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2 Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth


Wipe the teeth with Pink salt after it's been disolved for 12 hrs. Using a cotton bud/tip cover the area with the saline solution . It won't upset your body like normal rock or sea salt and it only comes from the Hymilayan Mountain regions. For the start of pain using Bonjellar cream, used for babies during teething works wonders. Top it all off if required with a Psnsdol. No sweets or extreme temps on the teeth as these can irritate sensitive bums and teeth.


I am 17 I brush my teeth daily however not always twice a day. (I know tut tut!) a couple of moths ago I had a sun bed and started to get hideous tooth pain in one tooth, it came in gut wrenching bouts every now and again I'm not too sure if my sun bed and my pain are linked..... However went to the dentist and was told I needed a filling, and the cavity hole thing was very deep, nearly down to the 'pulp'. After this filling my pain eased.. I have allways had sensitive teeth however over the past week or so it has been horrific! Cold air, cold drinks, hot drinks, sweets, savoury food almost everything sets my pain in off it's mainly in four teeth. once the pain in one or a couple of them has started it won't go, I find rinsing my mouth with Luke warm filtered water, then taking one ibuprofen and one paracetamol (max strength) followed by brushing my teeth with lots of sensodine pro enamel but not rinsing my mouth after tended to ease or irradicate the pain (until next time) I have visited the dentist after confirming that I diddntnt have a gum Infection or grind my teeth or eat excess acid food or too much sugary food ect I have been booked to receive a coating of some kind on my teeth. I know each person is different but maybe asking your dentist about this may help. Tooth ache is the pits!! Good luck!

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