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1 Home Remedy for Tooth Extraction Aftercare


This is my 2cnd wisdom tooth extraction. I have never had a dry socket but know many people that have and I am recommending these remedies to you as I did for them because they really work. First, for the first 24hrs after extraction keep your gauze biting down firmly so the blood clot can form in the socket and start healing. Avoid spitting, sucking hot liquids, caffeine, smoking, alcohol, rinsing and solid foods. Another alternative instead of gauze is using a moist tea bag the tanic acid helps the blood clot to form. Sleep upright not flat in order to promote healing.Get plenty of rest and refrain from doing too much activity. After 24 hours keep fallowing what is mentioned above except you may, depending on how you feel, switch to some solid foods but if you do remember to chew on the opposite side of the extraction. You can also do a lite rinse with warm salt water to clean the area. If you are a person that smokes, it is recommended that you wait at least 24-48 hrs after the extraction. If you do smoke take a gauze pad and wet it with water and place it over the extraction area. This helps prevent smoke from getting into the area.CoQ10 is a recommended Vitamin supplement that has many benefits including healing gum tissue so I would highly recommend that. If for some reason you get a dry socket, the DenTek Toothache Kit which you can purchase at any drug store is the number one recommended dry socket care kit that provides instant relief and helps heal the socket. Clove oil works just as well. Remember after your extraction to brush your teeth but brush gently. You may also use a small amount off hydrogen peroxide mixed with an equal part of water for a lite rinse. For a pain reliever that has worked on the worst tooth aches ever imaginable that I have had is Aleve. Fallowing this after care will be very effective.

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