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You take an equal amount of baking soda and salt, get a cotton swab wet and make a paste out of the mixture. Take this and place it where your feeling the pain. leave it there for as long as you can stand it.After a while(as much as a day a pus blister will form. Sterilize a needle and lance this blister. The pain relief is instantaneous. This has worked for me a few times.


A few years ago I was in a car wreck, where a few of my teeth snapped on the front end of a f350. Sadly due to other injuries sustained I lost my job, medical, and dental. I get an abscess every now and then.

I've found a few things help, albeit only temporary. Ibuprofen, is a good thing to take. Reduces swelling and may dull the pain, I also take garlic capsules (garlic contains a natural Anti-biotic) even when I don't have an abscess. Using either a warm water compress helps with swelling and may help with the pain, you can also use a rice bag compress. Since I found this thing I fell in love. Some health stores may have them or you may have to do some hunting around. When it came to my worst pains, packing between the lip/cheek and gum with salt can help, after you do this however drink water.

I know how bad it is when they spur up real bad and you can't sleep or you wake up in the middle of the night in sheer agony.

Helen S

First, I'd like to state that everyone is different so something that works amazingly well for me might not work so well for my husband. It might not work at all for Mom and it might work better for Dad than it did for me.

So around May 15th, I developed an abscess. I started by taking naproxen (an over the counter anti inflammatory) and holding compresses on my face as hot as I could stand. The first 2 days it helped but the pain never went completely away. The pain became so terrible that I was screaming and crying in pain. (I've had 10 abdominal surgeries at age 28 so I have a high tolerance for pain mind you) I went to the dentist who gave me keflex (an antibiotic) and tylenol 3 (a milder narcotic pain reliever). No luck. The next morning, I woke up to my cheek being almost the size of a baseball. I went to work and ended up leaving early to go to the er. The dr put a needle in to numb and put a small drainage slit in the abscess. (which, by the way, most er's won't do because without the proper tools, 2 doctors and a slew of nurses said can be very dangerous) He then gave me a shot in my butt for pain and zophran (anti nausea) pill. I was sent home with vicodin for pain. That night, I googled home remedies and ended up here. (wish I had done that sooner since what I had now was working)

However, my dentist can't get me in to pull the tooth until June 25th. On June 3rd, it started again. I toggled between aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, & tylenol. Nothing helped. So I came back on here to browse again. The tea bag works wonders! It definitely brought the nasty stuff into the tea bag. You can taste it! And it took a lot of the pain away. Unfortunately, 2 days later, when I thought it was gone, I woke up, grabbed tea bags because it was sore, and off to work. I left halfway through my shift and went to my dentist's office. He was in a procedure and couldn't see me but called in amoxicillin and vicodin. No help. This morning, I had to call off work because I was in a world of pain, throwing up, and my face is swollen to about the size of a golf ball. The dentist says to give the antibiotic a couple of days to kick in (what an idiot). By noon, I was headed to the er. They refused to do what the previous dr had 'because it's very dangerous without the proper tools'. However, they did give me percocet 10 mg (which I have been biting in half because I took a whole one first and it knocked me on my rear lol) and zophran. 9 hours later, I still feel pressure because the swelling remains. I'm not throwing up any more and I'm mostly pain free until the meds start wearing off.

I tried the crushed ibuprofen, letting aspirin dissolve on the side of the abscess, oragel sent shocking pain through my jaw and into my ear. This time, 2 parts water 1 part peroxide bubbles up and you can feel it but it doesn't take the pain or swelling away. Last time, it gave me the same shocking pain as oragel with some extra pain and throbbing so I feel like using that is at your own risk but I was desperate. Tomorrow, I'm going to try puncturing it and having the cottonballs and peroxide ready. I'll let you know how it works out for me.

Well, I hope this helps someone! Thank you to everyone who took the time to post their experiences whether they worked for me or not!!

Ok so when u are in dier need of relief and u have no pain pills that will do a d@m and missing quit a few of the home remedy recipes..... this works with nothing at all!! Now i just hope u have one if not ask a friend or a friend of a friend. now i keep one on hand for this purpose entirely. ok so everyone knows that tooth pain is the worst brain shattering pain imaginable! Now the things i am about to mention sound crazy but i do this over any pill or recipe concocted from the kitchen. ok #1 you know those hand held massagers?.... yes turn that baby on and put it to your face where the pain is NO JOKE INTANT RELIEF! and honestly ANYTHING that vibrates will do the trick but the stronger the buzzing the better it will work. do this till u feel better i wouldn't go longer than 15-20 mins but 5 or 10 should do. you will be out of pain!!! Repeat as needed lol u can't over dose but if held for long u can irritate your nerve. so do give breaks so ur nerve can revitalize itself. and sleep with ur head propped u should be fine ALL NIGHT. Now #2 if u don't have anything that vibrates then turn to this crazy method (trust me if u are in excruciating abscess pain.... u will) ok remember when u were little and u thought it was fun to roll really really fast side to side? U know that super cool woosh 'high' feeling u would get?.... hope this makes sense well find a spot on the floor or comfy in ur bed AND START WOOSHING! it feels amaizing for about 10-20 mins i have no idea why but it works i have had a friend do it that had an abscess amd she of course was desperate to get out of pain so she went to her room 'wooshed' on her bed for a while and came back with all smiles.


I had a tooth abcess and of course four dentists insisted that the tooth be pulled. If I didn't, they said the world would end, aliens were going to invade the earth, and we were all going to die. The problem was that each they said it, they had dollar signs in their eyes. They wanted to sell me an expensive implant. WELLLLLLLL, ignored their advice and just started talking ZINC tablets and have had no problems at all. A friend advised me to take B12 and garlic as well, but have been doing FINE on ZINC alone. And I and not my dentist still have my money.


I had an abscessed tooth and tried some of the remedies on this site as I didnt realise I could take advantage of Bulk Billing Dentists here in Australia (I am on a parenting payment so qualify).
I ended up going to the Emergency Room at my local hospital as the pain was getting ridiculous (2 shots of local, Voltarin, Codeine and take home gift of Endone later) I came home and made sure I called the Dentist the next day. If you can get the help GET IT!!!

I have found that Ibuprofen and Codeine or anti-inflammatory are fantastic for the pain, as well as cold packs on the side of the face where the abscess is. Also, I tried the tea bag approach and discovered that SPICED CHAI TEA bags are the best as the contain Cloves and cinnamon (and other great stuff) and they really work at pulling the yuck stuff out of the tooth. It gave me some relief. But seriously, get to the dentist ASAP :)


Swilling whisky or rum (or any spirit I suppose, but these worked best for me) and holding it over the area for as long as you can bear. Also holding a hot water bottle or other very warm thing on the area helped too. They were only very temporary solutions though, sorry. I tried the garlic and it didn't work for me, but made my breath smell.


I was out in the middle of no where camping got a horrible tooth ache and started searching for anyone with a baby, looking for Oral Gel with no luck at all until I happened upon a group of Native Americans. They gave me some organic ceremonial organic tobacco and told me to dampen it and pack it around my tooth and gums. I was willing to try anything at this point and was completely amazed! It worked in a matter of seconds! It will not heal the infection like goldenseal or garlic but it will stop the pain until you can heal the infection and or you can get to a dentist. I always carry some with me now where ever I go as part of my emergency kit. It did give me a major case of the hiccups for a while and may gross some people out but when your hurting that bad it works! I find it very interesting that no one has posted this old trick so I hope someone finds it helpful. Good luck and follow up with garlic and or golden seal if not a dentist.


Having no insurance, being a single parent and a very limited budget, you have no choice but to self remedy on a lot of issues. I had a tooth abscess that kept me up all night.... I was to the point of sitting up in the couch (cause any weight primarily uneven weight)caused swelling.
Here is what worked for me: 1st HOT water hold on the side of the abscess, it forces all the pus/drainage to the surface, 2nd fill your mouth with cotton balls (catches drool nd any leakage holds mouth open for you) 3rd burn the tip of a brand new needle then puncture it. The hot tip will allow you to go deep w/o any pain nd all the drainage will flow out when you remove it. With a wet Qtip dipped in salt, place on the spot and surrounding area. GOOD LUCK, HAPPY HEALTH!


Hey everyone! So unfortunately the clove oil has lost its tune for me :( my body tends to adjust to things quite easily.. and not only that, i have a sinus infection!!! The infection makes the pain spread and by 5:30am I was in horrible pain!! aLuckily I have a roomate who gets sinuses and allergies so he always has over the counter meds in the bathroom! It doesnt matter what kind they are as long as they will relieve the SINUS PRESSURE<---very important! I took two pilld and feel soooo much better!!! Not 100% but much better. As I have stated in my previous post.. I am getting ready to move and still have a knee injury which prevents me from sitting comfortably in a dentists chair. That was stated a few months ago but for personal reasons Ive had to stay longer. Now, I kinda made up a pricedure for this remedy including things I have already stated.
Step One: brush teeth thoroughly
Step Two: 50/50 peroxide and water rinse DO NOT SWALLOW!!!!!
Step Three: Try clove oil. Put a small amount on a qtip or cotton ball and hold to affected tooth or teeth or bite down if possible. Spit out excess oil.
Step Four: Use an over the counter allergy/sinus medication. This will relieve pain in tooth and.sinuses. DO NOT USE PERSCRIPTION MEDICATION UNLESS IT IS YOUT OWN!!!!! THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS!!!!!!
I really hope this helps some one and remember, clove oil can be found in your local grocery store along with other cooking oils!!!! :) get well soon everyone!!!

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