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i tried alot of stuff, but please believe me when i tell you to try CHLORASEPTIC THROT SPRAY IT NUMBS YOUR TOOTH JUST LIKE YOUR THROAT.


This is not a remedy but how to avoid the infection of a tooth abcess. I ate two ripe sweet bananas at breakbast but did not brush my teeth as I had already done so earlier. By noon I could feel a film form over the side of the teeth where one tooth is broken. This is the site which gets infection from time to time. By night I was in pain and the side of the mouth was swollen. Thanks for all remedies you stated here but i thunk I now know how to manage this. After eating anything sweet, or drinking milk or eating cheese, I will brush immediately. No giving bacteria a chance. Now my toothpaste, floss and brush travels with me everywhere.


Well this isn't really a remedy but here goes..

Past few days or so I've had a terrible toothache, and this pain has been on-going for a long time, due to a cavity filling that popped out.

I woke up this morning and the I noticed the left side of my jaw/face was swollen! I think it's some kind of abscess, but I'm not sure. My insurance doesn't cover dental, so my husband has to pay for it out of his pocket. (I'm a stay at home Mom)

I've been gargling with luke warm water, salt water, taking ibuprofein, and brushing my teeth where it hurts and using mouthwash. Lately the brushing and mouthwash has really been helping. I had a panic attack earlier since I was in agony, and the pain subsided a little since I brushed.

I haven't gotten much sleep recently because of it.....any tips? I don't know when I'll get to see a dentist, (mother-in-law is looking for one)

Thanks for any and all help!


Well peppermint oil!!!! (burns like hell if some runs down the corner of your mouth) Put some on a Q-Tip, n apply around the tooth.. I've been up for 2 days n I've tried almost everything on this site but I'm going out to buy more today!! HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE..


I don't know if there is an actual cure besides a root canal or removal, but I have something that will control the problem indefinitely. Take a tea bag of green tea (preferably organic), tear it in half, fold over the flap and lick it to seal it. Put this small sachet in your mouth against the abscess and leave it for some hours. Repeat several times a day until the abscess is gone, then do it once a day to keep it from re-appearing. I put it in when I go to sleep at night then take it out in the morning. In this way I have managed to keep the abscess at bay for a year now.

Cynthia J.

Pure table salt - dab on the infected area. I decided to try this after suffering two days with sever pain and after trying every other recommended remedy. The salt draws the infection to the surface and helps relieve some of the swelling & pressure. For the first time all day I'm not in tears.


Last night i had really bad tooth ache i used arm and hammer toothpaste and covered my tooth with it i left it for about 5 mins then rinsed with warm water didnt take it away completely but enough so i could sleep this morning it was back and my face swelled up like a balloon i couldn't get an appointment at the denisted till Monday so i got some cocodaml works a treat you can only use for 3days but handy if your stuck on the weekend hope this helps


Ok so I always have a problem with my teeth but this past week it has been TERRIABLE so I tried this a clove of garlic cut up really thin , salt , and a goodys powder crush and mix all that up and apply it to the gums and infected tooth it right away stopped the throbbing and pain . Tastes very Nasty and please no kissing anybody hope this helps thanks :)


I was in the worst pain of my life!! And let me tell you I have 4 kids and have had 2 kidney stones and this was the WORST! I had an abscessed tooth (back molar) and I came on here and tried EVERYTHING!! Chewing raw garlic, salt and pepper, extract... ect. The only relief I got other than meds was swishing liquer in my mouth and that was only for a short time. I went to the er, the dentist ( had to wait to have the tooth pulled till some antibiotics) and I got the tooth out and OMG!! The pain is gone.. BUT I was putting a heat pack on my face while I was in pain and the dentist said I was making it worse!! Never apply heat!!


Well, I have a little different story but my abscess was not a tooth abscess but rather a periodontal abcess in the gum. It is where a pocket that has formed around a tooth becomes infected when food or bacteria become trapped in it. Easier to deal with if you catch it before it spreads to the tooth or bone.

Anyway, I noticed I was really tender in the front of my mouth and thought maybe something was stuck there so I got my water pick and peroxide and water and tried to rinse it and it was really tender! I did the best I could anyway and the next day it seemed a little better.

I went to sleep and woke up the next morning with a bump a little higher up on my gums that was really sore. I rinsed with salt water and diluted peroxide throughout the day and went to bed. The next day it was twice the size as the day before and really tender!

I continued to rinse with the salt water and peroxide but without improvement. In fact it got bigger and bigger until it developed a head (a small white spot). Finally I was fed up and because I am a bit impatient and kind of a hot head, I grabbed the peroxide bottle and took a straight swig into my mouth and began to swish. I noticed it was foamy immediately unlike when I diluted it. I spit it out and it was all foam, (yuck!!) and went to look at it and it was spewing blood and foam from the place where the white dot had been! I freaked out and took another swig of the peroxide and swished and spit more thick foam and blood. I rinsed with water and grabbed some cotton balls to absorb anything else that was coming out of it, replacing them every 30 seconds or so and then I started to try and squeeze what I could into them since it was open already and I didn't want to swallow it. Man was I freaking out! I kept cotton in my mouth for the whole day after this. I would rinse every few hours with diluted peroxide and replace the cotton. I went to bed with cotton in my mouth and a rinse by the bed so I could change it in the night.

The next day it was better, almost flat but a little sore still. I had heard about the infections being pretty nasty so I was determined to make sure it didn't spread. I have a toothbrush that disinfects itself after every use so that was good and I started to think about what draws poison or toxins out of things. I started taking oil of oregano internally as well as capsules of ginger root and tumeric powder. I swished with coconut oil and diluted peroxide and then cotton. Then I took thin slices of garlic and put them between my cheek and gum directly on top of it. YEOUCH!! Did that several times and swished with apple cider vinegar too.

Finally I came up with Aztec Bentonite Clay and Baking Soda. I had this Bentonite toothpaste that I had only used once (cause it was weird brushing my teeth with mud) so I poured baking soda into it and stirred until it was a thicker paste. I put a little blob into a coffee filter and twisted it up into a little pouch. I put it between my cheek and gum directly on top of it for about an hour at a time several times a day. Cotton at all times to keep from swallowing anything that may be oozing out. I am on day two of this and it seems to be less tender. I really really don't want antibiotics because I don't want to give the drug companies not one dime! I would sooner die than pay those evil people and apparently I am going to in a couple months anyway, according to a couple other submissions I read.

Anywhooooo, I will keep you posted on it for as long as I am able!

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