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109 Home Remedies for Anxiety and Panic Disorder

Ashley, age 13

I have this. The remedy is simply, easy, and quick. Tell yourself, I'm having a panic attack. I am going to be ok. Things are going to be fine. Take a deep breath. Pray!! Say,God, I'm really scared right now, but I know you are watching over me and taking care of me. Then take a nice, warm bath, or put on some soothing music. Read a book. Try to get your mind off of whatever is scaring you. You will be ok.


I use Magnesium supplements like I would valium. It has such a calming effect for me. Magnesium Glycinate capsules in divided doses have virtually cured my anxiety attacks. There is alot of info on the internet. Serum magnesium tests are not very accurate I found.


take 500mg to 2000mg of niacinamide(not niacin) a day! google it and you'll find more then I can tell you. i've been taking it for about a week and it seems to be helping quite a bit already. it works the same way as valium and similar drugs without the side effects(its not a sedative). many people claim it works better then prescription drugs. Its about $6 for a bottle of 100 500mg caps!!! it could take up to a few weeks so be patient

Mahtab Khan

Homeopathic medicine can work as wonder on anxiety.

Take 'Ignatia - 1M' homeopathycally every day twice (morning and evening) half an hour before food for atleast 3 months.

Potency (i.e., 1M above) can be changed as per the condition of the patient.

You will see the clear difference or changes in patient's condition after 3 days.

This homeopathic medicine can work on anxiety patient who are suffering from any period of time even if it is 30 years old.

NOTE: After 3 days if the patient feels irritation or any problems in his body, immidiately stop taking this medicine and consult any good Homoeopath.

Please Note: Take this medicine at your own risk.


Make a cup of tea, no sugar or anything added, take a tiny bit of almond oil on the tips of your fingers and rub it on ur temples, close ur eyes while doing it, and make yourself become thoughtless. When you start to feel a little bit calmer, drink all of the tea. (I perfer to drink green tea, doesn't taste to great, but it will make you calm.)


Suffered from GAD for a number of years and the best thing for me is to lay down on a flat surface and start with diaphramic breathing or belly breathing. Breathing in through the nose while at the same time pushing out your tummy gently, exhale slowly through the nose and bring the tummy back in. Lower your heart rate and just make you feel more in control. Warning: if you get the slighest bit dizzy just breath normally for a second and then go back to the belly breathing until you feel calmer. Remember that it will pass and that you are not crazy, dying, or going to hurt anyone. :-)


i have many things that help me with my anxiety and panic attacks that i used to get several times a day for over two years . hear are a few , once you start to feel a panic attack find some thing that might interest you maybe a hand held game or a crossword , i know that it is very hard to concontrate but yiou must try .and if you are an aduld an you happen to have any valumns take a five millogram as soon as you feel the panic starting . apply a cold rag to your neck and try to drink alot of fluids . sometimes you may have an upset stomache when your panic starts the best thing for that is a over the counter motion sickness medication called BONINE it works great { they sell it at wallmart and walgreens } . and some times when you feel this way you think horrible thoughts any everyone is against you so try to put something happy on the tv . a bath sometimes may help . di=fferent things helped me depending on how bad the attack was . so i hope that atleast one of these things help you and be sure to look for my name for when i think of more remedies for panicm attacks and anxioty . good luck!


Lavender essential oil is good to help with calming when feeling anxious/panic. I usually carry a small bottle with me or put some on a cotton ball and keep it in a zip lock bag. The aromatheraphy really helps to focus the mind. It's kinda like programming the mind to 'calm' once I smell the lavender


There is a strong correlation between anxiety/panic disorder and low levels of certain vitamins and minerals. There are several things you can do to restore this balance in your body:

1. Take calcium, magnesium, and b-complex vitamin supplements

2. Avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates, and instead eat foods low in sugar and containing whole grains

3. Avoid coffee, tea, and cola sodas (or any other drinks with caffeine)

4. Avoid alcohol and drugs, as these tend to use up your bodies supply of important vitamins and minerals when your body metabolizes them

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