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I had three broken teeth and my nerves were also exposed. I tried alot of the remedies on here and they all worked somewhat. The ones that really worked the most for me is pure vanilla extra, peroxide and, orajel. And of course inflammatory pills such as ibuprofen and naproxin. This should work for you if not get to doctor/dentist.


I broke a back tooth off and exposed raw nerves im self employed with no insurance for dental so I been trying any and all home remedies so far the only relief came from a product calld dentak it stopped the nerve from being exposed because its a putty u push into the broke area and let set up and dry ive had to repeat process several times it only holds for two days but does gove relief till dentist appointment in a week lol


Ok so i have always had bad teeth! But recently one of my top teeth split and half of it fell out! The nerves are exposed and is almost un-livable! I keep having this 'popping' sensation in my broken tooth and i feel like my brain is going to explode!! Ive tried so many home remedies to make it stop (since im a poor American who cant afford insurance) and finally my fiance took the cotton off a q-tip and covered it in orajel and stuffed it in the massive hole where my tooth used to be and it works great! It stopped hurting and it keeps food and stuff from getting lodged in there.. idk if its ideal... but it kept me from committing suicide!! Lol


I have had a tooth that was filled through malpractice and because of the bad filling my tooth has been chipping apart and just recently a chunk of the tooth had broken off and is causing alot of pain. I have tried medicine, origel, mouthwash and even mouth cleaning liquids to stop the pain but there is one thing my mother had told me to use that helps numb the pain in the gums until you can get help. Take a black tea bag and run hot not warm but hot water on the tea bag and place the tea bag into your mouth gently being careful not to break the bag. the acids in the tea will help numb the pain down for a while and make it easier to handle. good luck


My wisdom tooth is broken in half & I've been going through & beyond for home remedies. when someone told you to spray perfume on a napkin & hold it on the tooth. to my surprise it works AMEN


ok so I've researched and read lots of sites and tried almost everything besides digging this tooth out with a knife!Once I started researching I found many people have no insurance and limited resources like myself & I would never wish this pain on anyone and hope you find relief soon ... my wisdom teeth finally grew in and I don't have enough room in my mouth and its putting pressure on my entire jaw behind my ear and into an unbearable migraine on one side of my head and my top right wisdom tooth has slowly broken off down to the gum and an exposed nerve with just a small corner of the tooth left poking out next to it so EVERYTHING hurts and nothing takes the pain away completely and needs to been taken care of by the dentist ASAP but if you are like myself without dental insurance and do not have the cash I suggest looking around for a low cost clinic that may work with you or most universities have a dental program that you can go through and have students do your dental for only a fraction of the cost. It's scary at first to think of a STUDENT doing the work but my mother went this route through MUSC in Charleston and they did an amazing job and were assisted by licensed practitioner and instructor. Meanwhile for temporary relief a few things that helped me is Ibuprofen (LOTS) floss in all areas you can stand to even the broken tooth just be careful !! then brush your teeth. I've found Sensodyne repair and protect or COLGATE preoxide and baking soda toothpaste is the BEST! follow up with using ORAJEL antiseptic rinse for mouth sores kills bacteria in mouth and helps sooth throbbing then I top it off with putting ORAJEL directly on the tooth but I use the double medicated tube for extra relief directly on my tooth, nerve, and surrounding gum.

Now before I found this regimen and had access to the store I used any OTC pain killer I had in my cabinet, laid on a heating pad but found esp. with an infected tooth not only does the heat only irritate the inflammation but can also draw the infect outward and increase swelling and pressure so instead use icyhot or vick's vapor rub on the outside of your cheek. you can also make a mouth rinse of warm salt water or 1/2 warm water & 1/2 peroxide ...swish and rinse DO NOT SWALLOW!! also oil of cloves(eugenol) can be found at local health food stores GNC etc. which will help deaden the nerve but careful to apply only to affected area it will burn but it works! or also can use vodka, etc on tooth nerve and gums but wiskey works best for me ;) esp orally lol There are many other home remedies but these are the one's I've personally tried that helped me find some relief without causing more damage

** If you suspect an infection, untreated it could be serious and only lead to more pain so please get seen ASAP. You can even go to the ER and at least get some temp pain killers and antibiotics to help clear and prevent spread of any infection but that is only temporary until a dentist can be seen ...GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!! :)


If there's a hole in a tooth one can wash it out well, with water-pick, and/or vigorous rinsing, then dry best you can, and fill with a paste made with zinc oxide powder and clove bud oil, this was/is a standard 'temporary filling' which sanitizes, numbs, and covers exposed nerve endings. Such may last a month or two if done optimally.

Found zinc oxide powder (years ago)online came from Great Britain. Clove bud oil @ San Francisco Herbs, Mountain Rose Herbs, or Lucky Vitamin, and others.

Someone mentioned JB Weld...but that stuff has nasty chemical odor (have used it on many things besides teeth), but did find a white epoxy at WalMart that is 'potable', meaning it's relatively 'non-toxic'...but it didn't seem to stay put much longer than the zinc oxide / clove oil paste. And sealing over any significant decay can be hazardous, as an infection may then be more prone to spread inward...

Had a 'life-threatening' abscess years ago...resorted to prayer and fasting - took 8 days to experience much relief...but was able to survive/overcome, with The Lord's Help!

feelnsexi46 (PB)

So i broke my back molar about a week and a half ago. Actually it was broke about two years ago, but I broke it even better this last time. Tonight was the night where it felt like I couldn't stand the pain. Cold water, oh hell no, warm water, ok.. Food would AMD still get stuck up in between even though I don't even chew on that side. I took a More in 800 mg along with crushing up an aspirin and putting that directly onto the broken area and the gum. I even dipped a q-tip in liquid ibuprofen and bit down on the q-tip.. This was about 15 mins ago I did all this. I'm laying down and resting and I don't seem to have any pain.... So good luck on this if you decide to try.. On to the next remedy,  I had a customer tell me she had put JB Weld on her broken tooth and it held for 14 years and I hadn't even said anything about a broken tooth... I'm actually pondering this over, because like a lot of people I work my ass off at a big home improvement store, for little pay and part time with no benefits. So I can't afford dental and I can't afford anything anyways... Anywhozer, good luck and let me know how your tooth pain gets to feeling better... I am not a dentist, knore do i play one on TV... Try JB Weld as a tooth sealant should only be done if and only if you decide nothing else has worked for you and then and only then would I maybe try.... Good luck and get some relief


I broke my wisdom teeth a while back but I can't afford the surgery to get them removed. After I had my son, I noticed the wisdom teeth started chipping more. Pain gets intense!! I finally found a remedy that helped me & I hope it will help someone else!
1. Brush teeth & floss (even the broken/chipped teeth
2. Rinse with salt water
3. Put Vicks Vapor Rub on the cheek where the tooth hurts
4. Take ibuprofen it help keep swelling down
5. Keep head elevated while you sleep


I saw the post about garlic powder on here so I figured I would try it. I am no stranger to tooth pain and have never seen anything about using garlic powder before but it really worked. I rubbed it in on my gums and stuffed a little in the crack in my tooth and almost instantly the pain went away.
Thanks ! :)

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