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109 Home Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Disorder


I say this: 'Jesus, you took this on the cross, I do not have to have it. By your stripes I am healed.Thank you, Lord.
Give me the peace that passes all understanding'. The word is light and light overcomes darkness always.
God's thoughts overcome your thoughts. Think on His words to us. 'I will never forsake you or leave you' I am a present help in time of trouble. Say these scriptures out loud
.Also, Breathing into a paper bag to slow down breathing..seems to help a lot. you need iron, (Eat beets and dates) also and B vitamins. Calming supplements like magnesium are essential.


Also have your doctor check to see if you are anemic or need to take iron supplements.


I used to suffer severe anxiety and occasional panic attacks so severe that I couldn't breath. These seemed to get worse in my 40's as I went through Peri-Menopause, as well as times of prolonged stress.

When I once took an antianxiety medication, due to extreme stress and nervousness during a custody battle, I felt 'normal' for the first time in years. But these are habit forming and can have serious side-effects if taken long-term, so I didn't want to continue to take it for more than a few weeks.

I have found the following things have helped me totally eliminate my anxiety and panic attacks:

Daily Vitamins:
1 Multivitamin of your choice
1 High-potentcy B-Complex (250-500 mg approx dose per B Vitamin type)
1 Sublingual Dose B-12 (1000 iu)
1 Tab 400 mg Magnesium
2 capsules 2000 iu ea (4000 iu total) Vitamin D-3

In addition to the above, I began using a Progesterone (20 mg measured dose) cream, which helped with my menopausal symptoms. I was tested and found to be producing too much estrogen, was having mental fog, night sweats, mood swings and difficulty sleeping. This helped and I can buy it online or from a health food store - all natural form.


I have occasional anxiety attaks, usualy it will happen while I'm sleeping and I will wake up already in the middle of one. The things I have found that help me are as follows....
1- Take a walk and get some fresh air outside.
2- Re-assure yourself that It's just a bad feeling, it can't hurt you.
3- Do something you don't normaly do, It could be anything, like listen to music you've never heard before or watch a new movie (or an old one for that matter) anything that you have not experienced. Repeating the same things seems to not help me but new things do. Break away from the mundane, reppitition is not helpfull.
4- Relax in any way that helps. Hot showers and baths work a little. A hot cup of tea, play with your cat, etc. Find what makes you calm.
To conclude I want to say that I have been going through an attack right now and just taking the time to wright this has helped me because I am no longer focusing on whatever it is that makes me feel this way, I hope I have helped others out there.


I have dealt with anxiety for years. I do not want to take prescription med and I don't have health insurance. To keep going to the Dr. I found a remedy that works for me it is call relaquil. You can buy it on line and it is really easy. It works!!!!


I am someone who is in severe manic depression right now in my life. My little eleven year old angel (Whom) was my only child passed away 35 days ago. I am having a very difficult time in how to cope with this, and I think my panic attacks are even more unbearable because my precious little girl left me so unbelievably sudden. I didn't have time to prepare myself, and most importantly I didn't have time to say goodbye to my baby.

My family, friends, and the man that I love so dearly are completely NOT knowing how to deal with me, or how to help me. I feel like everyone is trying to either figure out how to deal with me, or they are just there (More less) feeling guilty for me; so that's why they are around. I feel like they are doing it more for themselves.

The man I love and whom I have cared for for such a long period of time, is so selfish that even when I call him crying at night....he doesn't answer; and will tell me the next day that he is busy with his nephews (Who are precious as well), but it just hurts. It hurts because the VERY few people I have turned too... Keep letting me down. NOW! I mean, I don't want no one to baby me, but I find it so very selfish of him and a friend who I have always been there to just treat me that way.

They see that this is my most horrible time in my life, and they are more concerned about having to deal with me than to really just be there for me.

I miss my daughter so much that I just pray to God to let me die. There is no point for me to go on right now. There is no hope and there is no happiness anymore.

Please someone help me. Please.


I have suffered from anxiety on and off for years. Going through two bad marriages perpetuated the problem. The anxiety was not a daily issue, just sometimes life gets so stress full I needed a little extra help. I started using a product called Relaquil. Relaquil is a natural product that has helped me through these tough times. I have plenty more challenging times, and will continue to use it. I recommend relaquil :)


I suffered with severe anxiety and panic about 15 years ago and pretty much felt like I had it under control -still had panic attacks in certain places or situations but learned to deal with them. The anxiety and panic have started up again and not really sure what triggered it. Experiencing agoraphobia now as well with some places.I think it is bothering me so much because I am angry it came back! I am working through this again and trying to be patient - here is a website that has some free advice from a doctor - - amazing advice and has helped me a lot. Also journaling everyday is helpful - put your feelings in writing. It's also just a comfort to read through some of these other posts and know that I am not alone. Thank you


Try MSM. Depression runs in my Family and along with it I get panic attacks and just the feeling of being so weak minded at times. Like I can't control my thoughts. Just awful!! I started taking MSM and those panic attacks are gone. Make sure to get optiMSM as that is the Pure MSM. My bottle was 12.00 for 200 Caplets of 1000 mg each. I take 4 a day and they say you can take more. A friend of mine takes 6 Capsules a day and plays golf all the time, always has energy, never gets depressed, no more COPD symptoms, doesn't ever get sick and it cured her Allergies!!! She has more energy than I do and is always on the go. She is 71 years old. I LOVE this stuff!!! (Takes a few weeks to start working full speed).


I have been having anxiety and/or panic attacks for a while now. They seem to have started about the time my son was born and I started moving up in the ranks in the military. My son had some medical issues early on that we got through, but it left me so worried all the time. I began to worry about his health all the time, my health and my wifes. I began to worry about 'what if' I lose my job, get arrested, die...etc. What will my family do without my support? Eventually the stress and worrying caught up with me and manifested itself into physical symptoms. I started to clench my jaws, grind my teeth, get dizzy, feel brain fog, and just feel out of it. My blood pressure went up and my heartbeat became very fast. I began to fear visiting the doctor, and was diagnosed with 'white-coat' syndrome. I always felt as if I was losing control, and that life was passing me by. I felt as if I was just watching my life go by and not enjoying it. I covered up most of my symptoms from my family for a long time.

I cured my anxiety by talking it out with myself. Here are some of the things I said:

-You are going to die. It's only a matter of time and there is nothing you can do to stop it. It will happen. You might as well embrace it.
-You are missing your life. You only get one life and it is passing you by. Soon, you will be dead and you will have missed out on everything.
-Nobody gives a s@$t what you are doing, look like, or think. You have to make the impression if you want people to notice you in a positive way.
-Your son is looking up to you. Do you want him to follow your lead and fear everything?
-You are a f@!%ing man. Stand up and fight for your right to live in a positive way. Fight this for your family.

By talking this out with myself, and paying attention to my physical symptoms, I was able to beat it. Before, I just ignored my symptoms and tried to not pay attention to them and hope they would go away. Now, I actively pay attention to my jaws when they clench and relax them. When I feel panicky in a small room with alot of people, I tell myself 'bring it on, I will beat you'. Being able to recognize it and beat it has been the best. I massage my neck, temples, and feet. Hot baths and relaxing music help alot as well. Anything to just unwind and be alone for even a few minutes make the world of difference.

I hope this helps someone else and just know that if I am going through this, anyone can. I am married, have a son, and been traveling the world in the military for the past 13 years. I am extremelly successful in the military, and I am now also happy.

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