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REmedy For Panic Attacks.
I help people with panic attack problems having been a sufferer myself. Panic attacks are caused by shifting of the solarplexes which is well documented in ancient ayurvedic texts as NABHI CHAKRA or MANIPURA. You can get plenty of references on the internet about this.The center is located behind the belley button.It shifts due to lifting heavy weights,jerky movements, while doing stomach exercising etc. As there is no pain the victim notices nothing.But almost immediately the ill effects are felt depending on how it has shifted.
If the center moves down from itsl ocation the person will have constant loose motions not responding to drugs.
If it moves up there is stubborn constipation not relieved by laxatives. If it moves to the left there is impotence and infertility. If it moves to the right the person gets anxiety attacks.
The main stream doctors are not aware of this problem. Instead they poison the person with all sorts of drugs. A Yoga teacher can cure it in seconds by yogasana and manipulation. There are of course several methods to cure it oneself.
Once it moves back to position the cure as instantaneous as the first attack.
Please contact me at if you need more details. I am ready to help.


Over the past year I have been having bad axiety/panic attacks. At first I thought I was having cardiovascular problems, or mental problems, sometimes thought I was going to die. Saw doctors and they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me-i was in perfect health. After doing my own research, all my symptoms matched up to having axiety/panic attacks. On the very web site I found home rememdies, because I did not want to go on perscription drugs. I started taking Niocinamide along with B6 and B12 viatims every day. I found excellent results in a matter of a few days and after about 2 or 3 weeks, I have been feeling great. I tried the cold shower thing too, doesnt work for me. I also find regular excercise works, and stay away from caffiene. I also drink socially, and I find if I have a couple too many, then next day I struggle a bit but the key is to stay occupied. stay away from hard spirits, I find they do a job on you if you do drink, stick with a couple of light beers if you are going to drink.I hope this helps, cause it has been a hard struggle for me for a while now, and was starting to effect my life, I know feel I'm my old self again. They say B viatims play an important role, so give it a try along with Niacinamide. I wish you luck.


hey. I have a heart rate thing that bothers me sometimes. I try to walk or run around when a panic attack starts, this helps burn off some adrenaline. I also thing that chamomile tea helps. It is hard to deal with, hope this helps.


After reading the Linden Method and Trying every desperate medication attempt at a cure out there, I've found that the way you look at your attacks really does affect them. If you stop thinking of them as attacks and start thinking of them as symptoms of a badly trained body, its a little easier to cope. Face it, you've trained your body this way - both in how you react to the anxiety and how you subconciously think about it. It's a cruel reality, but once you realize it, its like a light at the end of a very long dark tunnel.

As for anxiety attacks that hit spontaneously (what I suffered from the most for 10 years) once you get your waking mind and your waking panic attacks under a sort of leash, these will slowly start to subside.

If you really care for your health and body, please dont ever ever ever take prescribed meds unless you're determined. Withdrawal is inevitable at some point with all of them, and it is NOT pretty.


I became subject to Panic Attacks back in the 1980's when I started a difficult programming job, one that could make or break my career. I started trying
out different herbs and vitamins, one at a time, over
a period of months to see if anything helped.

One day they had a sale on niacinamide so I bought a bottle of that and started taking it.

It worked perfectly.


for anxiety take suntheanine brand L-theanine available at health food stores and the comes from tea.really works!!!!!!!!


I suffered from anxiety for about 3 years. I took prescribed meds, natural meds... they help, but do not cure anything! Then I began to be really strict(not harsh) with my excersice and sleep schedule. It changed my life! I worked out 3 times a week with no excuses(pay for a class, that way you force yourself to go) and slept at least 8 hours a day everyday. It has been about six months since I started and I haven't had an episode for 4 months. If you think you don't have time for this, think about all the time you waste having to go to the hospital, doctor or just crying/worrying about it. Now I feel like I have more energy to do even more than I sued to do(student, employee, family, friends, even me time!). Good luck!


If you consume artificial sweetners, stop! Splenda, Nutrisweet (Aspertame), and Sugar Alcohol should be avoided.


I have experienced three severe panic attacks and lately several minor anxiety attacks. I have found a way to completely get calm myself down and eventually get rid of them. Every time i start to feel anxious, i let my body be aware of what it's feeling and tell myself, 'it's okay, it's normal to feel this way, i am not dying'. Let your body feel what it's feeling and the second you acknowledge that it's normal and okay to feel so, your heart rate calms down and so does your breathing. Don't be afraid of your body! You are in control! Always remind yourself of that. Talk to yourself if you have to.

Good Luck to everyone and i hope my remedy will work for at least one person. It is not easy but you have to take control of YOU!

Cindy T.

hyperventilation and panic attacks

As soon as you feel breathlessness start to come on, immediately start drinking water strait down. Usually 1-2 glasses straight down. I read that one of the side effects of dehydration is hyperventilation. So that would explain why water works so well. It has never failed me.

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