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3 Home Remedies for Soft Skin


Use a lotion that has beneficial moisturizing ingredients (i.e. goat's milk, shea butter, dimethicone, beeswax). Works best right after you've taken a bath. I guarantee this is your source for soft skin!


I found one that you can find in your local grocery store/drugstore. And it lives up to it's name. Dove Visible Care Softening Creme Body Wash, Works Wonders the only thing I use that keeps me silky soft.


Ok girls... I think I found a GREAT solution for soft skin.Take 3-4 tbls of pure virgin coconut oil ( you can buy it at a health food store)and melt it in the microwave until its warm to the touch then add pure sugar until it is thick enough in texture to scoop out w/ your hands. Take warm shower and scrub away...Not too hard though! It's amazing how soft and great smelling your skin will be!!!! But be careful as like any other oil scrub it will make the tub alittle slippery. Warning!! your boyfriend wont be able to keep his hands off of you!! ;)

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