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Hi everyone. I've read all your posts and one remedy I have not seen that really helped me in a long term / life changing way was.... hypnosis.
After 4 sessions of hypnosis I was able to access and use a word que on my command to stop bad/fearful thoughts that were causing my anxiety. I use the word que every day. I don't take any medications or use and other remedies and its a long term change in my thinking that will last a lifetime so long as I keep making use of it.


Self Regulation Therapy. Google it.


I have been fighting with anxiety for almost a year now. I have been on prescribed drugs, but they haven't done anything, I have yet to conquer my anxiety, but something that I feel really helps is fresh air. Whether it's opening a window or actually going outside. Also deep breaths imagining that with every breath you are breathing out anxiety and breathing in fresh, pure air. This is the only thing that has seems to help me so far. Best of luck to everyone.

F Simes

I had panic attacks intermittently from age 21 to 45. I have not had them for the last 10 years. My first panic attack was probably the most frightening thing I'd experienced. It lasted four hours. I was taken to ER and my pulse and blood pressure were dangerously high. I was given liquid Valium intravenously, which cured me instantly.

Now, however, I have my own regimen and they are as follows:

1. Whistle a tune. Whistling forces you to breathe normally and corrects the O2/CO2 imbalance. An imbalance of those gases will make feel disoriented and make your heart palpitate.

2. Sing a song. Singing does the same thing. It's also a pleasurable thing to do, along with whistling, which causes you to take your mind off the panic. Singing decreases the production of fear-generating neurotransmitters, such as norepinephrine.

3. Have someone rub your feet. Or for that matter, have them give you a full body massage. This also reduces the production of the fear-oriented peptides and takes your mind off the panic.

4. Learn to meditate. I'm not suggesting one take up a mystical practice. Proper meditating is all about breathing properly and thinking of nothing but your breathing. This helps you both in terms of correcting the possible O2/CO2 imbalance and to help you produce neurotransmitters associated with a sense of well-being, such as serotonin, and calm-inducing ones, such as endorphin.

5. Eat a few papaya enzymes. Take 4, 5, 10, or 12. Papaya enzymes are absolutely harmless in terms of side effects but highly effective in curing an upset stomach. Gas in your stomach – gastritis – can make you feel pressure into your chest. Papaya enzymes will in one minute eliminate the painful, gassy, bloated feeling in the abdomen and stomach that can make you think that there is something wrong with your heart.

6. Do as the main character from 'The Beautiful Mind' dealt with his schizophrenia by saying to himself 'Well, that's just my schizophrenia, so I'm going to ignore it'. One can do the same with panic and anxiety by saying 'Well, that's just my panic, so I'm going to choose to let it do its thing and I'm not going to let it bother me so much', or something to that effect. By saying this to oneself, he/she objectifies the fear, doom, and downward spiral of panic enough to cope with it and to not react to it in a feeding-back, out-of-control manner.

7. Exercise. Take up yoga, Tai-chi, Qi Quong, pilates, calisthenics, ken-po, kung-fu, aiki-do, gynnastics, stretching, trapeze, bicycling, swimming. Sweating out one's toxins makes you feel better in general AND you feel stronger. One produces more of the desirable neurotransmitters with exercise, as well.

8. Eat food that hasn't been denatured and adulterated. Who knows what all the hormones, antibiotics, insecticides, herbicides, and genetic-altering can do to your nervous system?

9. Take vitamin and mineral supplements.

10. Get plenty of sleep. Take naps as needed.

That's my remedy for panic or anxiety attacks.


Im 41. And like all of you ive tried everything. Pills, pot, meditation, sex, drugs, rock and roll, all the herbs, henbane, kava, valerian, hops, shitloads of booze. Anything to just stop my brain from telling me i am going to die. Sleep used to be a joke. I tried all the anti-depressents, narcotics etc. But i have found the holy grail for all of us.

Breakfast - 250 mgs of GABA
Lunch - 250 MGs of GABA
Dinner - 250 MGS of GABA
Before bed - 500 MGs of GABA and 500 MGS of Magnesium(Ionic Fizz is the best)

Its important to know that your panic attack is a sympton of a lie that our brains are telling us. It tells us its time to worry and blast off. Do what i do and tell your brain to STFU. And it hates it when i do something positive that builds self esteem. Running or walking etc.

Now for the last thing that will set you free. GET OUT OF OURSELVES AND INTO SOMEONE ELSE. I cant stress this enough. In the middle of your attack, go but a couple 1$ hamburgers and give them to a homeless man. Tell him you love him and that God does as well. Then shake his or her hand. You will think about that person and the good you did all day. Thats my meditation.


Hi guys. You most likely need more magnesium/calcium/zinc.
I have been there i have done everything you can imagine- doctors, antidepressants, etc. And the solution was easier than i thought. Started to search through the net for natural ways to treat my anxiety attacks. With the antidepressants i had terrible side effects. The doctors prefer to give prescription meds, do not take it before you try the magnesium. You can read a lot about it. I personally bought a supplement from a the Whole Foods market. It has all the 3 in it. It suggests to take 4 veggie capsules a day, but i take only 2 and also B12. I recently quit drinking coffee also instead i drink caffein free teas such as the 'Yogi' brands calming tea which is stress reliever and anti anxiety blend.


Peppermint infusion!

Nourish your body instead of trying to fix it. Get enough sleep of course. For those with issues with sleeping (including me) peppermint works for that too. Hops is a strong sleep aid as well. Drink a hops tea before bed.

Everyone has different symptoms for panic attacks. Mine involve uncontrollable tremors. I either get very hot or cold. The air feels thick, too thick to breathe.

I am fairly new to all of this. I have only had these attacks at this level for a year. They are frequent especially the week before menstration. I have at least two a week. It was almost everyday for a while.

I have only had one in the past four months! No meds. I don't like pills. Something about swallowing a compact powdered chemically designed in a lab sounds mighty unnatural. I have been drinking peppermint infusion. An infusion is four cups boiling water to one ounce herb. Let sit covered for at least four hours.

Peppermint tea is nice but it doesn't extract enough goodies from the herb.

Nettle and oatstraw are excellent sources of nourishment for a strong body and energy.


Take a Benadryl, I take them when I am having bad anxiety or a panic attack. It is especially helpful at night when I go to bed because my anxiety seems to get worse.


My name is Erica, and I have had panic attacks since I was 13, i'm 24 now. Most people can say their fear or phobia is at least adult.Ever since I was 13 I have been terrified of falling asleep,being alone, or being in the dark. I have tried psychology, psychiatry, self help, guided meditation and drooling medication. I cannot simply avoid my fear, every night I must force myself into a room I know will trigger a several hour long panic attack. I will suffer in silence because others can't understand my fear, and I sometimes am positive I will die before I wake. I know this probably isnt what you want to hear but i needed to share with someone the horrid existence im experiencing. People think im lazy because I stay up late and sleep in all day, the truth is even being in my room in the dark causes me so much anxiety its normally 4-5 am before I fall asleep. Like I said I have tried it all. I love marijuana. I have panic attacks at the thought of falling asleep, which isnt condusive to falling asleep, go figure. I usually smoke (or make banana bread) Right at the first sign of sweating. I love marijuana because not only does it allow your brain to react to the stimuli at a slower pace, it also keeps all your muscles loose, which helps because if yours are like mine, they get done and you feel like youve run a marathon. I hate sleeping and cant take sleeping pills because they have a wicked morning after effect AND I will fight them until they wear off. I know you take a sleeping pill to sleep, well my PTSD wont allow that to happen. I recently went back to the psychologist and he said he wanted to help me re-experience the event, no thank you, once was enough.

Smoke some pot, bake it in to your baked goods, I dont care how you ingest it, but if your having a panic attack, grab a blanket, call that one good friend who understands, and spark a bowl, you can't fight it, you just have to learn to ride the wave of PTSD, good luck my friends


hey guys. my name is juliette and i am 17 years old. i have suffered from panic and anxiety attacks since i was 14. i had a very traumatic childhood and my family moved almost every 2 years. i didnt have a stable life and now that my life has slowed down a bit i am experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks. i am never calm and my heart is constanlty pouding out of my chest. i have social fears and school has become a very big problem. i am a senior and your senior year is supposed to be fun but i am not having very much fun. there is one class, sociology/criminology, that gives me a huge problem. it is held in a very small room and the room is filled with 30 kids. i have horrible panic attacks in this class and i feel like im in danger. no one is helping me. i brought it up to my guidance counselor and family but no one is helping me. i cant go through 5 more months of this. i need help. i need to know how to deal with my anxiety attacks without having to leave the classroom. thank youu

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