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Thank you so much for the remedies you guys have all posted here!!!!

I have a bad lower front tooth, it's been lose for a while and I was told a couple years ago it can't be saved and needs to come out. But I can't afford to go to the dentist (I am allergic to 'caines' and must pay cash for general anesthesia and for a dental surgeon in a day surgery clinic setting..a few thousand dollars at best...since they say they need to do all my work at once while I am under, due to risk from anesthesia. So I have been nursing this tooth (the worst) along for a while, trying to maintain good oral health and take care of things faithfully while I save my money to be put under and get everything fixed.

Well, it finally abscessed and yesterday I awoke to a painful pus filled pocket on the gum just below the tooth. I already use peroxide and water to swish when doing my oral care, but I did it with extra peroxide (less dilution with water) yesterday morning and then swished with warm salt water, and then I used a tea bag as a poultice. The tea bag opened it and drew out the pus, which I of course spit out (yuk). It drained all afternoon yesterday. Nasty!But once it drained the pain lessened.

I also started on 2000mg of garlic with 500mg of vitamin c, and low and behold 3 doses of the garlic and vitamin c and one day later,I am like a new woman! Not even sore!

I will continue the garlic and vitamin c routine as well as my other already established oral hygiene routine and I will continue to save my pennies to get the dental work done. But I just wanted to share, I was skeptical but desperate when I came here, but these remedies really worked. I needed to come back and tell you and give you all a big thank you!!!!!

Martin hole

Last year I was in Jamaica I woke up one morning and my face was so swollen my eye was shut through an abscess on my tooth my friends uncle took me to the garden where there was a papaya tree he picked a small one (one that had just started to grow) then cut the top and squeezed the sap which I put on the abscess and may god strike me down it was gone within one hour


While it's great that a home remedy can work, I strongly urge people suffering from a tooth abscess to be seen by a professional (ie endodontist) because if the remedy is unsuccessful, an abscess can become a true medical emergency resulting in brain damage or death!

Desiree M

Im 24 and haven't been to the dentist since I was 14... I had 4 teeth that use to have fillings and I have never had any problems till I had my 1st daughter at 20. Then my fillings started cracking and falling out. Then I had my 2nd daughter 23 and between my first and my 2nd my 4 teeth that had the fillings started to break. And its only my 4 that use to have the fillings in them. And now lately they have been hurting to where I can't bare it. Crying and trying everything. I use Oracle around the gum which use to work and now I have to take 800mg ibuprofen and oragel which did work now my one tooth hurts so bad that it doesn't work. I can't go to the dentist till I get my taxes back which sucks for me. It makes me a mad woman with how bad they hurt. So I tried the peroxide and water which seems to work some. But I have read the other things people try the vaporub and clove oil. So im willing to try anything to get the pain down till I can get to the dentist. Just makes me a little more at ease that other people feel the same pain as I do.


My tooth was hurting bad after drinking a soda and eating candy all i wanted to do was just cry cuz the pain was that bad my head and the whole side of my face started to hurt so i tried what my mother use to do back then

1: cup of warm salt water
2: take a q-tip dip it in rubbing alcohol
3: rub the q-tip around the bad tooth
Boo my toothache was gone :)


I want to first say that the best thing to do when you have an abscess is to go to a dentist but like many have stated, many of us do not have insurance. I am one of those that do not have insurance and lived on a fixed income. I did a lot research and read through many remedies and decided to try the teabag remedy as I have heard that worked from family and friends.
I suffered 2-3 with living on pain reliever and warm salt water and orajel. Nothing seemed to be working and I knew that once the abscess came to a 'head' it could be drained and relief was on its way. Well mine was not coming to any signs of relief. Here is what I did and I am 90% better besides the soreness from the swelling and the occasional draining.
First you need to soak a teabag in hot water for about 5 minutes then drain the excess liquid out of the bag. From there, you then soak the teabag in warm salt water. While the teabag is soaking in the warm salt water, take some pain reliever. After about another 5 minutes of the teabag soaking in the warm salt water, remove it and squeeze the excess liquid out. Pack the teabag in between the cheek and the area of the abscess and go to sleep.
I was awaken this morning with a weird popping feeling, and I took the teabag out. Low and behold, the abscess had popped and was draining like crazy. I am now rinsing every hr with salt water and spitting constantly. Because of the swelling, I am sore so I am now using a pain reliever that is an antiinflamatory and a cold compress to help. Hope this helps.


Hello, I currently suffer from an abcessed tooth. I received a root canal about 2 months ago and boy did I feel better afterwords ! However now I feel crucial pain and an abscess has formed in the spot of the root canal. I have found a remedy that sorta kinda works. Brush your teeth softly with baking soda and tooth paste , rinse with peroxide and water. Then take ibuprofen like Motrin and place a cold compress to the side of the tooth ache . This does not work in matter of seconds but it does make you feel better for the time being. I'm waiting on my dentist appt as we speak . God bless.


PLEASE use caution when trying any home remedies for an abscessed tooth! I am speaking from (unfortunate) lots of experience.
If you have an abscess that you can see on your gum (looks like a really gross pimple), you technically can drain it yourself to relieve the pressure that is causing the pain. Unfortunately, this could lead to an even more serious infection, so I don't recommend this unless you are absolutely certain you have no other alternatives available to you. If you go this route, you should still see a dentist ASAP.
If you CANNOT see the abscess, a lot of these home remedies just won't work...or at least they did not for me. I tried the tea, teabags, warm salt water rinses, peroxide, garlic, salt, you name it and I tried it one Sunday evening when I had no where to go for help and thought I was going to chop my face off...not only did none of these make it feel better but within minutes the pain was substantially WORSE than anything I'd ever experienced. Some of these treatments might be great at drawing out the infection to give you relief, but in my case there was no where for the infection to go. Even warm water itself was irritating and made the pain worse, because of the heat.
The ONE thing that did actually work was holding cold water inside my mouth against the tooth itself, the colder the better. Yes, the tooth was sensitive to the temperature, but for whatever reason it didn't hurt at all and for a few minutes at a time made the pain stop. It really did only work for 2-5 minutes at a time, however, and since it was a weekend and NO dentist could seem to help me, I literally had cold water in my mouth almost constantly for something like 38 straight hours. I fell asleep with water in my mouth because I was so tired at one point, and I carried a jug of it with me to urgent care, but I didn't care how it looked because those 2 minutes without pain were just amazing. (Mind you, this was after my 3rd antibiotic just didn't help even a little bit)
If you have an abscess, the only way it will ever go away is to see a dentist or oral surgeon for either a root canal or an extraction. An antibiotic will help kill part of the infection, enough to alleviate the pain at least if you're lucky, but it will never completely go away until it's taken care of. The antibiotic might not even help you. If you're lucky enough to receive a painkiller, understand that it will take the horrific pain away but you'll still feel pressure which is still uncomfortable. You need to see an dentist ASAP.
For what it's worth, I had to have an abscessed tooth extracted a few years ago by an oral surgeon and I didn't have any dental or medical insurance at the time...the procedure cost less than $300. Completely worth it, considering the pain and risks involved in letting it go untreated.


So here goes, these remedies actually came from a holistic dentist and they do work. Pain comes from infection so use natural clove oil (from a health food sorce). It is strong but put some on a Qtip and dilute with a little water. Then apply only to hole in tooth and immediate surrounding gum. Might burn slightly but really helps with pain and infection. Along with, take high doses of odorless garlic pills. Don't use them sparingly, take about 10,000 mg or so before bed and then take sporadically throughout the day. Garlic is safe. The key is once you get the infection and pain down to keep with using both remedies daily in smaller and less frequent doses to ward off the infections return until you can get the tooth fixed.

Sounds crazy but it helped me when I had a chipped tooth for long time because I couldn't afford a trip to the DDS. :) Good luck!


This is real peppermint schnapps use it like mouthwash on infected area and keep it there for awhile then spit it out and do it a few time. I could not believe it. The swelling went down and pain. After all day of swelling and pain. In about hour I was feeling a whole lot better. But spit it out because of the posin in abscessed tooth.

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