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A persons diet is one of the best remedies of all!!! Most of the foods that we eat today have little if any nutritional value. My family was introduced to a whole foods product that has put us back on track and out of the doctors office. Juice Plus is a simple way to add the missing nutrition in your diet. My kids love it and the company does a child's study for free. If you would like more information contact me at


I was 13 and weighed 150...gross. Now, I'm 15 and weigh 130. Sure, it's only 20 pounds in two years, BUT, I didn't work out and ate literally almost anything I wanted. The thing that saved me was chocolate. I know, sounds odd, but it worked. Nutella bread first thing in the morning is what I think started it all. Why I don't know, but eating chocolate in the morning boosts your mood, makes you WANT to eat breakfast, and was satisfying.

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