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109 Home Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Disorder


I have a number of remedies for Anxiety and/or Stress, starting with my top recomendation and on.

1. Hypnosis/self hypnosis - this has been show to be the most benificial alternative remedy that doesn't involve medication, herbs, supplements ect. You can even hypnotize yourself and there are many programs out there on the internet for that.

2. Blue Vervain - a natural herb that is usually found as a tincture, has no adverse reactions known and promotes relaxation, due to the fact that it is a natural muscle relaxer. It only lasts a couple of hours and needs to be taken several times throughout the day, however. Some may not like the taste of it either, but is better when mixed with tea.

3. Kavaa - a natural muscle relaxer, the strongest I know out there and can be found in a variety of means (ie tea or pills, etc). However, it can cause insomnia and should only be taken in the morning. It can also cause memory lapses and decreased concentration or focus. It should not be taken every day, and only in intervals with at least a week off every month. The positive benifit is that it puts you in a very relaxed state, can take away muscle spasms, twitches, rashes and other stress related problems. I suggest Yogi Kavaa Stress Relief Tea with Kavaa.

Other Herbs for Anxiety/Stress:

Gotu kola
Passion flower


My name is Jess. I am 13. I have been experiencing panic attacks for a year now, and while many of you have been dealing with it longer than I have, I have already reached my breaking point. Maybe it's because I've been a lifelong worrier; maybe it's because my father has it; maybe it's because I'm a type I diabetic. Nevertheless, when I first noticed my panic attacks, I thought I was dying. I spent the last weeks of my seventh grade year sleeping in my parent's bed, only getting out twice a day to eat, then back to bed. I didn't sleep much, though. The fear kept me wide awake. My parents decided to take me to see a therapist. We decided I have General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and we worked together to see how we could fix it. My panic and anxiety seemed to lessen once the new school year started, until slowly it began to get worse. Every month there would be a period of time in which my anxiety and panic would become unbearable. I would breakdown, and, recently, into tears, wishing this was over. I had tried the techniques, the relaxing, the praying, the thinking positively, the home remedies. We are against using medication in fear of it having a negative effect on me. The breathing, praying, and thinking positively helped for awhile. But now, I have a new problem; school. I cannot last an hour in every classroom anymore without fear of going low or high (blood sugar, diabetic issues) or hyperventilating - I'd done it once before, I will do anything to avoid having it happen again. I have also noticed it only happens in my classrooms up stairs, and four out of seven of my classes happen to be on the second floor. This has been happening ever since last friday, when I had a major panic attack right in the middle of an exam - not because it was hard, simply because I feared I would die, the floor would cave in, or I would cause a scene by going low or hyperventilating. I have not made an entire school day since then. Yesterday, I made it to three. Today, five. Tomorrow, I hope I will make it through the day. Also, I have noticed that the feel of my panic and anxiety changes every few weeks. It's always different, it's as if there are stages. One stage will be bad, the next, decent, the next, good, then back to bad, and the cycle continues. I can only hope that this current stage will be over soon and that I can stop the cycle.

Enough about me, though!
Here are some things I have found to help me during my struggle.
- Taking 10-20 minutes out of your day to meditate and relax. Doing yoga, breathing, whatever it takes.
- When in a panic attack, think 'Alright. I have been through this before many times. I can and will do it again. Take your shot, panic!'. Don't forget to breath deeply into your stomach. Count if you must, 'In, 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... Hold it ... Out, 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... 4 ... In, 1 ..' (and so on) Think of things that make you happy. For me, it's childhood memories of parks I used to go to, or hanging out with friends, or thinking of a favourite song, or my family. I've read from a newsletter I get from a site called Panic Away to count down from 20. Tell yourself, 'Okay, panic. If x is going to happen to me, it must happen within these next 20 seconds. This is your only chance!' And begin the count down. DO NOT COUNT DOWN FAST! Take your time! When you get down to five and below, tease it by saying '5.. 4 and a half.. four.. Come on now, time's almost up! 3 and three quarters, 3 and a half.. any time now!' etc., as this will boost your confidence by showing that even if you allow extra time, nothing will happen! Remember that a panic attack will never hurt you.
- Exercise. I know you've heart it everywhere, but it really does help! Not only that, but even talking a walk every day can help make you much happier.
- I cannot stress this enough. SLEEP. If you do not get enough sleep, your tiredness is GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOUR ANXIETY AND PANIC WORSE. Trust. Me. On. That.
- Talk to someone about what's going on. A friend, family, a doctor, your teacher, even! Talking about it never ceases to help me. Finding a friend who also deals with a form of panic or anxiety is even better.
- Eating better. Eliminate caffeine from your diet for a while and see the difference. I'm not just talking about your morning coffee, I mean all those sodas too. Regular, diet, decaff, I don't care. I won't even drink it. I do occasionally slip up and drink tea, but some nice warm herbal tea can really relax you and calm you down. Now, if you need that caffeine for energy, they have vitamins out there that work wonders. I've been taking B-12 for quit some time now, and really gives you an energy boost. More greens are helping me as well; I eat a salad every day with my lunch, and tend to feel a bit more calm afterwords.

I forgot to mention this, but there are some herbal, homeopathic tablets you can also take. I have tried Hyland's Calms Forte and Nerve Tonic, both are fantastic.

I really hope this helped! Remember, keep a positive mind, relax, breathe. You can and will make it. Never give up.


I tried this remedy, I have suffered for anxitites, and panic attacks first do some yoga, then take vitamin b-complex, also you can take herbal for maximum benefits.1. avena
2. ashwgandha 3. gotu kola 4. red clover 5. kava kava 6. valerian root 7. nettle it can be tea or taken indididually or in comination with one another for maximum benefit

Sarah Tyndall

I am 14 and have had anxiety attacks since I was twelve years old. One thing I have done to help with these is to first try your best to avoid situations you know will cause stress. (Which is a duh) And if I am having one a nice cool cloth on my face and neck usually help. I like to put music on or turn on the t.v. Some kind of noise that isn't to loud and rough on the ears and is relaxing. These are a few things that have helped me and I hope help you.


5. Hot bath
4. Drink ice water
3. Chew on ice
2. 6-8 hours of sleep
1. Deep & slow breathing

Always think positive

panic attacks since 2008
winning the battle now


My panic attacks started about 6 months ago, no doubt brought on by stress. These attacks cause me pretty severe physical symptoms just like all of you: very high blood pressure, sweaty palms, nervousness, chest pain, dizziness, etc. These are so crippling to me and my family and make it impossible to even leave the house at times. I decided to really try and get to the root of these attacks and man has it been a battle. The main thing therapy helped me realize is these attacks are brought on because of my thoughts about a certain situation. Sure things happen and they cause stress, but the attacks themselves are due to the thought about that situation. I have been able to overcome these panic attacks and have been doing wonderful. Therapy helped, but the work I did on my own has helped the most. Please try reading 'When Panic Attacks' and really put it to work. At first I was perscribed anti-depressants and tranquilizers, but I knew it was bandaiding the problem. That book has made a huge impact on my life. I also suggest getting a support group of family and friends. It is hard to go at this alone. I have changed so much to try and overcome this: diet, exercise, meditation. It has really brought me closer to myself, my family and God. Prayer is powerful and all things are possible with Christ!
When I am at my worst having a panick attack I read a magazine with articles that I am interested in. I love hunting so I usually grab a magazine about hunting, go to a queit room (which is hard having 4 daughters), shut the door, lie down and read until I am totally relaxed. Deep breaths and relaxing music works sometimes. I also pray A LOT! Hope this finds someone and helps!


My panic attacks started in 1990 till 1995 for some reason they went away. For the past year now I have been getting attacks again now they are so bad that I can't go anywhere alone. I make sure that I am never alone one of my adult children is with me 24-7. I am a 47 yr old single female, I keep my children from haveing a life because they have to be by my side to comfort me when I have an attack, my kids do not understand what I am going through they only see how scared get. I do a lot of praying, these attacks keep me humble. When I have an attack I pray out loud & tell God I'm scard I don't know why I'm going through this Lord but I need you to comfort me I have no one to turn to but you. Sometimes holding one of my grandkids helps. I try to tell myself 'your not gonna die, it'll be over soon' but it gets pretty scary. I just went on a trip we were on the road for 16 hours away from home for 10 days, I had 1 bad panic attack I almost ruined our trip. My daughter got a womans multi vitiman I took as we started our trip which seem to help. I know that God will heal me & my family from this generational curse.


First I would like to thank those that have posted and given some of their experiences and stories. Reading through the posts actually helped me work through an attack. A reminder that no matter how much it feels like it when you are having an attack, you are not alone…or crazy. ;-)

I have had anxiety and panic attacks for a while. I had them as a child but did not know what they were at the time. As a child, when I had an attack it felt like I was looking through someone else eyes, very surreal. I think my curious nature to see where it was going is the only thing that let me work through the anxiety attack without worse effects. I am currently 31 and still experience attacks. The attacks are also fueled by OCD habits and thought patterns. Especially when it comes to restrictions of choices, physical and mental & emotional constrictions/restrictions; Like catastrophia is various forms. Another example: If I agree or decide to do A and it may restrict me from doing/experiencing B, C and or D. I have a great potential for an attack. That’s life…some would say….unfortunately attacks aren’t logical things or I could have problem solved my way out of them long ago.
What works for me WHEN AN ATTACK IS ONSET….
1. I don’t fight it! It makes it worse.
2. Breathe. Slow, deep breaths. If I feel my breath keep going into my upper chest(throat) only, hyperventilating, I put my hand(s) on the side of my chest or rib cage and try to concentrate my breath to my hands. Sitting/standing up helps the breathing as well.
3. Distracting the senses, in turn changing neg. to pos. thoughts. (Audio/Olfaction/Touch/Visual) … (even in background), relaxing or comforting scent, rubbing stone, something fluffy, picture of loved ones (also helps if you have trouble sleeping) For some it may work for a friend to hold your hand. I find if someone tries to hug me when I’m in an attack it makes it worse, but a light touch on the arm or hand doesn’t.
If you are someone that has attacks, it is a good idea to have things close by. MP3 player, something fuzzy your friend gave you on your key chain. Someone else blogged they have plastic baggie with cotton ball soaked in a scent. If you are someone researching for a friend, here are some gift ideas.
4. Pych. I use my own attack's logic against itself. For the most part any logic being fed by your attack won’t be able to stand any line of questioning or reality check.
If my attack is telling me, “It’s not right/perfect, it won’t work.” I tell myself if I’m that worried about it not being right, then I know I will make the time to make it work. “The new job is going to keep you from doing those things.” If those things are that important to me I will find other ways/times to do them. Get yourself out of the attack before making a decision whether the job best works for you. Making major decisions during an attack is not advisable. I have. Not advisable.
5. Give yourself permission to work though an attack. Allow yourself the time. The world will not blow up or melt away if you do.

1. Eat well. No sugar, sweeteners, caffeine, sodium, avoid processed foods (as they have many of the previous in them) I know it may be easier said then done, but the more you avoid them the better it will be. Experiment. Side note, I bet your skin will look better too. And you will be able to taste all the flavors in your food more.
2. Exercise. I find if I don’t do something, even just taking a hike a few times a week. I go into mood swings and thoughts that can lead to an attack. For me, I tend to have a lot of energy and if I don’t use it, it goes stale in my body, bogs everything down, then the vicious cycle begins. For those who tend not to be very active, or energy people, or “busy”, exercise (full body physical activity of any sort) helps at least keep you balanced mentally and physically. You don’t have to do a lot, just be consistent in what you do and it will make a difference. Suggest walking/hikes with a partner.
3. Sleep. Restful sleep. I found that taking naps helped. It took the pressure off of ‘you have to sleep now’. ‘You have to make sure you get your 8 hrs’. for some reason just lying on the couch or in a comfy chair for an hour , ½ hour, even 15min is some of the best sleep I get. So when I do go to bed, I sleep a lot better. And taking some breather time before I go to bed, to let the day go. Also helps a lot. I find if I stay up, push myself, until I’m so tried I don’t want to do anything but sleep, and just go to bed, it is not as restful of sleep. Also during the day if I don’t give myself some breather time. Same results.
4. Supplements/Vitamins. There are some great suggestions on the other posts.

2 WEEKS, is a magic timeframe. If you can be consistent with any routine, eating habit for 2 weeks, you’ll notice a difference and also develop a habit in a pos. direction.

I know this was loooong. But I hope it does help. I know it helps me just seeing it all in writing. Side note: If you are questioning your insanity you are probably pretty sane, in a bad spot, but sane. ;-)


I am 70 years old and have been fighting panic attacks off an on since about age 20. After a lot of therapy
I found most women who suffer panic attacks have been abused. Talk therapy helps but when something really stressful triggers you it's back to the therapist again. Drugs work and they are better than doing crazy things when you are in a severe panic attack.
I like herbs and sometimes they work. Kava and lemon balm and valerian have all worked somewhat.
BUT there are just times when nothing but Xanax works.

Apples Santillan

I've been a in a call centre industry and working there is really giving me a stress. Sometimes I don't have any faith in myself any more and I don't want to go out because of it. I've different remedies like watching movies, eating sweets etc. but it doesnt work for me either. A friend started to recommend a meditation audio and I've tried it at home while everything is quiet around me. It works great for me. Its called 'The Journey'. Here's the link if you readers wanted to try for yourself. I would really recommend to you a meditation audio that I've tried. It will guide you in focusing, to get clarity and finding your center, calming yourself. You will experience more than deep relaxation and letting go of stress and anxiety. It done a great deal for me. hope it will do the same to you. You can email me at if you want details about the audio.

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