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10 Home Remedies for Strep Throat

Jennife Vinson

Cure Strep Throat In 24 to 48 Hours.
3 tablespoons of Pure Honey
1/4 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
a whole Garlic Bulb of Garlic, Grated or Pressed through a Garlic Press.
Mix Honey and Cayenne, then add Garlic.
Put in a container with a tight sealed lid.
Take 1 teaspoon every hour that you are awake. chew and swallow, allow to coat throat and do not eat or drink for half hour after taking.
It really doesn't taste bad and I promise is VERY re-leaving.
Take until gone.
I took mine a little sporadically due to I had to be around people and didn't want to gas them out with my Breath and It still worked. I had taken it all in a matter of Two days and was cured. This has been a life saver for me since I do not have insurance at this time.


Airborne. Not to promote a commercial product. Or, take the individual things in it. Not my favorite though because of the fake sugar.

I used to get strep every year til I discovered Vitamin C. I'd take 1,000 mg 3-4 times a day. That'd usually knock it out. One of the main ingredients in Airborne is 1,000 mg of C. Plus other good stuff (Zinc, E, echinacea, etc)

I still use C plus other stuff like ACV (apple cider vinegar). I usually drink it mixed in water once or twice a week. Eat raw garlic. Lemon in water. I mix these things up and take at least one of these every day. I keep Airborne with me for emergencies. Like I popped one in a meeting cause I was sitting next to a stuffed up person with red eyes that said they 'felt better'.


I have suffered with strep for litterally years before finding out that it was what I'd so often had. Now my son gets it too. I believe that constant bouts of strep are a good sign that the intestinal flora is out of balance. If you look at the full spectrum proabotics they have streptococcus bacteria in them. Believe it or not we are all carriers. I was having an extreem bout of it and studied up on natural antibacterial herbs. Cinnamon is one. For a never fail remedy for strep suck on cinnamon disks. If it's bad you'll think you've put hell fire in your mouth, but by the second one it will be better. In fact i have used this remedy repeatedly over about a six month period and haven't had it in about another six. Give it a try, it works better than antibiotics and it doesn't screw the intestinal flora up even more.

Wild Child Gardens

Blend fresh garlic & green chile (or chile powder if you prefer) into honey. If you have oregano oil, stir in a couple drops. Take a half teaspoon of this mixture about every half hour for a couple days.

Osha root is good to chew on. You can also buy it candied or osha root syrup. Or make your own syrup by boiling the root down, strain & mix in 1/2 the weight in honey.

warmth soothes the membranes, so drink lots of hot tea & soup. Gargle with warm salt water.


For strep. Buy some pepermints with the pink cinnamon filling and suck on them it really helps.


Eating m&ms drink cold iced tea and eat lots of ice


Do NOT eat dairy or sugar because it will all build up more mucus in your throat which will make it hurt more.

I recommend squeezing lemon juice, and then just drinking. (No seeds in it obviously) So you'll probably want to take the seeds out. And then right after your done drinking, drink some water because the water will taste sweet because of how sour the lemon is. I also recommend drinking lots of soup. Try to eat many citrusy such as: oranges and pineapples. I recommend doing all of these things when u first feel the signs of a sore throat


Strep is a very dangerous bacteria. Untreated it can cause kidney failure. My husband was a carrier years ago. That means he would get a slight case of it and could still function (and spread it around to others while he was functioning) My children an I would come down with a horrific case of it. The symptoms were sudden onset of bright red throat, painful throat, pain on swallowing, high fever and chills, horrible headache that no pain med could touch, and shortly after the onset the throat fills with puss. We were able to break the cycle of the Strep by using a homeopathic called Belladonna. The key to any homeopathic remedy is to administer the remedy at the very FIRST sign of symptoms. After we treated with Belladonna, it strengthen our immune systems and we stopped having the infections. Highly contagious and dangerous.


antibiotics followed by probiotics, along with plenty of gargling and Tylenol.


Starting yesterday, I had strep throat. So i decided to use everything I read online into one combination. Get 1 cup of tea (doesnt matter which kind) 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, then heat it for 50 seconds in the microwave. Take 1 spoon of peanut butter and dip it in the tea. Swallow the peanut butter, and repeat if needed. It worked for me (: Good luck <3

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