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4 Home Remedies for Rotten Tooth


Have a massive hole in a back tooth which I've ignored for a while but is now demanding all my attention!! I've been climbing the walls!!
The nighttime is the worse.. Painkillers don't help much. The only thing I have is brandy so when the pain is really intense a mouthful of brandy, held over the tooth for a minute really helps deaden the pain, it doesn't go completely but enough to get to sleep. Another tip, don't lie on the affected side, it adds to the pressure. Prop yourself up with a hot water bottle lightly against your face. Can't wait to get this sucker pulled tomorrow. Good Luck to you all.. Feeling your pain x


Ok I have a really bad tooth that is rotting away. It has been bothering me on and off but not to bad so that is why I have not contacted a dentist. I'm the person that waits till they are in agonizing pain before they go to dentist. But anyways I was reading on here some of the things to use to help with the pain. Well I didn't have any of those things so I had to think of my own way to get the pain to go away. Well I read something about garlic, well I only have minced garlic. Do I decided to dip a Q-Tip on the juice from the minced garlic and put a little salt on the Q-Tip and place it in the hole of the rotting tooth. Well at first it hurt worst then before, but it was due to the garlic being cold. About 5 mins later I realized that the pain subsided. It's been about 20 mins since I did it and still no pain. Do I don't know how long it last but I know it works for me. So hopefully it will also help someone else.


So Id been having problems with one my molers I tryed all sorts of pain relievers but none seem to work so wat I did after tyring all the above I took some amoxacilin for infection/bad bactiria nd took a garlic clove wraped it in a cotton ball and smashed it so dat the cotton ball could obsorb the garlic juice then took a small piece of the cotton ball and put it inside the hole in my tooth and by suprise it worked breat its takes the pain away for about 6to8 hrs

miss t.

About five nights ago my tooth started hurting again. I came to this site for help,my tooth is rottening has been for 3yrs. I read a lot of the stories and I came up with this. I cleaned my tooth with peroxide (brushed lightly) then I put some betadine on a small piece of cotton, put it in my tooth (it has a hole in it) for about 3 min. Repeated this 3 times. Don't. Swallow solutions. Rinsed my mouth out. I took a small piece of aspirin and put it in my tooth. Try to keep saliva away from tooth,tilting your head back helps. It will dissolve. I did this three times with one aspirin. Good go! Now two days later I repeated thee above except for the aspirin (my tooth just had a dull ache) I took some refill it ( I already had it) fit it up in my tooth, took it out and put a dab of super glue on it,stuck it back up there. I have dull ache, but it's. Bearable. It will come off if u pick at it. I do use super glue on my senseitive, great! It last about a month. I hope to get my tooth fixed by the 7th of January, I pray it's not over one hundred dollars. Hope I helped someone. Happy new years! Miss t.

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