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I have a broken wisdom tooth that feels like a knife being run through my jaws. I learned that if you take an aspirin and place it on the tooth and gently bite down and allow to dissolved the pain goes away for a few hours sometimes all day. Works great for me until I get it checked.


i have about 5 broken teeth all with roots exposed... i went to the hospital and they gave me peniclin to help get the infection to go away but it didnt really help with the pain right away. so i went to my local cvs and got a mouth wash with poroxide in it. i heard that when u get teeth pulled it really helps with the pain. i followed the directions on the bottle and finaly some relief.. if you cant get to a cvs or any drug store try mixing poroxide and water swishing it in your mouth. (DO NOT SWOLLOW) for about a minute... it will take some time for the pain to go away but it really helped me. i hope everyones pain goes away. best of luck.


I have several cracked teeth one started hurting real bad the whole tooth. I was going insane. I would rather give birth again then go through this. I used garlic no relief. Also vanilla extract wow did that burn and it was nasty. So I tried oil of oregano I rubbed it on it worked like that the pain was gone instantly. It's a dream come true. Oil of oregano is great for lots of stuff look it up you will be amazed. It's good for nail fungus, skin fungus also it's good for internal infections also put a few drops in your spaghetti sauce. I hope it works for you.


Ok its 2am an i was woke out of a dead sleep by thia toothache hours ago. I am also sick so breathing through my nose is impossible. The tooth thats hurtin is a molar that had broken off. I trying everything tonight!! & Nothing worked.. then i seen baby tylenol on the affected area.. TAA DAA! I have no pain now and i can breath through my mouth without pain!

Tooth Fairy

I had my tooth.broken about 2 yrs ago playing football. Until then I hadnt had as much as a cavity before, by the way I was 24 at this time (not bragging), just saying in 24yrs I never knew the severity of a toothache. A few months ago was when it started to hurt. As time went on the pain greatly intensified. I started making my own homemade fillings out of cotton from qtips. That worked sum what but I needed sum type of pain relief applied directly to the area. I turned to this site, and started reading blogs and came across the tea bag solution. I was in doubt at first but after applying a teabag( that I had wet in the faucet) directly to the affected area, and wala, instant relief. So I figured if it works this good outside the tooth, it must work wonders inside. So I took a small piece of the bag and stuffed it into the hole that the breakage had caused. Not only relief, but I barely remembered it was a bad tooth there. I did this yesterday morning, no pain all day and throughout the night. I woke up this morning, took the stuffing out, cleaned the affected area, repeated the teabag process, with a little cotton also just to protect the teabag, and so far been walkin on sunshine


broken tooth exposed nerve hurts like all hell first off take some pain pills you CAN take ibuprofen and acetometaphen at the same time also anything with cloves apply directly to tooth i have this cavity gum you temporarily fill cavities with(they got it at walgreens) by itself its only good to keep off the cold but i rolled it around in some ground cloves and shoved it in there works great also brush with non freshening tooth paste like colgate original cavity protection anything with minty freshner will make your motuh cold and we all know how that feels oh and to hell with ora gel that just made my tooth throb more hope this helps


I tried everything in the world for my cracked tooth and nothing worked I mean nothing I tried every remedy on here so I took a BC POWDER! I usually take them when I get headache I took it within minutes it was gone the best thing ever... don't take 1 but 2...u can buy them at any convience store...I PROMISE YOU IT WILL KILL ANY PAIN YOU HAVE...NO MORE TEA BAGS, CLOVE OIL, OR ANY THING JUST GET A BC POWDER!


I have a broken tooth and no dental insurance. After reading the suggestions on this site, I tried the Red Cross product. It worked great but the amount was so little that it could get expensive if the problem was ongoing.
My solution was to buy pure oil of clove, (had to get it online because I live in a small community) the main ingriedent in Red Cross.
It takes a while to work. Because of this I decided to try it without adding sesame oil to delute it. And it worked GREAT!!
Caution, Don't use cotton balls, use cotton swabs. Also, gently squeeze the soaked swab to avoid getting too much in your mouth and getting those bothersome side effects. Place the swab on/in your broken tooth and bite down gently. Hold it there for a few minutes to give it a chance to work.
You may need to do this 1-2 times a day for 2-3 days, but it has been several months since I did this the first time and today was the first time the pain returned.


I have had a tooth ache for 2days I took tylenol pm last night and it workec. It came back again tonight so I looked up on here and found someone used a garlic clove. I dont have garlic clive but I do have garlic powder it burns like anythin but if u tub it in your gums and pour some on the too it works pressure is gone and the pain is gone. Thank u jesus. Lol
Eileen Cranston Rhode Island

Justin Moore

my far back tooth, literally there is only half of it and before it cracked in half, it was hollow and i could stick my pinky inside the hurt but....latley i've been eating apples to relieve the pain....i don't know if it's something you would like to try, but while i eat the apple i feel relief not it's like eating and helping the pain go away...try it and tell me what YOU think about it. and saves you money

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