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I was out in the middle of no where camping got a horrible tooth ache and started searching for anyone with a baby, looking for Oral Gel with no luck at all until I happened upon a group of Native Americans. They gave me some organic ceremonial organic tobacco and told me to dampen it and pack it around my tooth and gums. I was willing to try anything at this point and was completely amazed! It worked in a matter of seconds! It will not heal the infection like goldenseal or garlic but it will stop the pain until you can heal the infection and or you can get to a dentist. I always carry some with me now where ever I go as part of my emergency kit. It did give me a major case of the hiccups for a while and may gross some people out but when your hurting that bad it works! I find it very interesting that no one has posted this old trick so I hope someone finds it helpful. Good luck and follow up with garlic and or golden seal if not a dentist.


Having no insurance, being a single parent and a very limited budget, you have no choice but to self remedy on a lot of issues. I had a tooth abscess that kept me up all night.... I was to the point of sitting up in the couch (cause any weight primarily uneven weight)caused swelling.
Here is what worked for me: 1st HOT water hold on the side of the abscess, it forces all the pus/drainage to the surface, 2nd fill your mouth with cotton balls (catches drool nd any leakage holds mouth open for you) 3rd burn the tip of a brand new needle then puncture it. The hot tip will allow you to go deep w/o any pain nd all the drainage will flow out when you remove it. With a wet Qtip dipped in salt, place on the spot and surrounding area. GOOD LUCK, HAPPY HEALTH!


Hey everyone! So unfortunately the clove oil has lost its tune for me :( my body tends to adjust to things quite easily.. and not only that, i have a sinus infection!!! The infection makes the pain spread and by 5:30am I was in horrible pain!! aLuckily I have a roomate who gets sinuses and allergies so he always has over the counter meds in the bathroom! It doesnt matter what kind they are as long as they will relieve the SINUS PRESSURE<---very important! I took two pilld and feel soooo much better!!! Not 100% but much better. As I have stated in my previous post.. I am getting ready to move and still have a knee injury which prevents me from sitting comfortably in a dentists chair. That was stated a few months ago but for personal reasons Ive had to stay longer. Now, I kinda made up a pricedure for this remedy including things I have already stated.
Step One: brush teeth thoroughly
Step Two: 50/50 peroxide and water rinse DO NOT SWALLOW!!!!!
Step Three: Try clove oil. Put a small amount on a qtip or cotton ball and hold to affected tooth or teeth or bite down if possible. Spit out excess oil.
Step Four: Use an over the counter allergy/sinus medication. This will relieve pain in tooth and.sinuses. DO NOT USE PERSCRIPTION MEDICATION UNLESS IT IS YOUT OWN!!!!! THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS!!!!!!
I really hope this helps some one and remember, clove oil can be found in your local grocery store along with other cooking oils!!!! :) get well soon everyone!!!


This is a quick fix until you can get to the dentist, but will drain the abscess and help with the pain.

You need a few things: a soft-bristled toothbrush (I'd suggest buying a new one so no lingering germs on the current brush get into the abscess), toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide, q-tips, a needle/pin.

First things first--brush your teeth. It may seem like a stupid suggestion but I've found that whenever I have an abscess I'm really gentle over the swollen skin because it's painful. Don't be. It might hurt for a bit, but vigorous brushing can help to possibly knock loose any food particles that might be the cause or might even pop the abscess itself, helping to speed things along. Take ibuprofen before doing this, that will help with the pain.

Make sure the needle or pin is sterilized. You can use hot water, I soaked mine in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes. From here, you can pop the abscess. It might take a bit for the abscess to start draining. Use a q-tip to massage the gum, or add another drainage hole. I accidentally dragged the needle in the swollen area a bit, creating a bit of a tear. I wouldn't recommend that, but it did seem to drain faster.

Make sure you spit out all the discharge, you don't want to swallow it. From there, you can rinse with either salt water or a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water (I prefer the hydrogen peroxide and water, it bubbles out any remaining gunk. From there, you're pretty much done. Make sure to keep rinsing your mouth regularly as well as brushing. Ice packs also help with the swlling.


After perusing through pages of these home remedies, I decided to concoct my own based loosely on all the recommendations here. The simplest thing I found that worked the best was this...

1) Take one Ibuprofen and crush it up into a fine powder with a teaspoon.

2) Take the powder and put it in the teaspoon, filling the rest of the spoon with lukewarm water. This should create something more liquid than a paste, but not too watery in nature.

3) Swish the concoction around the affected area for at least two minutes. It will sting your tongue a little, but it isn't too bad.

4) Spit it out and rinse your mouth with cold water. Do not swallow any of the Ibuprofen residue.

Repeat if the pain comes back.

This gave me instant relief, and brought my pain level from an eight down to a two or three for quite awhile. It's not the perfect cure-all, but it's easy to make and doesn't require special items from a grocery store.


xylitol sugar will stop tooth pain instantly it is sold at Whole Foods or health food stores ! The pain is from bacteria which is the very reason dentists prescribe amoxicillin. Xylitol sugar is in some trident gum ......swish your mouth with it xylitol eats bacteria it works !


I use crush garlic and it works like a bom. Take half a teaspoon and put it inside your mouth where the pain is. Keep it for 5 min and repeat every half an hour untill the pain is gone.


The best tjing i have found to help is simple. a tea bag placed at the site of the abcess twice a day for about 30 mins. at a time. it will actually draw out the abcess within a couple times depending on how severe it is. my husband suffers from abcesses quite frequently. he has been known to look like a hamstwer with a pocket of food in his cheek. and usually after 3-4 tea bags its completely gone. just a thought to try... a single tea bag....


If you are above age 21, and you currently have an abcess tooth with pain that just refuses to subside... you can take a swig of Jaegermeifter, swish it around on the infected area, and spit it out, and your pain will be gone in the time frame of about 3 minutes (always sooner for me).One little airplane bottle is around 6hrs of pain relief.

The downside to this however is that it will increase swelling by the time you wake up from a pain-relieved nap. although it has always helped to bring the infection back to the tooth in question for me, i have always been able to drain it myself so far due to this, making sure to eject all infectious... saliva. This remedy is not for those with weak a stomach, it is a last resort if you cannot get to a dentist right away and are in much need of pain relief or rest.


Hey everyone! So my boyfriend and i are BOTH suffering from tooth abcesses! We have both benefited greatly from this site :) He is now on penecillan(sp?) medication for the pain and to remove the abcess and will be getting his tooth pulled soon. Unfortunately for me, I have to wait another month because I am getting ready to move and I have a knee injury which prevents me from sitting comfortably in the dentist chair. But before my boyfriends pain meds kicked in (took about two days) he was near tears so i came to this site and read what everyone else suggested. Heres what I find works best: brush your teeth, pay special attention to the spot in pain. If it hurts to brush, do it gently as you can. Next use mouthwash, whatever kind you prefer. Personally I like to you a generic brand because i find then gentler and less harsh. Next try a 50/50 peroxide and water rinse. DO NOT SWALLOW. These steps are to make sure your mouth is clean or else the last step wont work. Lastly, the well beloved CLOVE OIL! Take a cotton ball or even a sall piece of tissue and pour oil onto it. You can soak it or just put it on a small area of the tissue/cotton ball. Place on affected area and hold or if possible, bite down. Stay like that until pain starts to subside and then remove. Within minutes your mouth should feel much better. I tried this with my boyfriend and he slept like a baby! Now my tooth was acting up so i did the same thing! I really hope this helps someone cause I know how bad the pain is so please try this, and get to a dentist asap! I'll be going as soon as my knee is better.
Get well soon! :)

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