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I have bad anxiety attacks and chamomile tea helps me. You can get it at Walmart and just heat up a mug of water and let the teabag steep for 5 minutes or so and add sugar to sweeten it. But be careful if you have allergies to ragweed. If you do have allergies to it, don't take it. It will calm you and help you sleep.


I am so grateful to God for this herbal remedy. A while back, I tapered off lorezepam 1mg. It was a very tough time for me as I was experiencing full panic attacks upon waking from sleep and other anxiety symptoms.

Lavender is the only remedy that has helped me tremendously. I got lavender tea bags from the herbal store and can confidently say that one cup of this tea is equal to taking an anti anxiety medicine like lorezepam. My family members have tried this as well for the same purpose and have benefited immensely.

Please make sure you get organic or good quality lavender tea bags. May God bless you with good health


I suffered from severe Anxiety for years! I was on so much medication and I hated it. I was tired of feeling like a walking drugged up zombie. So I started researching new all natural ways to stop my anxiety.

I was tired of feeling drugged and needed something new. I went to a nutritionist and he recommended an All Natural Supplement called Natrula Mood Enhancer. I was very skeptical at first but I had nothing to lose and it was all natural so I decided what he heck..i'll try it. Natrula Mood Enhancer changed my life forever. I take the supplement before bed and when I wake up in the morning I feel amazing. I'm in a wonderful mood, my anxiety problems stopped and the best part is that I don't feel drugged like I would with prescription medication. I love that it's all natural so I know I'm not putting junk in my body. I definitely think its worth trying. Good luck everyone.


A lot o people may call me crazy but this is the honest to God truth. This evening, I suffered a SEVERE panic attack more severe than any I have ever had. I was medicated years ago because of really bad panic attacks. The medication made me feel awfull and actually made it worse instead of better. I later learned that this happens a lot and is extremely dangerous and detrimental.I quit taking the medication after a month and refuse to even consider taking it again. You see I am fortunate to only suffer panic attacks from severe tramma in my life. Before when I had panic attacks was due to the father of my children sneaking around my house where he was prohibited from being due to severe abuse, and in addition to sneaking around my house, he would pound on my window at night or in early early morning like at dawn and threaten my life and my fiance's life.
I remember when I quit taking the medication, I resorted to reading favorite passages in the Bible. I also did a lot of praying. It took a long time, but they finally eased up and then stopped.

Now tonight's attack was very easy to understand the cause of. Our house burnt down one year ago. On May 6th to be exact. I was extremely ill and alone in the house when it started burning. I got out to our street in time to turn and watch the fire engulf the room I had been in less than a minute before. And it has been stated it was started on purpose with the intention I not get out alive. And tonight I walked out to our backyard to see huge flames shooting skyward. Of course I panicked but quickly found out it was my fiance burning branches and no threat to the house or me or anyone else. However, I could barely stand up I was shaking and kept shaking so badly. So, I got on my computer and did a search for home remedy's.The search led me here and after reading the first 2 Remedy's, I was no longer shaking or feeling any panic or anything. The attack was gone completely.So, I submit my story and the Remedy is this website and all your informative submissions to it. Thank you all for the information and or the help you all provided for me.
I would be interested to see if anyone else has done the same and how this worked for them.


In today's age of processed foods and our highly stressful society we either are not getting enough of the right vitamins or were burning through them more quickly then they can be replaced that is why you see so many people suffering from anxiety and panic issues. Eat right, rest right, and of coarse exercise are all helpful but if that's not cutting it do what works for me I found it on it recommends high volumes of real niacin not niacinamide often found in what they are selling as niacin so read your labels and high doses of vitamin c. Please google or go right to the website I gave and learn how to do this. Anxiety and as a result alcoholism via self medicating is rampant and life ruining in my family and I couldn't let it destroy me too.


Well, Ill be a warning here. I have had Anxiety and Panic disorder in full for about 11 years now but, while I didnt know what it was at the time, I have had it since I was about 12. 11 years ago however it hit me hard. One day in work I literally couldnt talk without choking, which is a bit of a problem working on phones, so made my excuses and legged it to the toilet. At this stage it was just anxiety attacks which came and left quick enough. They became so frequent though that I decided to travel to Asia, mainly so I could quit the job and get away from it.

Next couple of months were ok. Some places in Asia hand out valium like chocolate bars so that helped! Never overdid them though but they got me through and even helped me feel better without using them but knowing they were there if I needed them. I get home from that trip and bang! Full on anxiety disorder again with added panic and same type of job working on phones (this time I was offered the overnight shift which I took without hesitation! At most 1 other person around so less the extra pay was nice!) Again though, it became too much and AGAIN I chose the travel route to get away. Should add that travelling causes me a huge amount of anxiety but dare I say...I could get pills from the doctor if I was travelling so was all good. Second travel stint anyway, didnt go well! Eventually got to the point where I couldnt leave my room, constant anxiety and panic attacks were hitting me hard and decided enough is enough so cut it short and came home. That was January 2007 and I havent worked since. Im back in college now and to be honest it is killing me. My doc gives me 15 Xanax a month (which lasts about 5 days) and every other day I drink to get through it. At this stage I drink about 350ml (half a 70cl bottle) of vodka before college everyday. I always wonder if I had looked for help when it first hit me around 2004, whether my life would be better now. I waited over 2 years keeping it secret from everyone and I think that set a path that I dont know if I can come back from. At this stage even a 10 minute car journey terrifies me to the point of near blackout. Moral is, if you even think you have anxiety and panic disorder, look into it right away as it gets worse and worse over time. More and more places become unbearable and eventually you will turn to unhealthy means of getting through unless you look to hit it early. Untreated it destroys many lives (including mine) so please dont end up like me and get it checked out asap. Embarrassment stopped me from seeking help. I can openly talk about it now without feeling embarrassed but wish I did 10 years ago. Maybe I wouldnt be the person I am now if I had. Anyway, sorry for the rant but I know many people who have managed to address it and manage it. I left it so long that I cant. Im 32 now and havent had a sober day since I was 28 apart from a few which were unbearable. Please, go to your GP and talk if you even think you suffer from it.


I have suffered from anxiety and panic disorder most of my life. I've always been on medication but went off of them for about a year and I seem to be doing fine until one crazy beach weekend with my friends. Let's just say I normally don't drink a lot but it was a girls weekend and I totally over did it. The next day I woke up and I was alright then all of a sudden I had a huge panic attack. I kept telling my friend I was going to due and needed to go to the hospital. Finally it subsided but I spent the whole day in bed. Ever since then I haven't felt the same so I went and saw a doctor. He put me on celexa and Xanax (the usual). I gave it about a week then about a month and I still didn't feel right. My doctor sent me to the health food store to get a B-complex vitamin. Instantly I felt way more relaxed. It's a stress vitamin that replaces vitamins lost when you stress and also help with energy. Now I'm only taking my celexa and the B-complex. I've also learned breathing techniques, stretching and excersize also help and if you drink only have a few or none. I also avoid places where I know I may possibly freak out like crowded areas. I'm taking time in healing myself and I'm not rushing anything. Hope I can help someone!


The cause of my sense of being overwhelmed to the point of being under a 'cry and scream out loud attack', has several distinct possible causes...Such as a blood related toxicity, mercury poisoning, chemical imbalance, possible brain tumor, etc.

But the one which appears to stand out the most, is suffering from having a bad conscience towards God.

This is normally obtained by coming to an understanding that something is sinful, or seriously wrong, and then through being weak/vulnerable to temptation, finding out that in spite of apparently 'knowing better', guiltiness still prevailed over me in that very thing(s).

Being rather stuck in such a 'defeated' state, appears to create an ever present apprehensiveness which allows for even minor additional trials to impress and impose as being absolutely, unavoidably overwhelming.

There's a couple of verses which speaks of this -

For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins,
But a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries. ~ Hebrews 10:26+27

I'm convinced that this continued episodic, extreme discomforting is meant to vividly underscore our need to more fully give ourselves over to The Lord, and submit to the mortification of our sinful self, trusting that such will also lead to our being raised up anew...which is what full immersion water baptism conveys.

Now some try to console, with words like, 'nobody's perfect', or 'you're too hard on your self', or 'God loves you just the way you are.' But the spirit inside me recoils at the spirit of these consolations, sensing that they are largely designed to encourage the accepting of a life of defeat; rather than avidly pursuing the life of an overcomer in Christ...even though it is a 'strait and narrow' way.

And now, it appears that, after no short, nor little ordeal with afore mentioned 'attacks', that the message is finally sinking in to the core, and even as apprehension abounded while being blatantly at odds with what was understood to be right, the sense of wondrous and peaceful joy abounds even more, as a greater measure of obedience is realized. Whew! Thanks Lord!

Hope this encourages others, in a good way, who are facing a similar struggle.


I find this track/lecture to be very helpful...

4shared . com /mp3/UTK10dSP/05_-_The_Panic_Attack_Eliminat.htm

(remove spaces)

It really does work :/


I have found only one thing that is currently helping me with my severe anxiety. It's called EMDR. It was discovered it 1989 and it has been tried and improved for 24 years. My anxiety is from severe trauma and child abuse. It not a chemical imbalance. It is repressed violent events that create an anxious feeling. I know it is helping me and I know it will cure me. Drugs don't help. They never did. There are more and more people learning about this treatment every year. And my social worker who does it takes Medicare. So it can be affordable. I wish everyone here who has anxiety could find out for sure if it just a chemical imbalance or buried trauma lurking in the back of their minds. I hope someone finds this post helpful.

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