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51 Home Remedies for Broken Tooth

Nicole H

I saw a lot of people who said ibuprofen works really great for broken tooth pain relief most of my teeth are broken or starting to break and personally ibuprofen doesn't even help but what I did find that helps is Naproxen Sodium brand name is like Advil ect. You can buy it pretty cheap just about anywhere. Fair warning Naproxen sodium may cause a severe allergic reaction, especially in people allergic to aspirin. It contains NSAID which may cause severe stomach bleeding. Chances are higher if you are 60 years or older, have had stomach ulcers or bleeding problems, take a blood thinning or steroid drug, take other drugs containing NSAID's(aspirin, ibuprofen,naproxen, and others, you have 3+ alcoholic drinks everyday while using this product, take more or for longer time than directed. Another thing that may help is brush your teeth and get anything that's stuck in the tooth out and put some orajel on some was generally used for braces and form it to the holes. Not always the most pleasant option I've found it hurts pretty bad for a minute or two then works great. I wish all luck and if you're like me and have chronic dry mouth now would be the time to try some of the mouth washes specifically for dry mouth. The biotin gum isn't the best tasting but it does help with the dry mouth which helps prevent your teeth from decaying no matter what you do.


I had a broken tooth start hurts really bad. It made my ear, head, and mouth hurt so bad I was crying. I tried salt water and heat, with no relief. I got on here and was reading some of the other ideas, so I went and got the garlic powder and rubbed it on my gums around the broken tooth and then I mixed garlic powder & water and swished it around in my mouth. After about 5 minutes, the pain was cut in half, so then I kept reading and someone said to take Vick Vapor rub on the cheek in the area of the bad tooth and with 5 minutes the pain was GONE!


My upper left molar just broke a week ago but tonight.the pain hit and woke me up.luckily I still had some dent tek has euginal oil in it.I put it in and with in 5mins pain relief.the pain was horrible until then. Orajel was doing nothing. I took tylenol because I had no ibuprofen. Ibuprofen is best cause its anti-inflamitory. But its best to get on an antibiotic and be seen by a dentist as soon as possible. If no dental insurance. I would try the er.just wanted to share what had worked for me.hopefully it will help someone out there.


I also have a broken molar in the back as well as wisdom teeth coming in so both are getting painful. Today it was unbearable. Tried bread nothing worked. Tylenol doesn't work and I would take 6 at a time. The only thing that works fast is IBUPROFEN extra strength. 400 mg. Took 2 and within 15 minutes it was instant relief! I got a bottle of 36 doe 12 bucks I highly recommend it!! Hope it helps

Desie Michelle

Just saw all the posts about whiskey and Vodka but if you are like me and barely ever have alcohol in your house RUM WORKS TOO!!!! Just tried it going to bed now finally after 4 days

Brittany dunn

Ive tried alot of these remedies on here and some of them work and some dnt. My teeth pain is so bad that my ears hurt along with my mouth. I have found what works best for me till i can afford to see a dentist is cough suppressants. Cough drops or bezsonatate( which is a prescribe pill) work wonders. Just put them by or in the tooth and let it dissolve. The benzonatate will numb everything and takes the pain away as well as cough drops. Also chloraseptic works well to. Spray it on tissue or cotton swab and bute down on it and it numbs the pain. Works for hours and some times even for days. Hope this works for you!!!


I had a bad toothache got on here read a little just so happend to have some garlic in fridge from dinner few weeks ago still good I think anyway I peeled a piece bit down on it started to swish when I got some spit built up burnt my tongue a little but help my tooth great idea thanks to all and to all a good night


i have a tooth that is broken in half and until tonight had been unsuccessful with finding a way to stop the pain. looking on here i saw someone suggest vaporub on the cheek just outside where the toothache is. it took about 5-10 min to kick in but now there is no pain. until i can get into a dentist to get the tooth pulled i am going to keep vaporub nearby at all times.


ive had a broken molar for quite sometime, its been bothering me for awhile now, have taken fish mox,, lots of ibuprofen,real vanilla mox is amoxicillian still up in the air with this, it weakens ur immune system,garlic powder in paste works good but the black pepper seems to be doing wonders,pack it in and around,first garlic powder,rinse,baking soda,rinse,and finally black pepper!!!!!!!

April O

I have a broken molar, and it is Sunday, so I have to wait until tomorrow to go to the dentist. I used red cross oral pain relief. You can get it at walgreens for about $7.50. I did not use the cotton pellets that came with it, instead I used a q-tip and let it set on the tooth for about 5 minutes until almost completely numb, then took 800mg ibuprofen while numb. I have been about 95% pain free for about 2 hours now.

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