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I commented a couple posts ago & since have had a grand mal seizure from trying to stop taking the xanax i was prescribed to help the anxiety attacks. I suggest NOONE take xanax. It literally made me a zombie all i did was sleep. Yes it helped calm me down but everytime i wouldnt take it i felt sooo bad and i deciedes to stop takin it for good and it almost killed me. I was in the seizure 15 mins bit my tounge almost completely off peed my pants i was done thanl god my bf was there. I had to go to REHAB to get off them bc they are so dangerous and i was on tge lowest dose and only taken as prescribed for about 5 months. I learned in counseling alot about anxiety attacks & my agorophobia. I kno stress is a big trigger for my anxiety attacks. Im now in counseling and not takibg any meds and its helping alot. I also learned belly breathing. Which is the #1 thing that is amazing. If you hld ur hand on ur belly and take deep breathes dont take a deep breathe in and pull ur shoulders up and suck ur belly in actually push ur stomach out when u inhale so it pushs ur hand out. When u inhale and raisr ur shoulders and tighten ur stomach init actually makes yor body think your struggling to breathe and will make your anxiety worse! So take deep breathe slowly pushing your belly out and keeping ur shoulders relaxed it really helps! & also try to do something to not think about it sing along to the radio engage in a convo call someone. If u keep thinking omg my hearts beating fast i cant breathe ur only addi g fuel to the fire. And if u tell urself not to think about it. Guess what ur thinking about not thinkin about it which is stil thinking about it. You kno ive had anxiety attacks nonatop since i was 16 n am 23 i am agoraphobic been on prozac (bad headaches), lexapro (made me MEAN), Wellbutrin (didnt work), cymbalta (made me feel crazy litally), effexor (didnt help), xanax (highly addictive have to get weened off, one of the most dangerous meds to take and to stop takin, made me have a seizure) & theres a couple more i cant think of right now and you know what im not taking ANYTHING & i haven't called my mom crying everyday havent left work, pulled over or turned around. If i can do it u can trust me!! My symptoms were HORRIBLE had racin heart, legs arm go numb, dizzy, felt like i was goin crazy, felt disconnected from ppl, seen things in almost 2d, couldnt see straight, etc. N it was all day everyday. If anyone wants to email me n talk my emails hope this helps!!!


i actually dont have a remedy, but im still filling the effects of what i think was a panic attack my chest is sore my heart 'was beating fast) and i felt like i was dying i had convince myself that today was the last day i had and that it would be over sonner than later i actually just started having these problems and its from the use of marijuana i had quite for awhile since i had my first one and felt alot better so i figured id try smoking again well people i was wrong, it immediatly made it worse and everyone was freaking out because i was saying im gonna die im gonna die but so far i havent so im thankful for that but ive finally decided pot just isnt for me and it probably wouldnt hurt to quit cigarettes either doctors took my blood and had chest xrays done and they said it doesnt seem to my heart that they couldnt determine the cause, but it has to be panic attacks ive read the symptoms, and i always have them all,rapid heart rate,numb fingers, sense of the end as they put it had that one today didnt care much for it lol i dont know if its my body and stress or if its just the pot but i do know one thing i sure as hell am done with pot but i found this website because i was concerned had to find out if it was a pnaic attack and the severity of the condition im still hurting but its nice to know im not alone thanks everyone for your posts they have helped


Hello. I am a 49 year old female and have fought panic attacks and severe anxiety my entire life. I have been fighting anxiety to the point where I have been totally non functioning. I have been to shrinks and family doctors. The only relief I ever received was either from valium, xanax and klonopin. Which honestly I did not mind to take if my life was functional again. But with all the abuse of these drugs, doctors are becoming unwilling to keep you on these medications. Anyway...after much more research, I have found a VITAMIN that is totally healing my problem. I am so excited I wanted to share this with others. I read about a Canadian Physician who has CURED some mental illnesses with this VITAMIN and so I decided to try it, as my nerves were coming apart once again with out medications. I am taking NIACINAMIDE 500mg 3 times per day and my racing heart, tingling in feet and hands, FEAR, stress, holding my breath etc., are totally gone!! To me this is a miracle without benzos. I started on Tuesday and today is Friday. I have been to the bathroom alot, as if this vitamin is cleaning out my system, but this stopped today. A person can take up to 3000mg per day if necessary. The only warning I have read is if you have liver problems keep your dosage low. I feel the difference after I take one in 30 minutes. I am taking a capsule. I would recommend buying pill instead of capsule so if you need to take the dose down you can. As severe as my anxiety and panic were I just jumped in with both feet with 500mg. Any one suffering from panic and anxiety please try this. It is a true miracle for me. I have my life back !!!!!!


One REALLY GOOD way to beat a major panic attack is to get angry in an appropriate manner - you certainly do not want to dig up angry memories of the past which will only make ongoing recovery more difficult.

My mum told me about this technique after ending up in Emergency for what she thought was a heart attack - but it was a major panic attack.

I later this technique very successfully when undergoing the start of a major panic attack. I felt my legs go numb up to my knees, and managed to hold it there. I knew that I had to get angry, but first I had to get back to my mum's place where I was staying. I waited calmly (somehow)for my mum to pick me up outside her local public swimming pool. I sat under a shaded tree well out of the way of people. She arrived 10-very-long-minutes late.

I then had to concentrate on getting my mum to drive me back to her rural property, which was 15 minutes away, and without creating her any anxiety (which she is highly prone to).

She kept on insisting that she wanted to stop off at her local General Store to pick up a gardening trowel. I had to keep reiterating in calm tones that I needed to get to her place without delay and that this was very important - I did not tell her about what I was undergoing until we reached the main gate to her property.

At this point I then explained what I was undergoing and that I needed to be driven right up to the front of the house. I then conveyed to her that I would be using ANGER to beat the panic attack. I did this in order to prepare her for the anger that would erupt from me as soon as the car stopped and I stepped out.

I threw my swimming bag to the ground and cursed vehemently - 'I F***ing hate this!' My anger was being directed at the hold that anxiety had over me.

I then proceeded down into my mums lower paddock, where I had complete privacy for others. I then started punching into the air aggressively, over and over for an hour.

I cursed this thing inside of me - I referred to it as the devil or the termite. I then repeated over and over the likes of:

'You Termite, this will be a fair fight and am not prepared to let you win'.

An important note: the day prior to this I was sitting peacefully outside the house on a wooden bench. I started reflecting upon the life of Jesus and as him being an example to humanity on how to deal with the failings of the human flesh. I also contemplated how he was tempted by the devil, over and over, during his time in the desert. He had to get through this experience in order that he could know the sins of the flesh - all in order that he could pass on his teachings to all with compassion, knowing what it meant to be truly human.



I am 16 years old and i have had anxiety/panic attacks for about a year and a half. It mostly happens during thunderstorms, whenever someone yells at me in a way that upsets me, and when i know something bad is going to happen. The only way i know how to control is is to block out all background noise i will usually put in my ear phones and have music playing really loud or a movie. But i notice it takes a long time to relax. I have been looking everywhere for home treatments but i haven't found anything that works. Some of the things i have tried include; trying to distract myself, saint johns wart, and meditating. But i still find myself in a situation where my hearts beats fast, i cant breathe, i feel like im gonna throw up,and sometime to the point i shake. I also have IBS so whenever i get into a panic attack i have to make sure im close to a bathroom. If you have any other ways to help me please let me know.


I fell what everyone is going through.
I starting going through most of these same symptoms and attacks at about 15 years of age. Now 32 this is about the same time I decided to try Marijuna and LSD. Even though I did these drugs only for about a year.I'm now left with anxiety and depression, 18 years of being bumped around on different medications. The worst part of it all is the side effects of all these different meds. I don;t know what's worse the severe anxiety or withdrawls.Sometimes I feel like giving up. Everything is easier said then done but having a good reason to go on struggling in life as we all do I think makes it easier. For me it's God my wife and son. Excerise/walking also helps me relax


Dont really know how to begin this but I guess it really started bad when I was 22. But have to kinda give a quick overview of my earlier life. As a teenager in highschool nothin really bothered me except I was kinda a hypochondriac. I experimented with all different types of drugs (marijuana always being my favorite that i smoked everyday from 14 to 18)I never had any bad reactions to any of them. Once I turned about 18 I noticed my heart would start racing from smokin pot as well as when I would drink alcohol. I slowly stopped smoking pot as that was getting worse. Now at this point by 18 (and nomore pot smoking) my heart would race every night before bed and I'd always have hard time falling asleep. I went to doctors and had EKGs done and everything was normal. So I just dealt with it. Finally by the age of 22 I started to take percocets after getting my wisdom teeth out. I ended up getting addicted but they relaxed me and helped with my heart racing but did ruin my life financially. After a year of takin them my heart would start racing again like it had during the end of my pot smokin days. I kinda just looked past it. Well one night I decided to try smokin pot again. After I smoked my heart started racing like crazy. I was with a couple friends so I was tryin to play it cool. But my mind started racing and I got it in my head I was having a heart attack. Then I just lost it. My friends house was right behind a hospital. I got out of the house and called 911 sayin I was walking over to the hospital and I was having a heart attack. I had myself so amped up I was going nuts. I went into hospital absolutely losing it. They took me in right away(which when I look back I feel like a douche because someone with a serious problem Probly had to wait longer cuz me). I finally calmed down when they took me in and I felt so stupid. They said it was a panic attack due to the pot. After I left that night my life went down hill. I started having panic attacks every day especially at night. I would wake up in middle of night and pace around the house. It was always around 2 or 3 in the morning. I finally had to wake my mother up one night and talk to her about it. Again feeling dumb being 22 and having to wake my mother up. Come to find out she had them too at my age. So I finally went to doctors. Got put on Paxil only. After 2 weeks it was worse. Having the worst panic attacks I've ever had. Once while driving to work in the morningI pulled over and called 911(again like a douche) then that night I wole up around 5am. I paced around my room for a good half hour fighting from losing it. Eventually I snapped and woke my brother up and made him drive me to hospital. On the way there I was sure as hell I was gonna die. I lost it the hole rode there. Was longest ride of my life. They took me in and had to pretty mush restrain me to a bed cuz I could not stop moving. They gave me 10 Ativans. I stopped the Paxil right after. I eventually went to a therapist. My primary prescribed me Xanax. I thought if never get better. I wouldn't drive anymore or go to places I enjoyed going before because as you all know you have that fear of havin one in public. I basically went to work and went home. I would not allow myself to sleep until i just couldnt stay awake anymore for the fear of waking up In the middle of a panic attack. Finally i was so fed up i was determined to get over it. My life really just sucked. A few things that eventually started to get me to see a light at the end of a tunnel was my old boss who had panic disorder. I would call her every time I was having one. just talking to her and her knowing how I was feeling helped me through it. I quit smoking ciggeretts and drinking (not that i was a big drinker but alcohol brought on attacks, and unfortunitly i did start smoking again after 8 months when i got better)Then I bought an anxiety book. I would read it all the time and it really helped me calm down. And the last thing was I went walking everyday for a couple miles which helped relax me and clear my head. I would still take the Xanax but only as needed in fear of getting to dependent on them. Slowly but surely I got better. I started driving far by myself. I moved into the city. Started working at a new place with all new people I didn't know and everything went really well. The anxiety was always still there but it was easy to manage. I'm now 25 just bout to be 26 and there starting to come back again. Started off real slow but now it's almost once a day again. And the stupid at night shitty attacks are coming back. I'm better prepared this time but it still sucks and I'm hoping I can get over it again. So if anyone actually read this hole thing cuz I know it's long I'd be happy to talk to anyone that has the problems I had and seem to be having once again after being ok for about 3 years. I'd be happy to share other stories and hear stories. It always seems to help to talk to other people that understand. Only good thing bout this was it got me off percocets. Only takin them few times when prescribed but even after I was better they would still bring on bad anxiety and minor panic attacks. So I know I'll be clean from those and any drug for the extreme fear of severe panick attacks like the first one I had from smokin pot. Hopefully I didn't bore you to much haha


I have had serve anxiety/ panic attacks since I was 16 and I'm 23 now. I have them so bad I'm starting to be agoraphobic. Sometimes I can't even stand to sit in the drive thru at mcdonalds that's literally a block away from my house without my arms and legs going numb heart racing breathing heavy etc. I don't just have anxiety attacks once or twice a day I literally have them all day long unless I'm at home when even then it will happen sometimes. I was finally diagnosed with vassodepressor syndrome and pots syndrome which means I have very low blood pressure when I'm standing or sitting and when I'm in that postition I don't get enough blood and oxygen to my brain and heart. The symptoms are the same due to the fact. But now...I get worried my blood pressure is low and I'm goin to pass out and bc the symptoms are the same I never know if its my bloodpressure or a panic attack. It took me 6 years to finally have a doctor diagnose me with this. I suggest askin your doctor to have a tilt table test done that is how he found mine out. Other then that I would always go to the hospital and call the ems thinking I was dying and my blood pressure would always just be slightly low if not normal by the time I got there n was laying down. So all the doctors overlooked it. Its just a test where they strap u down (laying down) and the table slowly moves till ur standing and they monitior ur blood pressure. If you look online literally the symptoms r almost exact. Never hurts to just try the test!! I have literally been on 12 different antidepressants and none have worked they have made it 20 times worse which I didn't think was possible. Now they want to try me on a biopolar medicine because they say if antidepressants don't work its a sign you maybe bipolar but I'm so terrified to feel any worse again. Right now I'm on xanax which does help me A LOT I can atleast make it thru work but its highly addictive and I know my dr won't keep giving them to me. The only thing that calms me down at all is calling my mom and having her talk me thru it. Just being on the phone with her is comforting to me. So maybe try texting or calling someone who UNDERSTANDS (bc lord knows a lot DON'T) and she trys just changing the subject and talking about other things and by the time I'm ready to get off the phone I'm better because she took my mind off it without me even realizing it :). I also try telling myself I've had this for 6 years and never ONCE has anything bad happened. But I am going to try the calcium, vitamin b, niacinaminde, and magnesium that a lot have suggested. I hope this helps someone! Just reading these posts make me feel 51258 times better! I literally thought I was crazy for years and didn't want to tell anyone. So thank you god bless and I will pray for everyone!! If anyone has any questions or wants to talk to someone who has it too my email is :) :)


I have suffered from this all my life but
it has taken me all my life to figure out
what it is! That feeling of hopelessness
those butterflies in your stomach, the
waking in the middle of the night after
only 2-3 hours of being asleep and drench_
ed in sweat, aaagghhhh awful!!!Unable to
explain to the ones you love what or how
bad it is you're feeling. I don't know
that I have an answer for anyone as to how
and make you feel better or what remedies to take but when I do wake up
feeling awful I do things like walking
reading something or even going online
and reassuring myself that I can beat
this, that this is only a bad feeling
and that as quickly as it came it will
go away. I know what you're going through, hang in there and don't let it
beat you, good luck!


For a few years now i've suffered from panic attacks usually at night and I end up staying awake all night. I've discovered just getting distracted helps. Play a game, read a book, talk to yourself. It's simple just remember your in control of your body and your anxiety doesn't have to keep you from doing things.

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