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51 Home Remedies for Broken Tooth

jamie o flynn

i have severley bad teeth, not proud of my wreckless youth but thats the situation im in.. i have massive toothaches that react with other teeth to cause headaches etc.. the best thing that i have found for pretty much instant relieve is swill some paddy powers whiskey around in ur mouth .. whether u swallow or not it does the trick :)


Take a onion chop it super small get a clove crush it mix with the onion place on tooth and gum with in 15 seconds the pain is gone thank god

My tooth and mouth are in PAIN!

I don't have a remedy, I had a question actually. My wisdom tooth is chipped not even that bad but the pain is getting bad, it feels like it wants to fall out of my mouth but the tooth is in there good. I have used pain relievers and oragel but now it doesn't seem to work it would work within the hour, now it's been about 2hrs and it's still bothering me I can't even eat and I'm pregnant. I am so afraid to even try and touch the tooth because it will hurt, certain remedies require to touch it but I am so scared I hate this pain! I didn't even touch the tooth but the gum near it and it started hurting I finally made a doctor apt but it's not until next week. I really don't know what to do about this I am literally going crazy over this!


Went to bed with Vicks on my cheek, woke with no pain, but after about an hour, it was back. Took some Ibuprofen, drank my morning coffee lukewarm, brushed my teeth with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda and Peroxide Toothpaste (which seems to help). Still had some pain so I put some course sea salt on my gums and also chewed on some...definite pain relief...along with a glass of warm red wine...of course. :)


As a bourbon drinker, I thought that would work best, but it only works if the pain has not hit the unbearable stage. Tried the Ambesol...numbed the whole side of my mouth and wore off way too soon. Went the warm teabag route, hurt like crazy at first, helped somewhat after two teabags, but my morning coffee was brutal. After a very long day, and a blinding flash of the obvious, I tried some Ibuprofen; which, along with a large glass of warm red wine, has taken the pain away from my tooth, jaw, face, and head. Will probably adding the Vicks to this little routine, and possibly the garlic cure. Good Luck to you all... Wine a little. :)


I have had a broken tooth for a few month no insurance and just moved so no money. I started getting problems with hot and cold pain. I started putting hydrogen peroxide in mouth a tablespoons moved it around alot for a few min and spit out then I use coconut oil a table hold in mouth just like peroxide and move around alot for 20 min this is called pulling oil and it has antibiotic use I now have no problems with the tooth. You can also get fish med that will give help you with out going to a doctor and they are as good as people med I have taken the Fish Mox for a ear infection 250 x a day and if got rid of the infection you tube has the patriot nurse that talk about using these antibiotic here is a web page on it I would only do this if there is no way to get to a dentist and no money and a bad infection but it works hope this helps some of you out there

Severe Toothache

Hurricane gel works miracles...


My broken tooth is a jagged stub and slices into my tongue. Until I can see the dentist Monday, I discovered (hold off on the Nobel nomination) that one of my Macks (brand) soft foam earplugs fills the gap comfortably providing a physical barrier twixt demonic tooth and painful, bleeding tongue. I often remove it (the earplug) for a good rinse under running water, or I just swish another sip of beer to promote good, dental hygiene while anticipating Monday's experience. Okay. Now go ahead and make the call to Sweden.


My mom always tells me to swish warm salt water. But it never seems to do much. I usually get a cold can of soda from the fridge and hold it on mouth. But ive discovered Dentek at Walmart for less than 3 dollars. Take a little ball of it and press into broken teeth.


Toothpaste or Ambersol works. I rumber Ambersol on a cotton swab on my cheek and that helped for me.

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