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19 Home Remedies for Cracked Fingers


Cover cracks with vit E oil and then with well adhering bandaid. Protects finger or thumb (it's almost always my right thumb bed) and promotes the healing.


I use new-skin. Just put on at night before bed. pain goes away and hands heal in a few days.


Cracked finger tips HEALED by using probiotics.

I had cracked/bleeding fingers and scaly hands. I went to 6 dermatologists who didn't have a clue, but shotguned the problem with topicals.

THEN, someone told me to eat Rosoff's Sauerkraut. Healed my fingers & hands. Used it for about 6 months, but the taste was very strong and had to drive a distance to buy it.

I tried probiotics, also with great results. Now I take 2-3 pills/day (about 32 billion dosage) and have NO problems!!! Yep, sounds too good to be true, but trust me, IT WORKS! I hear some probiotics are better than others, don't know, but I have used 2 different ones and they both work fine. A friend told me the Raw Probiotics by Garden of Life are the best, so I stick with those.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and try probiotics and reduce sugar intake. I bet you will be thrilled with the results!!!!!!

God Bess,


1: In the morning and at night use Non-Scented lotions on your hands and after a week your fingers should smooth out.
(Better results while using GoldBond)

2:On cracked fingers one or more times a day lather medicated chap stick on the dry/cracked areas.


When skin cracks appear on my finger tips in the winter time, because of the low humidity, I use Crazy Glue on the cracks. Sometimes it provides better protection than a band aid.


Studied cracked finger remedies a while back and gained the following insight -

Prior to coating hands/fingers with preferred goo, glop, or gunk, soak hands in clean warm water long enough to fully saturate; then seal in that moisture with the chosen oil, fat, extract.


After 6 years of trying everything and doctors for my constantly cracked, bleeding fingers I changed my diet to Organic, GMO free, gluten free and began taking greens and chlorella supplements everyday. In 6 short months the cracks healed, no more gloves,bandaids or avoiding water. All gone like the 6 years of pain and embarrassment never happened. I can do everything with my bare hands, dishes, gardening, cleaning! It is miraculous! Even using my computer at work is now pain free.


Washing hands a lot and handling very dry dusty items all increase the likely hood of fingers cracking. This is quite painful. Use rubber or latex gloves when working, I put hand lotion on first then the gloves. Vitamin E, or bag balm, or any thick greasy hand lotion applied liberally before bed helps. If it is really bad I apply the hand treatment and wear cotton gloves or socks on my hand to bed. one of the best ointments I have found is Spring Wind Skin Ointment. You can buy it on line. It is amazing and works great on cuts and bruises also.


Until a few years ago I never experienced dry skin but at age 54 I realized along with everything else on my body my skin is changing. Here's something simple that works for me when it comes to cracks around your fingers. I just use triple antibiotic ointment dabbed on the crack at bedtime and no gloves or bandaids covering up the crack. When I wake up the next morning the crack has healed up a lot. I do this for a couple of nights and the cracks are healed.

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