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I just tried the tooth paste today. I put it for 7 Hrs and the abscess popped. Much relief!


I will keep this short. I found out I was allergic to deodorant, colognes, and Pufumes it took me 20 years to figure out this. some people's have it worst then other.


I had heard or turmeric helping. Somewhere I read that turmeric taken with coconut oil lets the fat carry the turmeric through your system. It works. I take a spoonful of coconut oil and put maybe a half to a teaspoon of turmeric onto it a couple times a day. They almost immediately begin to drain. Best thing I've ever tried and believe me I've tried a lot!


omg i want you to know that i tried the warm water with salt it helped a little but when i tried olive oil with minced garlic and salt IT WORKS FAST i applied the paste directly to the gums at the abscess and left it there for 3 or 4 mins i did this twice then rinsed with warm salt water and WITHIN MINUTES the swelling began to go down and pain was reduced i will do this every hour as needed


This is the worst boil I have ever had and I've had a few. This ones on my chest under my breast. Its been a week and I can't breathe. So last night I woke up at two am. I had made a paste of baking soda, cinnamon (natural abx) olive oil and salt. This burns and opens the wound. For the next painful 14 hours I saturated a cloth with hydrogen peroxide and put it on the boil covered with several bandages and went to work. When I got home the boil exploded. See I originally messed up by putting neosporin on it at first which started healing the top. Major mistake! Don't ever put neosporin abx cream unless the boil has popped. Its still oozing but pain has faded. I need to get this head of pus out then it will start to heal.

filipino man

thanks everyone who made a suggestion about remedy for abscesses,i just have under my private part you how hard is that,pain,hard to stand,i try baking soda mix with toothpaste then i leep like an hour i just wake up because i feel something coming out to my abscess,so if you boil or abscess try this remedy its proven to me.thanks


I have a abscess on the top of my bum under my tail bone area. Hurts to sit and walk. First one I got when I was pregnant all I could do is put hot water on it and wait. My friend poked it with a needle some days to help drain it when it was a white bubble. But now I dont live with her and I got it again its wicked redish brown hard and starting to have white on top so tonight im putting A&D ointment on it with white vinager! To try and see if that works so mh boyfriend dosnt have to use a needle and help get puss out.
I also got to take extra pain relief since thats all I got and my docter told me she cant do nothing for it so hopefully this works tonight!!


I have old (but not that old) cephelaxin and amoxicillin i will try for my abscess. Mine is on my arm, warm to the touch and i feel subqutanious fluid. I hope some of these techniques work. The last thing i want to do is lance my own lump. Anyway. My thought was maybe look around for old antibiotics used for previous infection if u are worried enough that it might have pus/infection. Obviously drs visit is best but i have a job so no free health care.

Lee 1

Omg I've been reading about the toothpaste on the abscess and I'm hoping to god it works because my arse is on fire. Let you all know tomorrow.

Linda Bu

anal abscess
I just read this website and it is such a wonder that I did. It's the Christmas season and I think this website is the Santa Claus to me, a 47 year old woman with ulceratic colitis, which is under control by my VSL #3 and Psyllum remedy. however I ate a big meal right before Christmas and got an anal abscess the right next day. My doctor is on vacation and I am just too embarrassed to go to the emergency room to let a stranger (although a kind-hearted stranger, without a doubt) to look at my butt. I almost thought about lance it myself, but I am such a coward and the little touch of the sharp edge on my skin freaked me out. So here I am at 8 o'clock today I found this website and it is a life saver to me. I am doing exactly the tea tree oil + turmeric+baking powder ( I have no baking soda)paste right now. As soon as I applied, it feels instantly better. I am waiting to see the result now. Thank you Santa Claus. From now on, I will share my natural remedy experience with others too, hoping that I can bring some cure to somebody in need. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I can hardly type since the pungent smell is making me a little dizzy.

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