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I have suffered from anxiety attacks since I was four years old. I clearly remember the first real attack I had. I was lying on my parents floor and I had woken up from a dream where there was this large dog who was dying. When I woke up I started to hyperventilate and I was having sharp chest pain. I must have been a very strange four year old because I went to my parents and informed them I was having a heart attack! lol needless to say they didnt take me seriously. Ive continued to have them on and off since then and I am now 22. Not only do I have the attacks, but sometimes Im in a constant state of panic. All day long the anxiety nags at me like an intruding thought. For no reason at all my heart speeds up and I get dizzy, sometimes I even get hives. The only remedy I have found, and it doesnt always work, is taking a hot shower or a bath. I try to completely clear my head and concentrate on the sound of the water. Its a lot like meditation I guess. I wish people who dont suffer from anxiety understood just how disabling it can be.


I have been suffering from anxiety for a while. I was on Paxil for a long time and hated how it made me feel. It took away the worst anxiety but also took away the joy. I am learning to 'go with it' too. I have started driving again after a long period of none at all. I was deathly afraid of having a dizzy spell behind the wheel. I go to the store and I fell dizzy...sweat..heart pounding. etc. I used to run out but now i breathe through it. Try taking an ipod with you. When you start feeling it come on..turn on the ipod..It distracts you ..Anxiety is a path we have to walk down..It isnt pleasant but you can learn to manage it. I did the midwest center program 2 years ago. I havent had a full blown attack since then..and it was something as simple as being told (even though you already know) that you are not going to are not going to pass out...the feelings will pass.. sounds silly but it worked for me

Christian Weeks

I have had panic attacks since I was 16. I am currently taking xanax for them and I am starting to feel like I am relying on them only. once I had a panic attack so bad that I called 911 at 3:00 in the morning, I had the cops, fire dpt., and meds by the time they got there I was basically fine. but I found that what relaxes me the most is to be with my family :) I also stay up late watching Disney Movies and dressing I know I am almost 18 but believe me it helps.....oh! and chewing on ice Pray and I hope that these options work for some of you. God Bless :)


4 spoons of sea salt in a glasss of water or a half a quart of 2 % or hole hits your blood stream an the electro lytes i think cause your ph to go up an your nerves to behave.i only found this out by prayer an thinking i was dying haha an i saw this in my head twice so i did it an it salt i drank milk,no milk i drank salt.please please please every one look up how 2 ph your blood.acid foods are the cause of every disease known to = calcium in living vegatables to balance your blood an acid like a battery an alcaline.amen Jesus thanx

Jill from Ky

Well first I want to start off and say that I don't have a remedy, and I've ready alot of you guys' post. Just reading these calm me down. I have been having these anxiety attacks with my first being in 2006, ever since then they have gotten worse. I'm so glad that in my misery I find hope by reading that I'm not the only one I do pray alot when I feel one coming on and try and breath. These are really starting to take over my life and I also don't like to travel long distances alone. I have a daughter who is 15 months and I really just want to be able to enjoy my ever day life with her instead of having to worry about having an anxiety attack. I'm trying to learn what really triggers them. it seems as if I'm dating someone or on the go I'm fine. Some people just don't understand how serious these are and what they do to the people that suffer on a day to day basis. I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one and I will be trying some of the remedies I've read today God Bless You guys!

Kimberly L.

Through trial and error I found a natural anxiety product that works very well in my case called Panicyl. I can't recall off the top of my head all of the ingredients in it but I know it has L-Theanine, GABA, 5-HTP, Ashwagandha, and various Vit. B's. Has anyone else been using this one too?


I have suffered from anxiety disorder for almost 3 years now. i have tried many different homeopathic meds and remedies. i still havent found anything that has worked for me 'yet'.i have even tried hypnotherapy. i received some good breathing techniques from the therapy but it didnt help cure anything, it just relaxed me for the time being until another attack came along. i refuse to take any prescription medications as i know it only puts the anxiety at a hault and doesnt actually cure the anxiety. i used to be in and out of the hospital constantly until i realized that everytime i would go to the hospital the doctors would tell me that i have anxiety disorder and need to take a prescribed medication which i will not do. i am always scared that my anxiety is going to start affecting my family. i have lost alot of friends. i basically have no social life anymore due to the fact that i am scared to travel long distances. whenever i would experience a panic attack it was to the extreme. it scared the life out of me (literally). after about a year of having anxiety it got to the point where i was scared to go anywhere by myself. i would have my husband by my side constantly. whenever i have to travel distances now i think in my head that i just want to avoid the situation so that i dont have a panic attack but i would tell myself that im scared of the thought of having to go somewhere and when i force myself to do it i am fine. i realized that its not the place that scares me its the thought of knowing that i have to do it so i just tell myself that i want to do it not that i have to do it and it really helps me. when i get myself into that type of situation i just clear my head of all bad thoughts and think about my beautiful daughter. i take slow breaths in my nose and out my mouth. i concentrate on my breathing and think about the things that make me want to wake up and conquor the anxiety everyday, that is my daughter and my husband. i know that i will find a cure to rid myself of this horrible problem that is taking over my life day by day. i received alot of interesting facts from everyones remedies. thank you all so much. god bless!


Hi, i have panic disorder, ive had it sense i was 16, im 22 now. the first thing my doctor did was start me on an anti-depressant which helped for a while, but it seemed to wear off once i started college. so i decided to try the mind over body method, which worked almost completely i learned what triggers my attacks, smells, voices, even temperature change! so learn what causes them. then find a natural way to cope, i dont reccomend taking diasapham or valumes or any sort of pill like that because you will become dependant on the pill to stop your attacks, not yourself. if they are very severe, take a minamal amount, just enough to calm you. i learned to deal with mine through breathing techniques i learned in pillaties...i avoid caffiene at all costs, green tea seems to really trigger them for me for some reason. also, i take a multi-vitamin daily which has helped significantly!! its scientifically proven that a lack of B vatamins causes the misfire of neurlogical signals to the muscles. just google it, it will amaze you.
i also suffer from severe depression and migrains and when my neurologist put me on neurotriptiline (sp) in a very very small dose, it has helped significantly...its been about 2 months sense i had an attack!


I was going to say I suffered from panic attacks but then I thought I actually didn't because the first time I had it was horrendous but then I wlearned to accept it. I was 17,I wasin the movies with my girllfriend. Suddenly I started sweating, my heart beating extremely fast and feeling like I had lost it. Soon after I saw a psychotherapist and I learned what it was. I felt better when I actually learned that I would not die from it or lose my mind from it. Slowly, with the help of my therapist, I learned to recognize it and just be aware of it. I learned to just welcome it when it came because all it was was basically bad energy leaving my body and it actually was a great thing that the bad energy was leaving my body. One more thing, my therapist told me, imagine you are trying to surf in the ocean. What do you do?Do you fight with the waves or just allow the waves to help you surf. You allow the waves to help you surf. So i allowed myself to actually exoerience the panic attack without judging. It doesn't mean that you are crazy or a bad person or whatever. The trick is to recognize it and surf it.

Phillis M.

I've had success with the herbs 5-HTP, L-Theanine, and GABA (oh and also Vitamin B-12) for my anxiety & panic problems. I think I was born with the disorder since my family has a history of it. Last year my best friend told me about a natural supplement she takes called Panicyl that has all of these herbs and vitamins and a few others for anxiety. Thats what I now take and love it. Has anyone else tried this supplement?

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