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72 Home Remedies for Urinary Tract Infection


I have had UTIs since I was a little girl. I do not know for sure, but I think I may have a narrower than normal urethra. Urinating before and after sex helped me lower the occurrence of UTIs, but I would still encounter 5-8 per year. About 6 months ago I started taking the herb Turmeric for its anti-inflammatory benefits and since then I have had NOT one single UTI. I highly recommend it.


I'm on my 4th day with UTI and have been battling it out without antibiotics!
I've found the following useful and the infection is clearing up significantly:

No sugar. No coffee.

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in water twice daily for burning sensation while urinating. Don't overdose.

Directly applying lavender oil onto genitals, and using a water bottle reduces pain and burning.

Lots and lots of water to flush out the bacteria.

Ginger tea or water with 1 tsp of salt 1-2 times a day. This is a great antibacterial... the salt in the tea does a great job, but it tastes awful.

Probiotic yogurt for getting the good bacteria back in.

Shallow bath with lavender and pine oil, or any sort of antibiotic oil.

Vitamin C, and nutritional supplements in order not to not to flush out all your nutrient while drinking water.

Cat's Claw supplements or tea. This is a useful herb for UTI. And a great antibacterial. Swallowing raw garlic is also helpful.

Hope this helps and good luck!


D-mannose. It is a natural sugar that fixed our daughters UTI's. She had had 4 or 5 rounds of antibiotics and they wanted her on long term ones when we ran across it. I put the sugar in her water and she hasn't had a problem since. :)


I often get UTIs. I followed all the hygiene tips: drink water, pass urine before and after sex, wear cotton, etc. no use.

Cranberry juice does not help if symptoms developed. I tried many times, no use. I also drank it regularly, no use.

KY jelly - buy smaller tubes, i suspect my big tube contributed to my UTIs- used it for almost 8 months, maybe bacterial growth as lid was not closed properly sometimes. i got rid of it 3 months ago and use olive oil as lubrication, no recurrence yet.


I was at the ER for a raging UTI. Met a gal there in the waiting rm. & we got
to talking. She told me both her Mother
& her had UTI's for yrs. until they discovered Cranberry suppliments. Taking 4 caps a day for a mo. & then 1 a day ea. day afterwards cured them! I took her advise & have never had one again! Thank God I met her, & wouldn't You know it'd be in an ER room! LOL!


I know this may be long, but I am very old and have a few suggestions for younger and older woman.
I don't have constant uti's, but when I get them, they hurt a lot more than I expect. I've been having them since I was 16, every few months or so. My doctor had told me that peeing straight after sex helps a lot, so I do that as much as possible, and washing my hands with none scented anti bacterial soap. All natural cranberry/raspberry juice tastes great and helps a lot with the pain. With every glass of cranberry juice, you should be drinking two glasses of water. The cranberry juice helps with the bacteria & pain, and the water helps you pee more to let the bacteria out. No sugar as well, that's what the bacteria feeds off of. I have recently discovered that when you are frequently urinating in pain, not to wipe after. There can be bacteria on the toilet paper and it makes it ten times worse. I just let myself sit for a bit, and I always wear very baggy sweat pants with no under garments to help air flow. Avoid tight pants and underwear, bacteria can grow anywhere. If you are to wear some, wear cotton. It lets yourself breathe. Always have a very clean sex partner, and always, always, always wash your hands after everything you do. You do not know where you can catch bacteria. I know a woman that washes her hands before and after using the washroom, just in case. Give your doctor a visit for a pap test to make sure you're healthy and clean. Don't be scared, I hate pap tests but it's recommended for all woman every year after the age of 16.
Cystex is another thing I heard that help woman out really well, as well as aka-seltzer tablets or baking soda, and echinacea.
KEEP YOURSELF HEALTHY. if you haven't had a bladder infection, you do NOT want one.


D-Mannos temporarily disabled an E.Coli based urinary tract infection.

It stops the burn/sting and pain. You can tell it works.

A long term dosing will be needed to test for a cure.

Helene Kaplan

yes cranberry juce concentrate from the health food store worked for me, Add water to the juce as directed, drink three cupes a day for five days then reduce to three cups, then to two and voila i was cured. You need to drink lots of water for protection. I changed the brand of my drinking water which I like more and nor more problems. Intibiotics did not work for me, it kept comming back and it distroy your immunie system.


My sister and I have frequent UTI's and it was getting so bad I was becoming resistant to treatment. I was advised first to avoid all sugar. For supplements my mom showed me two from a line called isotonix. One Is called Opc-3 Its a natural anti-inflammatory, so it helps with the pain and urgency. There's also one I take daily called Maximum ORAC in the same has te properties in cranberries etc that prevent UTi, but you would have to drink like 500gal f the juice to get it. If I get an infxn I double up on both, and taking daily has kept me UTI free for over 6 months (used to get one every 4wks)


Okay, so I have only gotten 1 U.T.I. in my life prior to this last time. I have never gotten them ever before until about a few months ago. The first time I got it, I think I got it from having sex and not peeing afterwards. I had never felt anything like it and I was soo uncomfortable and in so much pain as you all may already know.

Anyway, my doctor gave me antibiotics which did get rid of the U.T.I., but I did get a yeast infection, which I then had to go get medicine for again afterwards. This 2nd time, I think I got it from not drinking enough water, drinking A LOT of caffeine drinks like iced tea and coffee.

I did not want to make an appointment with my doctor to get antibiotics, which would've been a week from the day I first got the U.T.I., and I did not want to get a yeast infection from the antibiotics again, so I decided to research home remedies, and came upon this website. I tried several of the different remedies all at once, within the hour of running into this site. I ran over to Walgreens, got baking soda and drank it with water. I drank Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water, which I already had at home. I also bought AZO Cranberry pills and took 6 right away. The next couple of days, I took a lot of the Cranberry pills throughout the day, and drank PURE Cranberry Juice (Not from concentrate), which you can find for a good price at Trader Joe's. It's very sour/tart, but it's pure and with no added sugar, chemicals, etc.

Anyway, so I did all that for the first 2-3 days, and it seemed to disappear, then i was stupid and went and drank alcohol and ate a lot of chocolate at my boyfriends house then the next day it seemed to start hurting again. So I went to the Vitamin Shoppe, and asked them what was good for a U.T.I. and he of course recommended Cranberry pills, but he convinced me to get Cranberry with D-Mannose. I went home and looked up D-Mannose, and saw that a lot of people took D-Mannose and got rid of the U.T.I. However, D-Mannose only gets rid of U.T.I.'s caused from Ecoli. Most U.T.I.'s are caused from Ecoli, but not all are, so if you take D-Mannose (some time of sugar I believe) and it doesn't go away, you most likely need to get to a doctor and take antibiotics. I also read that the different thing about D-Mannose is that it attaches itself to the Ecoli bacteria stronger than the Ecoli bactoria attaches itself to you. Also it's safe for diabetics to use because it doesn't metabolize it.

So anyway, I took the Cranberry with D-Mannose pills (which is 1 pill by the way, not 2 separate pills) for a couple days, and I went and got a urine test at the doctor's just to make sure, and she told me my urine is completely clear and I had no sign of a U.T.I. Yay!! I cured my U.T.I. I don't think the AZO Cranberry pills were necessary, nor the Baking Soda or Apple Cider Vinegar. They might've helped with the pain, but I think I could've just gotten the Cranberry with D-Mannose pills, and dranken a lot of the pure Cranberry Juice (mixed with water) and a lot of water.

Anywho, don't quote me on all of this, because this is based on a bunch of research I did just browsing through the web trying to get rid my U.T.I. without taking antibiotics and getting a yeast infection. However, I did work for me. I hope this helps for anyone else.

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