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IBUPROFEN erases pain! My Dentist says it's better than narcotics for pain relief. I thought "CRAZY LIAR" LOL... But it's true! I take 800-1,000 milligrams & if the pain hasn't improved or gone away in 30 minutes, I'll take another dose of 800-1,000mg. That almost always works. It doesn't just dull the pain,it eliminates the pain.


I thought Ice cold water was helping, it was until it warmed up and the pain kicked in with a vengeance. I didn't sleep and couldn't do anything without cold water In my mouth. My face felt freezing cold. I figured that was adding to it by freezing the nerve and making my gums shrink and exposing more nerves. So I started to warm my teeth back up by holding warm water in my mouth (Swearjng is allowed at this point!), increasing the temperature each time. I'm not going to lie I nearly passed out from the pain, but after doing it for 5 minutes it had reduced to a dull throb, I slept my first night out of 3 too!

So cold water isn't that great! You get stuck in a viscous circle, I drank so much water I puked.


I have 4 teeth given me grief at the moment. Saw a dentist yesterday and she prescribed antibiotics for an 2 abscesses, top and bottom teeth. I have been in awful pain for 3 days now, with little sleep until last night. Face is swelling and I have pain in my eye, head and ear too.

I have been taking co-codamol 30/500 (which I am prescribed for back pain) every 4 hours. You can buy Panadol otc in the U.K. Which has dihydracodeine and paracetamol in, it's the strongest you can buy otc. I have been alternating that with 2 or 3 nurofen plus every 4 hours, so I am taking painkillers 2 hourly. No more than 8 paracetamol containing drugs in 24 hours.

Orajel max strength. Whatever you do don't get it inside the tooth. I made that mistake and it touched the nerve and I nearly flew through the roof! Just rub it on your gums, it gets through that way.

Ice cold water helped for a second. So miserably swishing cold water in my mouth for hours at a time.

Sleep upright. If you can manage to get any :(

Vicks vapour rub on your cheek. Works well to distract you and allow you get to sleep. This saved my sanity!

I also tried swishing whiskey, vanilla extract, salt water. None of those worked for me.

Abcessed tooth pain is the worst.


I have a dental abscess that flares up like clockwork, once a year. Often I ended up at the pain clinic in the hospital, where they would prescribe antibiotics and drain the swelling if it had reached a head. But quite often they wouldn't drain it and I'd be left in agony - and a dental abscess is indeed agonising. Thankfully, I found an alternative remedy which works, for me - Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix a quarter of a glass with the same amount of water and swill it around the affected area. Repeat till glass is empty. Do this every two or three hours and especially before bed. The swelling will soften and the poison will drain away, and the pain relief is immense. It's not an immediate remedy - it can take a day or so. But it works.


Been in pain for the past 12hrs and I mean PAIN

I have antibiotics and need the swelling to go and abcess to be treated before tooth can be treated

I've been taking cocodamol and ibrufen alternatively

The pain heighten to unbearable in the last 3 hours, in a last ditch attempt to try and get some sleep I read the home remedies on here (I am now also terrified I could die of septicaemia before morning)

So, here is what I used and worked before the last three horrendous hours

- cocodamol 500mg

- ibrufen 342mg (not sure if you should mix the two, cocodamol for pain ibrufen for the swelling)

- eludril mouth wash - instantly takes down internal swell on the gums/mouth

- cold flannel on the cheek

- oral jel

- bongela

When I wanted to put my head through the window with the amount of pain I did the salt water (I can't stand salt makes me gag) and held in mouth swirling as long as could, then did listerene, then kept alternating. I know have flannel on cheek still

The pain is still lingering but I no longer want to chop my head off and I could sleep(I hope) now

Would have tried the teabag but couldn't fit in my mouth yet - when the pain is this bad you will try anything!


I went to the naturopathic store and bought bag of powdered charcoal and I first soaked my mouth in sea salt and pretty warm water. Then I waited an hour then I mixed the powdered charcoal with water and proceed to put the paste in between my tooth and the gum. I watched a couple movies while this was in my mouth I did this for couple days and the abscess came to a head.


spray the abscessed tooth with hydrogen peroxide, really eases the discomfort.

Repeated Abscesses..

Tried everything but the abscess is still there & driving you crazy hurting?

The only thing that will make it Stop Hurting is antibiotics. I promise it will quit within 24 hrs, at the most 48 hrs.

Your local health dept Should offer emergency pain And/Or infection care to adults pretty cheap..Or go to a walk in clinic, er, a dentist with a cheap office visit just to get antibiotics Please.

Ive been through the same exact thing..the pain from my abscessed teeth was constant and excruciating..but the pain from the abscess on my broken tooth (with an exposed nerve) was an unexplainable, at times a literally unbearable, kind that I couldn't get any relief from.

There are endless ways to Soothe the pain But the bad news is - it will Not go away on its own without treatment (antibiotics) & it Will just keep coming back. Eventually it will get worse and it could spread to other teeth. A bad enough infection left untreated long enough could spread further, to other places in your face/neck, even into your bones. An untreated abscess can bust and go into your blood stream which can cause way more damage than a dent in your wallet. I don't have dental insurance & couldn't afford to get mine taken care of the right way. I let it go trying these remedies & I went to a half@$$ dentist ending up with 4 abscessed sockets, 2 abscessed wisdom teeth, my jaw almost broken & More Doctor/Dentist Bills (er visits -xrays- rx's to keep from it from spreading to my blood) than I wound have ever had if I had went to the health dept or urgent care to begin with.

You can try the remedies to Ease the pain very, very Temporarily but be careful. What worked for me the best was I swished a hella strong salt water mix around the bad tooth for about 25 to 30 seconds or longer and then I Loosely packed the bad tooth full of baking soda and just let it stay until it dissolved completely - but Don't Swallow it bc to much will hurt you.

I've heard a vodka (straight) or Listerine Rinse can help, garlic powder rinse, garlic & onion powder rinse. I've heard of ppl packing the tooth with a garlic clove, or packing it with a piece of an onion, putting tea tree oil on the tooth but use it Sparingly, clove oil on the tooth -it Will Burn anything it touches in your mouth other than the tooth, & last but not least - Alum powder & Salt put directly onto it, is suppose to kill the exposed nerve of the tooth didnt work for mine tho but it has for other ppl).

I hope this helps in some way....Good luck.


Alright. Straight up I always use the bottle of wine/pass out with 4 ibprophen remedybefore going to the dentist. We are talking 1 month of lost filling, two months of exposed, infected nerve. First off, try to get rid of infection via salt water and mouthwash/warm water. Drain infection with floss, get antibiotics. Use combo of benadryl, bakingsoda, clove oil, tumeric. And green tea water combined to aleveate pain until you can get that fucker removed or root canaled.


Tooth had been bothering me for a couple of days over Thanksgiving break (no dentist available), and despite prescription mouthwash, the pain escalated. By Saturday, I was popping ibuprofen every couple of hours - not good, and the pain intensified to where the whole right side of my face was throbbing. At the time, I was hoping my dentist would be able to fit me in first thing Monday morning to yank it out. Meanwhile, I came here looking for some relief, while pounding some brandy to at least help me get to sleep. Saw the teabag method, and figured I didn't have anything to lose. By next morning, the hangover hurt more than the tooth. It was still tender, but I didn't require any pain medication for it. My wife also gave me a rinse with two drops one of her essential oils in it a couple of times during the day. By that evening, I could floss there without the tooth hurting. Sunday night, another tea bag. Got up Monday morning ready for work. By Tuesday, I was able to chew on that side. Have been keeping up the rinses with the oil, and a week later, it's like it never even happened. Unreal. Someone asked elsewhere, 'what kind of teabag?' I don't know - I'm not sure it matters. I think it's herbal, but the ones I used are a few years old and stored in a Mason jar with no labels. All I know is it worked!

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