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109 Home Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Disorder


I loved reading these posts. One of the many horrible things about panic disorder is that you can feel totally alone and abnormal.

I've suffered from panic disorder for a year and a half, I still get panic attacks but I don't fear them like I used to.

My first panic attack, I didn't know what was going on, so the panic spiraled and I lost my hearing and sight - almost blacked out. My heart pounded, sweaty hands and my mind was bombarded with negative thoughts such as 'I'm going to go insane/lose control, I'm going to die, I can't cope.'

If this is what happens to you, remind yourself that NONE of these are true.

Reassure yourself as if you were with someone else and it was that person who was suffering from the attack.

This is the type of thing I repeat to myself:

'Everything's going to be okay, I promise. This is perfectly normal. Something has switched your panic button, and now adrenalin is being released in your body. That's why you feel shaky and your heart is pounding. Adrenaline takes a while to metabolize, and that's why this is going on for a while. But don't worry, just breathe. Breathe. This is a perfectly normal bodily reaction, and no, it's not dangerous. You're okay. You won't go mad, it just feels like it at the moment. This will pass, you'll see. Hold tight. Just breathe. Breathe. Slow, shallow breaths.'

For every negative thought, counteract it:

'I can't cope.' - 'That's a lie, I can cope. In fact I'm coping so well right now, I can beat this. I am strong.'

'I'm going to die.' 'No I'm not. Panic isn't dangerous.' (I'm a Christian so I would add: 'Besides, for me to live is Christ and to die is gain. I let go and trust God, he loves me and he's in control even when I'm not.)

Fear feeds off negative thoughts. Don't give it any, they're not true anyway.

Don't think of it as fighting the anxiety, don't try and ignore it (that won't work!!). Accept what you're feeling and respond to it rather than react to it. Maybe even jump around and dance crazy to expend some of that adrenaline!!

I didn't do well on prescription drugs, they seemed to make it worse. Natural is the way to go I think anyway. The less foreign chemicals you put into your body the better, I say. If you combine some natural remedies such as herbal tablets and exercise with CBT techniques like the above, I think this is the best way to go if possible. (I understand that for some, it may be more drastic.)

If you can develop a habit of doing the above, you will be retraining your brain. Studies show it's possible to alter the way our brains work and are shaped. And that will make it stronger, wiser, better equipped and therefore more resilient to anxiety in the future.

My heartfelt love goes out to each and every one of you struggling with this. I will think of you next time a panic attack comes on! You are not alone.


I am 19 years old and I have had anxiety and panic attacks ever since i was a kid. I remember around the time i was 8 or 9 i would have these thoughts that i was going to die. It eventually went away but as i got older it came back. I remember one day i was in class and felt like i couldn't breathe and like everything was caving in so i walked out to calm myself. It got to the point where my friends would invite me to go out and i wouldn't want to leave the house because i was afraid something would happen to me. I would sometimes even cry to my mom because i would feel like i wasn't a normal kid. I saw a psychiatrist and it did help going to sessions and just talking about it but i did not want to take medication for it. As i got more older i took matters into my own hands and this is how i learned to control it. I started to confront my anxiety i use to tell myself it is YOU who controls your body. It is all in your HEAD. sometimes i would be like ok panic attack if im going to die then do it now.
When i would get a panic attack i would just say here we go again i can get thru this i have done it before. When you get a panic attack try calming yourself down, take deep breathes and tell yourself it is all in my HEAD there is nothing WRONG with me. Think happy thoughts like when you hangout with your friends or go to the park anything. Another remedy i would use and it may sound weird but it really did work for me was going to the bathroom even if i didn't have to go sitting on the toilet and pushing. it really did relax me and help me get thru it. I would also find a funny movie to watch and get my mind off things preferably a comedy. Any tea that can help you relax is good i tried a lot of teas and they do help especially at bed time. I know everyone says this but it really does help EXERCISE, it doesn't have to be hardcore cardio but a good walk in the park breathing fresh air is all you need to get your mind off things especially during your attack.
Everyone has different ways of dealing with it you just have to find your way whether it being vitamins or taking teas or just by taking control of your mind because it really is all in your HEAD. remember you take control of your body and you are the boss. When you have a panic attack just remember it is all in YOUR head you are not going to die take control of yourself. It will be hard but once you learn how to control your anxiety you will be as happy as can be.


This is my little story on my anxiety and panic attacks. First off I was about 22-23 when it all started. I came home from work( I averaged about 13+ hrs a day at the time) when I was getting into the shower I had this sudden weird sensation I never had. My heart started pounding, I had this weird feeling in my head, I got all sweaty and nauseated and felt like I couldn't breathe. I thought i was dieing and this was it. I told my parents how I felt. We went outside to eat some sugars and drink some vitamin C. I never had an anxiety or panic attach my whole life until then. I had never really worried about anything up until this point. I just shook it off after I got my bearings straightened back. I took a trip to Tn with my then fiancé and on the way there it all happend again and this time I felt disconnected the majority of the way there. Same symptoms and everything. After a nights rest we went out and about and then it happened again. This time I went to the ER where the dr basically said I was just dehydrated and gave me a small medication for the vertigo feeling I was having. After a couple of days I was back to normal and only having these episodes once in a while. After a couple of years I went to my regular dr where I was prescribed Xanax to just calm me down. After taking the Xanax for a while and only using it when I felt nervous like I had in the past, I wanted something to take everyday. My dr tried me with lexapro. I would highly recommend to stay away from this. I took it for 3 days and threw them in the trash. I felt like a total zombie and just felt bad and disconnected like I had before. I since then, haven't taken a single thing for my anxiety, knock on wood. I've learned not to dwell on things from the past and just let go of anything that's bothering me. I keep a little worry journal and write things down that I've thought about through the day about an hour before I lay down to sleep. I since then have felt like the old me. I couldn't be happier. I would just recommend to just try and relax and breathe nice deep breaths. Get some fresh air and just let it all go. Keep yourself occupied with something you like to do. Start walking and exercising. That is a great stress reliever.


I do suggest checking two possibilities that might be causing the anxiety pain or adding to it:
1) Have your doctor do a FULL thyroid check. A FULL PANEL. If there is an anomaly, it can cause panic attack -like symptoms. The medication for it is extremely cheap.
2) If you have bipolar disorder to accompany your anxiety, check with your doctor to see if your manic upswing isn't manifesting internally rather than expressing outwardly. It can have the feeling of an extreme, prolonged anxiety attack and might not be totally fixed with medication, changing your medication can diminish the effect.


Hopefully this will help someone

I’ve never had any major health issues or have had any issues with depression or anxiety. Toward the end of 2012 I started having panic attacks and lots of anxiety. It came out of no where and I had no idea what was wrong with me. I had these attacks every single day for about a month before my doctor gave me a prescription for anti depressants. I was willing to try anything that would help, but my mom suggested a natural remedy first. I’m not saying medicine isn’t helpful because it’s been proven to be very efficient for many curing/helping many illnesses. For me, it turned out that I had a vitamin deficiency. I started taking B12, B6 and Calcium Magnesium vitamins everyday. I started drinking green tea and in the evening I would take Valerian, which is a natural sleep aid. After about two months, I started feeling more like myself again. It’s not a quick fix, but in the long run I’m glad I chose a natural remedy. It may not be for everyone, but I was suggest trying this way before going on medication.

Everyone’s story is different, but anyone who has experienced anxiety and panic attacks knows that it is horrible. I can tell you from personal experience that it WILL get better. When your lying in bed, just focus on taking deep breaths. Sounds silly I know, but it helps. One day at a time. Just remember, when things are at there worst, you can only go up.


I've had a 37-year odyssey into the world of hellish bouts of OCD, panic disorder and depression. When it gets really cranking, the fear that really gets the panic attacks going is fear of taking a drug overdose and dealing with a bizarre impulse to do just that at the time of the panic attacks. Yet the crazy thing is I have no desire to end my life! At 53, that will come soon enough naturally, and the logical, rational side of me realizes it's all three issues clammoring for my attention. Though meds do help (and I thank the Lord for the person who invented Nortryptyline), one thing that really helps eliminate a good 75-80% of the symptoms for me for the day is hard-core, sweat-inducing, huffing and puffing exercise. First...... Thing...... In..... The..... Morning. I walk 4-6 miles or bike ride 20 miles before coming home, hopping into the shower, and getting ready for work. I cannot tell you the tremendous difference this one activity has made in being able to cope. But it's imperative you do it immediately upon arising, before the panic and screwy thoughts take a stronghold. My dear departed mama is the one who first suggested that I exercise upon first arising. I was so desperate for relief that I started getting up two hours before leaving for work to fit in the exercise. It really does work. Think about it: you can't have terrifying, crazy, non-sensical chatter going off in your head when you've physically tired out your body. The crazy thought may cross your mind -- but it just doesn't have the same hold for the brain, so it ends up going on the back burner of your mind. And many boys and men, even at 53, still look at me when I pass by.......cuz you're not gonna have an ounce of fat on your frame as a side benefit to successfully managing your fears with early morning exercise. It really does work. I hope you'll try it. Thanks to everybody for caring enough to write down their remedies -- so helpful to us all.


The best remedy for panic attacks and depression is EFT( emotional freedom tecqnique)
Also TAT therapy which you can google it to find out more about it and how i learned was by my Therapist, Now let me tell you my story...I suffered panic attacks and depression for 10 years and thought i was going to die from this, tried Xanax and that lead into an addiction, tried many antidepreesants and thousands and thousands of hospital bills later i became house bound and couldnt leave my house..I just couldnt take it anymore and one morning i dropped down on my knees and cried out to God telling him id rather be dead than living this hell and if he really existed that he better show up..well he did! For some reason i thought to myself i wasnt born with anxiety or depression so therefore this has to be reversable and sure enough i was lead into the internet reasearching for natural ways and i came across all these tehcniques and i found the only therapist that practiced this, so my husband drove me there because i couldnt drive bymyself and well she started the therapy and i thought to myself..yea and this is going to make me feel better..well when we finished i felt FREE and ALIVE and i LOVED myself, and i just cried of joy because that was it..Next day i was driving, i left my house, went to mall and NEVER suffered another anxiety since..its been six years now and i dont even remember what a panic attack is..PLEASE, PLEASE try it people i have helped many through this with EFT and TAT therapy if you want to learn how its done just go to UTUBE for tutorials and begin to live how you were meant to live FREEDOM! Or find a therapist that practices all these awesome therapies! Good Luck!

Clancy Gray

Hello everyone. My name is Clancy and I am 15 years old. I have had anxiety ever since I remember with the subject of my anxiety changing as I got older. In 2008 my anxiety got to the point where I could not go to school, I could not sleep in a room by myself, it was ruining my life as well as my families. I was brought to a psychologist and diagnosed as having a severe panic attack disorder. My family did not want me being put on any medications so we opted for natural treatments. I would like to help out other people by sharing the techniques that have helped me through the years :)

- Drink tea before bed. The mix of herbs helps relax the mind and body.
- Muscle contraction therapy. This is how it works: when you feel anxious, wherever you might be, stop and slowly contract all your muscles one at a time and hold them for one minute. Release all of them simultaneously and relax for one minute. Continue the pattern until the anxiety fades.
- Worry Dolls :D this is specifically helpful for younger children with anxiety. You can buy them online or make them yourself. Several small dolls are housed in a container or box, when you become anxious pick up each one at a time and tell them your worry. They now hold you worry for you instead of it burdening you. It sounds silly but it really helped me when I was younger :)
- Last is always breathing. In though your nose out through your mouth

As of now my anxiety and panic attacks have severely decreased. I only have about one attack a month. I realize that with my condition they will never not happen but I now know how to control them when they do happen and how to make them shorter and less severe :) I hoped my tips will help you I know how tough it is living with these conditions :)


I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for five years. Outside of being put on an emotion numbing pill from the Doctor, it is difficult to fight them. I now have a service dog. Being around the dog is calming in and of itself. She is being trained to alert me prior to the panic attack so that I only have to take the medication to prevent it, and not all other times. I bought lavender essential oils for deep breathing, have massages, take walks, jog and exercise regularly. Sometimes non of the above work. The dog definitely does.


I'm 24 years old and have been dealing with debilitating panic disorders since 12/25/08. My first attack happened in the movie theatre ( yes xmas in the movies ). Anyway, the sensations all hit me at once and I honestly thought I was having a heart attack. My throat felt constricted, my breathing increased rapidly, heart starts palpitating, clammy palms and chest, dizzyness ( tunnel visions ) fidgiting...ugh. Some more up to date symptoms are extreme adrenaline stored in the back of my head at the base of my neck. I feel as if I'm going to have a seizure of some sort. Has anyone experienced this ?? I live in nyc and I get panic on the Subways alot. If I'm not sitting at the far end of the cart where I can rest my head on the wall, panic attacks will 100% happen. Esp. With all the crowds of people and the stalling if the trains at times. This is super hard for me as I cannot avoid this being my means of getting from work and home everyday. Even work meetings, I cannot sit or stand still without running out to the bathroom. Nothing has helped me for this is going on 4 years. I feel the only medicine that helped me was klonopin and alprazolam. I don't want this to affect my heart for it has been working overtime every day for 4 years. Any suggestions would be.much appreciated. I'm crying just thinking about my life, avoiding situations these last few years. I'm only 24 and shouldn't this way. A few people in my family have this disorder and I'd rather not end up like them. I actually went to school and want to make something of myself. This is ruining my life.

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