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Aspendental123456, or whatever, back in the day a dentist would let you pay for procedures in installments. Then one fine day, a person had to apply for a loan from a medical loan company that wouldn't accept anything less than sterling-class credit. Your comments about selling something, taking second jobs (I've done that; wasn't very good for a family but HEY! do what you gotta do, right?) are ridiculously insensitive in light of the economic situation so many of us find ourselves in. Why not go back to the old system where we could pay you out? Oh yeah, bad for the bottom line. The people responding to this are not trying to make excuses. They are in pain, they have nothing to sell, they already work second jobs, and they are in pain. What does Aspen Dental do to facilitate their care? Not expecting an answer. And by the way, your spelling and grammar are atrocious. You went to dental school? Sweet Jesus...


An abscessed tooth can kill you. I recently had an abscessed tooth and initially tried the home remedy route. Two days later my cheek was so swollen I looked like a chipmunk. I found a dentist that accepted Care Credit and he did not hesitate to remove it. I felt better.
A month later I was having trouble breathing and I coughed up blood. In the emergency room an x-ray revealed that I have pneumonia. It seems that the infection snuck into my lungs.
The bottom line is take an abscessed tooth very seriously and do be cheap regarding your health.


Here is my story and it is a cautionary tale. I had a toothache and desired to treat it naturally. I read all of the forums, studied the tips and tricks. I began treating my tooth with clove oil and oregano oil. I took garlic pills and make fresh garlic poultices which I applied religiously. I applied tea bags to my gums and rinsed with salt water. I managed to numb the nerves and calm the inflammation. In other word, I hid all of the symptoms. Then one day, I awoke to find half of my face swollen to twice its normal dimensions. I then broke down and went to the dentist. She was caring and kind and did not scold me for not coming in earlier but showed me on my x-rays how I had allowed the infection in my jaw to eat away at the bone to the point that my tooth no longer had an adequate socket to hold it in place. As a result, a relatively minor tooth abscess which could have been treated by the dentist has led to the loss of a tooth and a weakening of my jaw to the point that I may need surgery to restore it (I will know once my body has had the chance to heal). My point is that although I do prefer natural healing techniques, be very careful when using them and remember that a dentist should be consulted regardless of your choice of strategies. My dentist tells me that she guides some patients in their natural remedy use and ells them when to switch over to modern medical and dental techniques. In retrospect, I wish I had opted for the dentist first, saved my tooth and avoided a lot of complication.


It is very easy for people who have health insurance to say-go to the dentist!I am self employed&pay a ridiculous amt for crappy coverage(no eye/dental)so I understand.If u have the means, obviously go to the dentist.If not, this is what has worked for me:
First, clean your mouth out.Either Listerine or. 50/50 hydrogen peroxide.
Next, I rinse w/ a sea salt/water mixture(also cleanses)
Then I slit the top of a tea bag&empty most of the tea out, leaving maybe 1/2-1tsp in the bag.I then put 1/2-1tsp of minced garlic/oil in the teabag w/tea.Twist the top of bag to make a poultice&snip off any excess bag.Place in mouth on the affected area for as long as u can(at least 10-15 mins)
After you remove poultice, rinse again w/salt water.
Repeat as many times as needed.
If the pain is still bad u can take any pain med/anti inflamitory pill u have&crush it.Mix w/small amt of water&put it on the affected area.
This may sound like overkill, but this regimen has worked for me&none of it can hurt u.Different things work for different people.Id rather use all of the above in this relatively simple regimen,than try one thing at a time to find out which one works while I wallow in pain.Good luck everyone!


Hey u guys....this morning at 3:07am I began to have an absolute terrible toothache.. it was so bad that I couldn't do anything but cry!... I came to this sight and discovered that everyone was talking about using garlic to get rid of the pain.... did I try it???? No! Y??? I didn't have any! The pain was terrible. I had to come up with sumthin ...quick! So I got a cotton ball... broke a small portion of it...wet it with warm water... and stuffed it into the opening where the nerve was exposed ..and immediately the pain was gone! Now I'm laying here watching Friday until I fall asleep... cotton works!


I have had problems with abscess and cracked teeth lately. The pain is very severe. There is no cure except for a root canal or pulling of the tooth. If you can't get to a dentist immediately, try to have some augmentin and amoxycilin on hand and start taking it. Start with the amoxycilin. If that doesn't seem to work in a few hours, switch to the augmentin. Also have a supply of vicodin handy in case the pain gets bad. If it is a cracked root, the antibiotic may not work too well because the structure of the tooth is breached and that's where the vicodin can save you until you can get the tooth pulled.


This is more of a warning than a remedy

I recently lost a filling in a wisdom tooth. Soon after it abscessed. I used a tea bag and took heavy doses of garlic pills and Vitamin C which got rid of the abscess. Unfortunately, it came back and I decided to pop it. BIG MISTAKE!

A few days later i felt nauseous and couldn't really get out of bed for several days. Then my face swelled up almost baseball size. By the time i got to a dentist, I couldn't even open my mouth wide enough to get the tooth pulled out. The jaws were dropped in the dentist office as i was scolded for not going to the E.R.

Dentist prescribed Keflex which after 6 days did absolutely nothing. By this time the tooth didnt hurt but the face was so swollen it felt like my cheek was gonna explode, major pain.

Went to an oral surgeon who prescribed clyndamycin. It worked great, and got the tooth yanked.

Do whatever you can to get it taken care of the right way. It's a big weight off your shoulders


For anyone who has a missing filling or hole in their tooth, this is THE best way to draw out the ifection. Itll cure u in a day! I read allot of these remidies early this morning, compilled my own collective solution. Its 6 pm and i feel 100% better after 3 days of sleepless foodless agoney.

What youll need!
°cotton balls
°salt (preferibly sea salt)
°warm water
°lysterine, vodika, or even poroxcide works as a mouth wash. *But for low low bugget ppls this is optional. Salt water is just as cleansing.*
°asprin,ibprofin, and pain reliver/inflimation reducer. *This too is optionol*

Take 2 bowls, and one cup.*one bowl if u dont want/have pain meds* Fill them all with warm salty salty water. The bowls dont need to be filled much at all, but fill that cup up! Crush ur pain med of choice and mix it in one of the bowls.
Now take two cotton balls, put one in each bowl. Let them get good and soaked. Now clean clean clean ur mouth, ur tooth hole everything. Clean the life out of it. I use lysterine then saltwater from the cup.
Now u can take a sip and rines with the pain medicated salty bowl if u want. Itll help. * warning * do not over use/rinse with this salution, u will throw up! But for now its okay till we get that sever pain down. Take a tine peice of the pain med cotton ball, roll it into a ball and insert it in the hole of ur tooth. Use a tooth pick or something if it helps.
Let that sit there for 30min to hr, or if ur tooth gets better, then starts throbbing again, depending on how swolen n sever ur tooth is. Take out the cotton ball. U can deff smell that damn infection on it XP. Rinse ur mouth again with w/e ur routine is, and repeat! Now if ur pain is sever u can use the pain med up one again, but id try n space it out. Use the plain salt water cotton ball, and insert it again for 30min to hr.
Do this alllll day, and itll slowly but surely draw the infection out.

I rly hope this helps. My heart gos out to anyone going through this! Thank god for this website! Its a life saver


I placed a warm tea bag on my abscess. My Dad told me the tea's tannic acid helps reduce the swelling and is an antibotic. It worked as the abscess' swelling reduced, I was able to 'suck' blood from the affected area, and the pain subsided. I also took ibupropen for the pain, chased it with a shot of teqila and went to bed with the tea bag tucked around the abscessed tooth. The next morning the area where the abscess was, there was a 'hollow' feeling where the abcess was. Thanks Dad! This works for styes too!


Abscessed Tooth 101.

Rules of the game.
2. garlic,
3. clove oil,
4. Advil,
5. keep hydrated,
6. don't use heat,
7. keep your mouth very very clean,

So after going from page to page, and seeing some honestly scary advice, people taking steak knifes, and tooth picks, needles to a pus filled infection is honestly the worst thing you can do.


When you rupture the inflamed soft tissue, the pus is released and you will feel better. However you have given the infection everything it needs to go from a dangerous infection to a deadly infection.

Over 300,000 people a year die from doing dumb stuff like this... it's not rare, and one of the major things we see in the e.r.

If you're in a bathroom trying to 'sanitize' stuff to poke a hole you are so far off its not even funny.

Please, again, listen... do not puncture it at home, you are not smart enough to defeat 3 million years of evolution, the infection is going to win.

How to reduce pain until you can have the tooth extracted or a root canal done.

The infection wants heat, oxygen, minerals.. It's all about layers.

First take Advil, NOT Aspirin, or Tylenol. We want to reduce inflammation not increase blood flow. This is the first mistake a lot of people make.

Second, use a cold press, NOT a hot press. Again people will feel more pain lose using heat, but whats happening is your expanding the tissue allowing the infection to move to new areas. You want to contain it and fight it head on.

Be smart, not stupid.

Now, if you have an abscess you need antibiotics asap. Amox, Chem, etc, sometimes it takes one kind, not anther, and will take anywhere from 48-96 hours to effect giving how hydrated and healthy you are..

After you get your antibiotics, you can start the home remedies...

Minced garlic in oil, big plop of it on the gum, 10 minutes... you will be a happy camper, don't use garlic you need to cut.. it will take far to long to release the various chemicals mother nature put in garlic to help inflammation...

At this point, you have

Advil, antibiotics, garlic on the soft tissue.

Still in pain?

Don't lay down, keep your head elevated and move onto black tea. Black tea, right out of the pack, some water, press it against the cheek and abscess area and watch a tv show.

At this point the pain should be dull enough you can sleep, or at-least function. Try to man/girl up and don't bother the ER unless you are shaking in tears...

Last, Get to the dentist. No money is not an excuses, nether is being afraid of that chair.

You need the tooth extracted.

Simple extraction with forceps: $183

Surgical extraction of erupted tooth
requiring elevation of flap and removal of tooth or bone: $300

impacted tooth – soft tissue: $341

partially bony impacted tooth: $423

completely bony impacted tooth: $522

removal of residual roots: $330

Each year people let these infections run a course and people die, they get dispirited and pop the abscess, they do anything they can except pay a dentist.

These people die at an alarming rate.

Sell a car, get a second job, third job, pawn a tv, borrow money, take out a loan, once the abscess is formed you have only a time frame of a week or two before it begins to get serious it can impact your life in the long term.

Be safe, toughen up, and use your head.


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