamin C also=good for infections as well.


im so desparate these past few days because of toothace and tried so many ways to get rid the pain. Ive tried listerine with colgate but it does work for only a few seconds and still im unable to sleep, then ive tried taking some medicine first i bought some mefinamic acid 500mg (anti inflamatory) and amoxicilin (anti bacterial) 500mg the effect only last for 30mins. im in the middle of a sleep when the pain comes back! And yes its more worts than before, so i get up and i almost freak out because of pain. Then ive tried
warm water with salt, it calms me down a little bit. Then i try to search some remedies to the net and tried it all. Luckily the bread thing works for me. After i put the bread on the tooth hole, i feel relief. Thats the last thing on my mind but it works perfecly. Now i can sleep. =')


If you are dealing with a abscess or infected tooth, I know first hard what that is like. It was tooth #31 and the infection was at the bottom of my root sitting directly on the nerve. I was a crying baby, having panic attacks, the whole 9.

First off, if you sensitive and prone to having anxiety like me. The best advice I can give you is to refrain from reading the internet posts about people dying from abscesses! I went to the ER and the doc said the only way it can become fatal is if you go a long time with without treating the abscess and it becomes the size of a baseball. If you have a small abscess dont freak. Just go to Walgreens and/or grocery store and/or herb store and grab some Clove Oil, if you cannot find that, its ok but with the clove oil grab some Liquid Gel Advils (gel works faster) , Tylenol Extra Strength, and run to the grocery store and get some Sea Salt. Also- if you cannot find clove oil, you will find the whole cloves in the seasoning section at grocery store.

Next, dont eat or drink anything too hot or cold. If your tooth is extremely sensitive this will help alot. when I drank something I would nuke it for 30sec.

3-5 times daily mix WARM not hot water with 3 teaspoons of Sea Salt, its gotta be Sea Salt not reg. salt.....sea salt is one of the oldest natural antibiotics around, it also keeps the area of and around your tooth very clean. Another great thing is Sea Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory! Anti-inflammatory's are your best friend if you have a infection or abscessed tooth.

Now, if you have the clove oil, it is a God Send, this stuff is strong, when you apply it SPIT IT OUT, dont swallow the stuff, itll be rather spicy, but you can handle it! I took a little piece of cotton, absorbed it with the oil and sat that on my infected broken tooth, if you see the actual abscess rub the oil on it with the cotton. This will help the pain.

Next step, make sure you have something in your belley before you take Advil, it can be hard on your stomach lining. Take 3-4 Advils(prescription strength is 600-800mg) every 6 hours and in 3 more hours take 2 Tylenol Extra Strengths (1000mg). Every 3 hours go back and forth on this to help with pain.

This should give you a piece of mind MAKE SURE you get in to see a dentist ASAP, you cannot avoid this because it will only get worse.

ADVISE ON DENTIST!!!! I found out some dentist believe in taking the infection down before pulling the tooth (if the tooth is savable have a root canal instead of pulling) But if you are in major pain just find a dentist that will pull in and clean the infection.

God Be With You I hope I helped I know your pain I am currently healing from a fractured abscessed tooth that was extracted yesterday. My cheek is so swollen right now from the extraction but believe me this pain was nothing compared to the abscess pain.

God Bless- GIA

kamal jaiswal

Dental cavity pain can be recovered by using milk of madar(akda) plant. bring the milk from plant in a bowl add some common salt in it. and apply it using a toothpick covered with cotton on the affected area and saliva which comes out during this time throw outside. it is actually experienced.

Ayan Nath

Tooth ache is nothing worse than any other ache as it adds to headache as well. I had a tough night with unbearable tooth ache & headache.. I tried Paracetamol tables, 3 tablets a day but it didn't work. I could not sleep the whole night and when I woke up in morning, I got some cold water in mouth which gave me some relief though not completely but then I took some HONEY with my finger tips & put it around the gums of the achen teeth.. What an instant Relief... I reccomend you to just try once & see the magic... Thanks!

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