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14 Home Remedies for Yellow Teeth


Get some toothpaste with baking powder in it & Brush your teeth every morning and every night 😂

nisha singh

Use baking soda while brushing your teeth or can rub yellow side of lemmon


What has worked rather well - is to put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide on a clean, soft toothbrush and brush over teeth gently for few seconds, then rinse mouth well with water, and repeat this 3 times over the course of a minute or two. Can only recommend doing this once in a while though(every few weeks or months) because regular use of 3% hydrogen peroxide in this way is too harsh.


brush your teeth at least twice a day, within two weeks u'll see some changes.

Lilly G

I guarantee that this remedy will work. It tops all others for yellow teeth because it is one of the most effective and doesn't destroy the enamel on your teeth. It is going to sound gross but it actually has an almost neutral taste unlike the popular bi-carb remedy which tastes gross!

1. Get Charcoal either from the fire or buying the activated charcoal capsules which is better.
2. Either crush up the charcoal lumps or open and empty out the charcoal contents from the tablet.
3. rub on teeth for a couple of minutes.
4. wash it all off.

•Can use as often as you like and no damage will •occur to teeth.
•it won't stain your teeth
•it's good for the stomach
•Will see an obvious whitening effect after 3 uses.

My great grandmother used this to brush her teeth every day and the dentist said she had the best teeth he had ever seen!

Tooth fairy

My teeth used to be really yellow and felt gross! But I switched my toothpaste to a crest and then started brushing my teeth everywhere in each area! Simply brushing your gums, the roof of your mouth and also your tongue will make u feel cleaner improve your breath and whiten your teeth! But also strawberries every once in a while rub a strawberry on ur teeth wipe it off and then ur good to go!!


Mix Lemon Juice with baking soda, let it dry for a few min until it becomes a pasty white/yellow color then brush on your teeth. Remember to avoid brushing over your gum to prevent gum damage.


Banana peel is good for whitening your teeth ,just take out the peel and rub your teeth for hardly 5 mins:)agnd you will see the results, they will shine & no more yellowish.keep smiling


I didn't have a lot at home so I improvised. I took a teaspoon of olive oil a dash of baking soda and my regular crest whitening toothpaste. Mix it into a paste and brush like you would with your normal toothpaste. Then rinse and brush with your toothpaste only. Do this at regular brush times and you'll see amazing results!


So I tried about 10 different methods, then I came up with my own and it worked in 5 minutes about. So get your toothpaste and squirt some in a bowl then add some baking soda then some peroxide and Listerine and mix it together the mixture won't be thick but not soupy but if it is add some more baking soda or toothpaste which ever you want. Then brush with that for 5 minutes then spit and rinse with warm water for 2 minutes. And your teeth will be pearly almost.

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